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what’s up guys daddy’s here welcome to today’s video it’s engine who actually be talking about how to actually get started with shop by drop shipping for free okay as little money as possible because if you guys don’t know me or Who I am well my name is Thaddius um I got adopted about two and a half years ago with about fifty dollars in my bank account okay and i’ma show you guys how I basically finished my way with my first store into actually generating revenue into actually generating sites you guys don’t know way back in my older videos like my very first store guys was doing around 30 40k month okay I got started again with less than $50 imma show you guys exactly how I did that and this little walkthrough and busy just gotta give you guys run down like really just what I did alright to actually get started with this little money guys I know a lot of guys are yelling we don’t have a lot of money or a lot you guys just know can’t afford so you know dump a lot of money into it like a huge investment to kind of like propel your your store forward right and you want actually get your foot in the door but you don’t like again you may not afford it right so again I’m just wanna go through how I actually did this when I was like 18 and just kind of how I look at how I like to finish my way and to get in you know traffic exposure conversions of all this kind of stuff without really spending anything okay so we’re not writing to the screen share here now if we go okay these are store sales for January 1st to the 3rd I’m actually gonna give you on that later guys but that’s that’s the okay but the best step okay again 1 download the free trial guys like the shop write free trial you can literally find it anywhere the link in description as well if you haven’t downloaded yet but again what I tell people especially when I don’t know when I talk to people personally or just in in the Econo mastery course as well it’s used that trial like like like likes like milk it like really nope those days out of a child okay cuz that’s a four job let me do 14 days to get everything ready to go live without you having to actually spend a dime okay and again once you like understand the process and the cycle again you can guys can size up in the day once you kind of like know what you’re doing per se but for those of you like new to it again just like trying to get your foot in the door just like starting off with like as little money as possible like those 14 days or if I told guys look 40 days are like you need to get your website perfected you need to know what apps and widgets to install on your site already you need to basically have everything set in place so that you know your products to put our graffiti or social media is what influence counts you’re going to source and whatnot right so again before you even like jump on to the child guys like have a plan all right kind of know what niche you can and going because again guys none of that stuff requires you to have a trial right you don’t need to have a Shopify trial to figure out what product you want to sell you don’t need to have a Shopify try to figure out what niche you want to do you mean app like a Shopify shop to figure out what influenced your shoutouts or like what influence you want to work with okay now that is required if we have a child watch all right so do that stuff first okay what you kind of have a plan of like right this is what I’m going to sell this is the industry I’m in this is who I’m going to work with to get exposure to my store then you can actually go in and try and make your store right you make your website you download the apps and hey guys right here I have a super quick list of just apps that you should consider at least some of them are paid because the guys I don’t know what your budget is but I’m showing you guys like a lot these are free apps as well you can use or they’re free until you hit a certain like volume in order so like that right so you guys should be able to afford it and when the time comes but I like these guys like Forbes I have a one over though it’s kind of like required for Shopify dropshipping download that it’s free like again the different volumes pretty guys from marketing guys that’s what he does email pop ups exit intent that’s mainly what I use it for so if a customer’s on your site and they’re about to leave your site that’s when a little pop up comes up and you hit them with a phat discount okay most of the time I was under Brande how you leveraging it but most the time you’re doing with a really big discount like something that they don’t they said no cuz that’s already leaving guys that means they weren’t gonna like buy from you anyways so that’s your last chance to kind of get their attention before they leave forever like your hard earned money that you spent to get them to your site could all be wasted if that offer isn’t like a big enough incentive to get them to you know input their email in for that code or something that right because that’s your chance to come want to sell that your chance to get data from them that used to be target vendor on its it’s important okay so download privy the other one is the free shipping where we hang some still like again with my stores I always offer free shipping everywhere I just cover this actual shipping cost in my product price so it like again it’s perspective guys so the customers like they think they get free shipping really you know you’re still paying for shipping but you’re just covering it in the price that they’re purchasing the product at okay so that’s the free shipping bar you can literally like it just advertises free shipping right makes customer to clients and potential clients aware that they don’t have to pay anything extra check out thank some guys that easy one SEO image optimizer I know a lot of guys playing won’t be getting a lot of organic traffic right off the bat but having your images you know SEO optimized for search engines and whatnot will you know eventually lead into a trickle of some form of organic traffic they don’t have to pay for convenience that’s the best kind traffic is traffic that it comes to you without you actually having to tell it to come over right so that’s one thing to download and then another app from Martin guys is Ali reviews especially just you can import out the expense reviews into certain products that you’re selling right to kind of just link again and build customer trust so they see that other people have bought the product then though that place with all these other apps that I’m really gonna talk about now like sales pop or formal there’s a to even ones you can do it’s a little pop up when you’re that said oh hey you know Johnny from Arkansas I just bought this product right or hey you know like I don’t know I can’t even think of a name Nathan from LA just bought this product nmnz okay stuff like that builds customer trust it shows them that there’s other people active on this site some of these apps allow you to basically like pretend there’s sales but you guys don’t have any sales yet but then there’s other apps are like more legitimate that actually show real time orders and whatnot so it means kind of you kinda want to go with that route the other one guys is a mobile converter might be kidding I think this one is really clean just cuz most your traffic especially if you’re doing like my funnel how I preach it in like all the free mini course is everything I talk about money cup hub is do Instagram right Instagram is a mobile app so most of the traffic that you’d be getting to your story is for the most part of mobile okay so you want your says mobile friendly as possible to decrease your bounce rate right so having the the mobile converter by beginning it basically allows for you know a sticky cart sticky you know variant stuff like that so basically what that means is that when they’re scrolling on their on their phone it adds a cart and the Buy button stuff doesn’t actually scroll with the site so they don’t lose it they always see those buttons constantly on the site all right when they’re looking at products which increases the chance that they actually going to click the button to add it to their cart and then eventually purchase right so that’s something to consider okay now those when guys is called reek art that’s a little bit more advanced and say but basically allows you to retarget people through facebook Messenger all right so when they’re you know adding products to card whatnot they can say hey I want to get updates on Facebook message about stuff all right that means they have opted in to your facebook list it’s kind of like an email list all right and then with that you can retarget them all right or send them messages on messenger all right because messenger actually hasn’t opened read about 80 percent rate I was just really good compared to emails or drop 30 percent so you know consider that guys like I like optimizing your store and then retargeting with with facebook Messenger messages right saying oh hey you know you left this in your car or hey there’s a deal going on or hey there’s new products in your store there’s a bunch of ways you can do that guys okay now the next one that one’s about is affiliate marketing basically if you don’t want to pay for traffic you can potentially contact people that have presents or have an influence or having you know have the ability to get shopping for you and then you may have an affiliate for your store they get a like a commission basically offer for sale okay that’s a way to do it if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on ads or just been out getting trapped because again a lot of yours might be working with lower lower budgets so that’s one way to do it guys this one you can tell the gross Sumer app in the shop by app store and then from there you can generate affiliate links for these different influences that are gonna be driving traffic to your store and they get a cut just keep in mind you know if they get a cut that means they’re taking you know 15 20 25 percent whatever it is off of your costs are off your profit margins right so that just tacks on to your cost of goods right okay so that’s something to consider guys um let me like getting started for shopping for free it’s having all this stuff implemented okay and then the last final step that I did personally reckon I didn’t have money if I actually did a profit sharing agreement with influencers on Instagram okay particularly me I found someone who owned a bunch of pages approximately I think at the time was about 5 million in total across his pages in the industry that I was going into so I contacted him actually well the back trace I contacted 60 influencers guys no one else replied but they said no except this guy and this guy even was on the fence so I had to convince it even more but eventually I got him to agree to a proper Chang agree which means all the traffic he drove with the shadow blah blah blah he would get a percent of profit for my store ok so that’s one way to do it guys again I’m not saying that’s an easy win cuz it’s not a lot of people are gonna say no guys I sent over 60 emails to people saying hey you know like I’m starting to store it on got money for shadows I’m going to give you you know a cut off of my entire stores you know revenue or profit right you can do either one some people will say you know yes and there was no a lot of people say no so be prepared for that guys so again that’s how I got started with my first store and then just keep mine like you’re taking that hit in the initial beginning for a job shipping once you understand the process in the cycle you can make more stores easily so like my intent what that was like okay I don’t mind giving him you know this chunk of revenue or profit for of this store for my first store I’m just gonna take my earnings and make a store and now I have money to actually fund that store and do it myself and not have to worry about you know to someone else right off the bat right so that’s what I did guys and literally for your protection everything like that like I obviously like have a contract with an influencer or not I have it linked to screwed in description for free there’s really a free influencer negotiation course which has the contract in it guys so like I just added more videos on top of the contracts like add more value to you guys figured help you guys out more but that’s the video guys oh it was like simple enough when you would like comment I respond to everyone’s comments and don’t forget to subscribe that’s that’s today’s video guys and again you can get restarted for really really cheap and essentially free so that by the time you know their 14 day trial is up you put your card information in to make your cycle live and you have traffic guaranteed to hit your site right so the literally how you get started for free I don’t think there’s any more like fear you can get or cheaper yet with Shopify and launching that stuff so hope you guys under the video I will see you guys in tomorrow’s video take care peace thanks for watching guys be sure to subscribe like and comment check out the e compound my personal platform which covers literally everything ecommerce related from the mastery course of free PDFs and mini courses and last but not least don’t forget to check out my social media and follow me for updates giveaways and literally everything that’s cool.


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