How To Guarantee A Win On Lottery Scratchcards!! Episode 2 Video

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How to GUARANTEE a win on National Lottery Scratchcards!! Episode 2

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now then watches and weirdos welcome to episode 2 of my quest for richness now you’ll know from episode 1 I’ve got 56 pounds with the scratch cares to cash in well then what we’re going to do this time we’re not going to go to the old shop this time I wish there was some scientific a strategic reason for this book what it boils down to folks is a bar hundred quid with the scratch cards from there and I’m going back with 56 quid I don’t really want to look a stupid cut so what we’re going to instead here we’re going to go to a new shop that one there when it worked out rather well because the one in mangy bitch behind countless time there were some really fit bird instead her I was gonna take a picture of a ticks but shoulda thought I was some sort so we’ll have to make do with a picture of Google image instead mmm but anyway these are the scratch cards while bar ten bingo ones three pound each five Joule is two pound each five of these red ones 251 dare to pound each and three Ruby $7 to pound each and it’s what the look like in real life not as many as last time but still there’s a lot there so there’s got to be a winner so let’s find out same thing as last time folks say they can see when we get focused in there yeah 1971 hey so I didn’t show you from last time is that when you flip it over it’s got some weird stable me g 53 g 53 we’re looking for the B number B letter I should say heaven 37 and 38 and 3 8 and 32 ok let her be 17 17 18 18 21 21 28 28 30 32 32 42 42 47 47 and 57 bingo bingo 32 32 42 42 47 47 and 57 but they bigger a big big big bigger you well that’s all the results in now folks so it’s another week ago without the private yacht for Ono spent fifty six quid 135 so it’s not bad not bad but when we calculate the grant elephant week before told spend 256 total winnings 91 there next week’s episode here have done without fucking link things again sir yeah click it and a you never know might win big next time you.


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