How To Cheat Simpsons Tapped Out Scratch Card Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

and enjoy :-).

Oh today I’m going to be showing you a hack for well clear sheet for tapped a Simpsons scratch card it’s really simple to do it it just really would try at least allowed okay okay what you want to do he’s a scratch God what you wanna do is drive across and see what you get and if you’re not happy with it try out the app and back onto the app and you want to keep on doing this until you get something you’re happy with all those wines that I get three axes book just many and yeah I’ll show you one more time okay see I’ve got two clubs and a bomb but they’re not gonna do me any good I mean on their map so he’s keep on doing that don’t cost you any extra money Thank You Tube for watching I’ll be uploading some more video soon thanks for watching and subscribe and call me now.


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