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Remy bottle laughing two and three California good morning everyone it’s Thursday one more day in this week happy about that it’s been a long one well grab the some more of these bringing home the bacon tickets and it actually smells decent like bacon has been sitting out for a couple hours so if you’re in Indiana go ahead and try it seen a lot of controversy over these tickets because of you know two hundred fifty dollars a year for 20 years for the bacon isn’t enough for a lot of people including me I could buy you more than two hundred fifty dollars worth but mmm s besides point yesterday when I was scratching as I noticed there’s a little did you know pigs cannot sweat just a little question about pigs on their kind of funny anyway we’re looking to match any of our winning symbols to our symbols and if you find a double bacon strip you’ll win triple the price shown so put and start on these milk jug and a coffee put you down our winner right off the bat did you know pigs tails can be kinked straight or curly that’s that’s always good knowledge to know pretty shitty it scratching these coffee and a milk jug so that goes to this second entry spot did you know a single pay provides 10 to 15 pounds of bacon wow did not know that I had a lot of bacon there’s a milk jug we’ve been looking for hope will you find it again farmer and a bucket then the last one did you know there are 3000 pork farmers in the state of Indiana did not know that either Thank You pig farmers another milk jug coffee any shovel shovel shovel 12 exact same thing as yesterday six dollars so apparently that’s lucky lucky number here the odds again if you missed it anyway I’ll trade these in and I saw that there’s a new five dollar ticket um i’ll probably grab it tomorrow i don’t i don’t remember what it’s called but we’ll try that out hope you guys i have a great day leading up to friday okay.


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