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here for more details on Scratch and Win Game Scratch Off card maker to make instant scratch tickets

Use this Scratch and Win Game card maker to create cool looking scratch cards for your visitors! With this software:

With this software, you can easily make instant scratch cards that you can use for offering prizes online!
You can use an online scratch off/scratch card game generator, to simply select from a number of scratch ticket images, and apply your own text/special effects!
You can offer special discounts to your visitors, providing they scratch the card and visit your
It’s a good marketing tool to get more people to visit your plus having fun while doing so!
Ability to include sounds that are played when the user moves the mouse over the instant scratch ticket!
You can redirect winning tickets to a URL of your choice (i.e., perhaps for more prize details)
You can choose any number of different scratch card results, customize URLs (in order to confirm/win scratched prizes), define custom images to scratch the tickets with (i.e., American coins, Canadian coins, English coins, etc!)
Easily publish the results to your It will tell you exactly what files you need to proceed!
Plus much more!

Start making your own scratch cards today and this software for.

good morning welcome to the Hunts AFRICOM scratch and win card suffer maker this is a really useful application in that you can use it for promotions giveaways and so forth and have your users have a lot of fun with it to get started or load in a demo so you can see it’s loading in a scratch card and it has a scratch surface you get a coin right here it also has sound effects and that’s why I’m scratching users that scratch sounds once that finish stretching up slide shows that you win message now the software comes pre loaded with a couple demos but it’s very easy to add your own what you have here this is the section where it’s the general settings so for example you have a coin image you have a scratch sound you have the top image like what should the scratch card look like then obviously when it’s loading loading all these images what should be displayed to the user so you set all this up here down here you have the different possibilities so for example you have a win image which has a 50% chance of being displayed then you have a lose image another 50% you have a scratch sound as well as the image and so forth I can keep on adding more of these images so for example if I had 5 different promotions I had a 10% 20% 30% and 40% and 50% off coupon I could add all of them and I might have the different percentage chances of them winning there as well so maybe for the 50% off they’d only have a 10% chance of winning but for the for the 10% off they might have a 70 or 80% chance of winning so that’s how you do so you would keep on clicking this ad button right here and then just do the change modify it to your needs so I would find the image as well as the sound once I’m done that I would choose what the heightened width should be or width and height I’d preview it and then if I liked it I publish it if this was a full version I would enter my username and license key rate here and it would activate that finally I could save this project so I could use it later and that would be all there was to it and then like I said I’d publish it and then I’d be away and laughing that would give me a list of files to upload to my server and that’s all I need so this is really really useful software great for promotions if you want to get it for yourself simply go to the hot hot software comm website and search for the scratch and win software maker or if you’re viewing this on a video sharing website simply click on the link in the description below and it’ll take you right there thanks and have a great day.


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