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Lotto Scratch Cards

ScratchCards From The National Lotto Episode 1, today we are scratching 20 worth of scratch cards including 5 Hot Money 100,00 Scratch Cards and 3 20x Cash in Red (3x Prizes of 1 Million) Part for watching Luke Scratches!

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hey there what is up this is Luke scratches and today we’re gonna be starting off and national lottery scratch card scratches and today we have five hot money scratch cards and three twenty times cash so that pretty cool you can see it there and we’re gonna be scratching you today enough for the talk let’s get into it and see what we can get today then so we’ve got our first one so we’ve got this we need to find this to win a prize which i think is hot money so it looks like we have a a source bottle we’re gonna get anything else there we’ve got a CERN we’ve got a cash which we don’t need that if it was a cash cart that would be very nice but we do not need that we do not need cash onto the next one got a pound sign and we have a bag of money so that is a loser on to the next one we have five of these all together so let’s get into these and here we go here is the next one let’s see if this one is any good looks like we’ve got a sin there that’s no good on to the next one here we go we have a safe that’s no good either a cash that’s again no good a mini bag which is again no curd and we’ve got a wallet so that’s number two and that’s number two turn onto number three here we go hopefully we can have some better look with these ones so we’re gonna wall it there that’s not good what else we’re gonna get but a pound again that’s not good we’re looking for the hot cash prize here here we go what else we’re gonna get mini bag that’s no good again a Sun and a stack nope that’s no good we’ve got two left here here we go and we’ve got the two left here we go heyyyyy we’re gonna win here we go what’s that for and it’s a pound can we get a full card no we’re not gonna get a full card today what a pound so we got a safe there got a stack and oh is that another win this has got to be another pound cuz it’s two pound I think yep there’s another pound and there we go we have our win there beautiful beautiful so that’s two pound back so far let’s see if this last one can give us any more look hopefully it can hopefully can but you never know of these right let’s go here we go source we’ve got a safe we’re gonna stack will got cash and a wallet so we have got two pounds so far from those on to the 20 times cash there we go so we’ve got the 20 times cash here and there it’s free prizes of 1 million so these ones all you’ve got to do this match your numbers with their number while with your numbers and the winning numbers and then you get the x cash symbols so let’s go what are our numbers today them so oh look we got a 12 that 27 14 and anythink anything out what else we’re gonna get 23 and a number 3 so let’s start from here then and let’s see what we can get today got number 11 yeah number 11 now we don’t have a number 11 do we new number 18 now I’m number 18 I thought I was another number 11 then say you don’t think you get I already think you get the same numbers maybe you can if it’s a winner I’m not too sure we’ve got a 17 there and you think nope nothing on the first row onto the second one there we go and what’s that number 26 we don’t have 26 new until next one number 30 we don’t have any 30s whatsoever and number 9 without the number 9 number 6 we don’t have number 6 know who number 6 for us 25 there is no number 25 there so on to the last row let’s go come on can we get a win today what’s that number number four well this is hard to scratch there we go number four number nineteen now we don’t need number 19 1814 we’re number sixteen there no no number sixteen no number sixteen that’s all number eight which a number is number three a single number and last one which is a fifteen we don’t have a fifteen so that is our first loss on the twenty times cache on to the next ones which is here we go 20 times cache again let’s go let’s hope for something better here we wrote a number nine this time my needs a bigger coin next time because this coin isn’t very good 25:20 peas are normally alright scratch these but we’ve got 27 a lot of 20s coming in today aren’t they 23 and a 21 so that pretty much all twenties apart from that single in number nine so we are looking out for the number 20s and I bet we get every other number 20 oh 25 that’s the wind that’s the first one can it be a full card no cuz we got a number 8 there number 8 isn’t gonna do as any good today well at least we know we’ve got one win 19 we’re looking for 20s here come on 26 out that’s one of the 20s we don’t need number 12 come on 23:21 or number 9 we’re looking for right here we go oh what’s that what is that as the number 13 nope we don’t have that and number 17 we don’t have that one either 24 new number 1 no the only single number we got is number 9 there’s another 20 that we don’t need 22 the one off the 23 here we go a number or what’s that what is that 30 no we only got 20s there the numbers are in such weird places today number 11 they’re not even on the bag a number 7 any number 18 and the number 14 so we have one price it does look like five and it is five well there we go we have five power back so far from these ones which isn’t too bad that’s an all right 20 times cash there so there we go and onto the last 120 times cash can this givers anything hopefully it does but we don’t know right what you’re gonna give us this time the number one number ones are normally quite lucky for me on these cards I find 23 don’t give us all 20s again 24:14 and a number 22 so I’m gonna start from this side this time and go in but a 29 which we don’t have let’s give us 16 no hey number 7 we need another one what’s up 15 25 25.15 and the last one is number 3 so let’s go on to the next row now no winners on that first row on to the next one that’s number 30 we have no number 30s on here this card just go to 30 I remember 17 no next 13 no 27 number 18 there oh yes I love her number 15 please I love a number 15 for a million 26 what else we got here number 8 no 21 that would have been nice on the last card and number 9 so we have lost on that one so overall these scratch cards which was 20 pounds worth of scratch cards we won five that’s five there and two on this one of course we got one win there and one win there so if you do enjoy these videos remember to leave a like and I may start doing these weekly so I’ll see you next time on scratch cards from the National Lottery bye. .

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