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Lotto Scratch Cards

How to make scratch off cards for Valentines Day or for any other occasion. This DIY “scratch off” project is super easy to make and requires only two ingredients to make. This was fun to make for Valentines Day.

Scratch Off Card Ingredients:

1 tablespoon Acrylic Paint
1 tablespoon Dish Soap
White Crayon


1. With the white crayon, color in the lettering that you will use. See video for more info!

Do it Yourself in other languages:

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hey guys welcome back to toy caboodle today I’m going to be showing you how to do some Valentine’s scratch offs now what you will need is you need to print out some hearts or whatever you want to make your scratch offs with next you will need some dish soap acrylic paint which I got at Target you can get at any craft store and a paintbrush okay so what you want to do is you want to take a tablespoon of the dish soap so we’re going to add in one tablespoon of acrylic paint to the bowl and what we’re going to do is we’re going to mix those two up and it will be kind of runny that’s okay that’s what we are aiming for once you have that mixed up you want to go ahead and grab your sheet of paper with all of your hearts and you want to start writing cute little messages in here I love you and you want to keep writing all your cute little messages until you’re done are you guys so next what you want to do is you want to grab a white crayon and you want to color in each heart with this that way you can scratch off the hearts without ruining what’s underneath it all right you guys so I’ve colored in all the little hearts with this white crayon and next you’re going to grab your clip acrylic and dish soap mixture you want to grab a smaller brush than this but this is all I could find at the moment and you want to go ahead and fill in the hearts with your acrylic dish soap mixture we just get rid of any excess crayon that I may be left behind you you guys I have painted the critic dishsoap on top of all of my hearts as you can see you still can see the wording underneath so what I’m going to do is I’m going to let these dry and then I’m going to do another coat on top alright you guys so I did put two layers of the acrylic and dish soap paint on my heart I hope that’s all it takes so what we’re going to do is I’m going to grab a quarter and see if this actually works so let’s pick one of the hearts all right you actually have to kind of work at it it still does its job ah I want to scratch off more now it little prizes in there but it comes off comes off either way are you guys so there you have it some heart scratch offs which we’re super easy to do are you guys thank you so much for watching toy caboodle I had so much fun making these heart scratch offs I hope you guys try this at home and leave me a comment down below if you have make sure to subscribe and give me a thumbs up are you guys stay sweet.


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