How To Play The New Hit Or Miss Olg Lottery Ticket Video

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Play HIT OR MISS for a chance to win the top prize of by matching ALL or NONE of the numbers drawn! Each play consists of 12 numbers from 1 to 24. There is a new draw approximately every 5 minutes. Watch the draws to check your numbers here on or on the OLG Lottery App.

Let’s see what I win on this new OLG Lottery APP: for watching!.

everybody scratch going back and I went to the store the other day and they had this new ticket that the introduced it’s called hit or miss it’s a two dollar play and you got a choice you can get quick pick where the computer generates your numbers or you can pick your numbers on a slip like this so the thing is that you get to what you got a pick 12 out of 24 numbers okay and you can play up to 30 times now the thing is this game is a game or a draw every five minutes and the way it works it’s sort of similar to keno but you can play along with it on your app and here’s the price structure okay you can see that there the way it works is if you get zero or twelve numbers you can win up to $250,000 the reason I’m saying up to as I believe that you have to split the pot with somebody else and we just the way I understand it the certain X PRIZE up is 1 or 11 you get $500 2 or 10 numbers you get $22 3 or 9 numbers you get $7 four or eight numbers you get $2 and five numbers you get a free play but you notice six numbers and seven numbers aren’t here so they’re considered losers now I picked one number I got a quick pick for this and I haven’t checked it yet so I’ll show you what happens okay from what I understand I’m supposed to click the app this is the app Theology yet press there okay ice can get it up there so you can see it okay scan and then we watch them live on from the ulg okay look at that now that’s my draw the dry got is for a game for draw number 1020 okay and here’s my numbers okay first number I got a 1020 that’s the second number one is the third so so far I’m up to 22 bucks if I want to get the two numbers 23 so I’m down to seven bucks because I got three numbers okay that’s seven numbers drawn so far eight I got another one so I’m down to $2 five sorry I’m a free play so I’m gonna draw it how many number so far last number coming up four so look at that and says I got five number so I got a free play let’s see what happens here awesome you win a free play looks like a fun game but it’s you know a nice little gimmick to it okay that was it that’s called hit or miss okay yeah total winnings free play this is destroyed ringing tickets okay great now the odds are on the back here hope you can see it now there’s the draw times I can focus it somehow yeah those are the draw times every five minutes there’s a break during the midnight hours okay and here’s the odds right there so if I get 12 or one the odds how does it work here look at that zero yeah you can see you can see there are one in two million okay all right thanks for watching everybody please subscribe and I’ll catch you next time.


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