How To Scratch A 10X Winner – Holy Cow! (Lottery Scratch Card Ticket Viral Video) Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Watch as I scratch off a 10X Million Diamond Mine Winner scratch card!
Like, Favorite, Share, DIAMOND MINE
10 Top Prizes of (That’s MILLION!)
20 Chances to Win

Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any of the WINNING NUMBERS and win prize shown.

Reveal a 5X symbol, win five times the prize shown for that symbol.
Reveal a 10X symbol, win 10 times the prize shown for that symbol.

How to Scratch a 10X Winner – Holy Cow! (Lottery Scratch Ticket Viral Video)
Lottery Scratch Ticket Viral Video

When I can’t get to visit one of the area’s casinos to play the slot machines I will occasionally purchase a Powerball ticket or two and a couple of scratch off tickets in hopes of winning a Jackpot!.

already today picked up for $10 scratcher tickets the 100 million dollar diamond mine it’s like 10 top prizes a million dollars in this game 20 chances to win things are looking for is a match the numbers I get a 5 X symbol and win 5 times you mount 10 X would be 10 times mo I ended up picking up four of them consecutive ones I’m going to scratch them one at a time we’ll see what happens yeah here we go with the first ticket get my lucky nickel here we go no that’s a good prize whatever it is it’s a 10x on the first one not too bad see what happens let’s go a little bit farther so far don’t see any numbers doubled I mean the same number twice sometimes I’ll give you a Quidditch you get a winner another row of them all right so it’s like now the numbers are doubled I get the 10x on there anyway so first let’s scratch off the winning numbers and see what they if I match say the numbers before the 10x first number is 21 of course I see number twenty two twenty three and twenty so no match their second numbers number twenty six no that’s their fix this one what is this 35 third number is 13 no match there and the fourth number 17 of course no match there anymore oh one more number number two we’ve got number one and number four all right so I don’t match any of the numbers so let’s see what the prize is under the 10x yeah it’s probably the smallest prize you can get out of here $10 see if I get to focus but it’s a good start for first ticket so there’s 100 bucks spend 40 up 60 to start go out there next you.


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