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ScratchCards From The National Lotto Full Pack! Today we are scratching 250 worth of scratch cards, this is a FULL PACK of Santas millions for reaching 100 on this channel. for the support! for watching Luke Scratches!

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hey there welcome back to another scratch cards from national lottery and today we’re gonna be doing a full pack of Santa’s millions as you can see here with the whole pack they own opened two hundred and fifty pounds worth of Santa’s millions this is crazy probably the most craziest amount of scratch cards I’ve ever bought so today I’m gonna be doing these let’s get them open so we’re gonna be starting off with card number zero as you can see this is zero so we’re gonna start here let’s start this and let’s go right so thank you so much 400 subscribers guys really appreciate it first one we got a thirty not good fourteen and a nine so that’s no good let’s go on to the main game but yeah we’ve smashed 100 subscribers every milestone so next will be a thousand and the next time I’ll do another full pack of another south cards but today we’re going to do two Santa’s millions hopefully it turns out well so here we go come on there’s no winners so far no when it’s so far oh scarf scarf and candy ah we got here star cracker and cracker no good tree Wraith and stock in so typically we’re looking for at least money back on these so we’re gonna first win on the first card we actually have a win while probably the first time that’s ever happened a barely ever wins Joey probably going to just be a fiber but fiving in the less so we just got the one win here we go snowman’s let’s have a look and indeed it kicks us off with a fiver so no losses so far the first one done let’s get on to the second one here we go Roy so let’s start over here again any fifty seventy guess seventy so many times there any ten note 1585 no we’ve got a four right can we get it back to back win let’s have a look here we are on to the main game now mince pie toys and mince pie snow fake snow fake snowman crack a crack a candle no good card carding candle no good again nope stock entry in stock in again nope angel candy and angel nope Santa Santa snowman so many pears that could have been a win Holly Holly and toys so the second card is a loser rice here we are unto the third one now got a ninety sixteen and a nine so no win that come on angel party party toys put in put in Wraith Wraith and stock in tree tree and Rudolph Holly Bell and Bell candle mince pie candle snowflake card snowflake two scarfs and toys no good there and snowman stocking snowman so that’s the third one a lot of stash that’s the fourth one so wouldn’t want so far so I’ve got a five out of twenty pounds so far so here is the fifth card let’s go gone eight there but noisy at least 150 got a 15 and eight we’re here we go on to the main game again Rudolph let’s go from this side Taylor let’s do all these men will go down the second row and see them getting any matches right so party foul we’re gonna get o in there no it’s Holly candy we’ll do it after actually there we go scarf ray ray put in candle and cracker so we’ve got two chances to win here hopefully we can get one Holly nope no good add a Rudolph no good there let’s just double check nope no one’s there so let’s move on to the sixth guard so just quickly separate all the cards so that I can just do them one by one so now I can just like take it off and take it off because before it was all in the pack and now we have them all separate here we go let’s go 17 oh good 13 that’s no good and a 6 no good staff with a rose go let’s go to second one go PI out there nothing they’re missing their candle all three chances to win here let’s go angel and a bow at the bomb so the ones we got to win our party no good candle oh we got to win they’re lovely on the fifth card this said she the fifth card oh boy it was too sick and we’re gonna star so we’ve got two innings here beautiful it’s gonna be five and five let’s have a look it is indeed five and five so when I actually do too bad so far two of the five cards actually won and that’s 15 power back and so far 25 spent so let’s keep going come on can we get some lucky ones 18 oh good 14 again no good pan an eight scarf and card candle and toys snowman Emre Santa and a snowman star star and party putting ball and putting foul race and Holly Holly raised in Holly sorry angel angel and toys cracker stocking and cracker Santa candle and candies that one’s a lost good forty there are no good 15 there no good and nine there which is again no good on to the main game nope put in put in and snowflake note stocking mince pie and cracker no come on toys toys and toys yes another winner already that’s good it’s good hopefully it’s a big one Rudolph snowflake a wraith cracker party and cracker card card and Santa’s let’s see what we won up here and hand another five pounds one to the eighth card now come on 17 no good 13 and a 3 nope nope mince pie but good still let’s do a big one here we go nope nope and I think that’s that’s a loser as the eighth card on to the ninth one here we go donate you there no good 12 and 1/8 nope no might want to see all these wins come on give me a match star star and stock in no hey we’ve got to win they’re beautiful there we go so see when I win is this time and it’s tempo not too bad right so this is a tenth card with a fifth of the way through now 60 13 and a three we’ve actually won three times already make that four make that four come on I mean as long as it keeps the winds coming I’m going to be happy I might be free least half back that’d be nicer or at least a return I mean 250 would be nice to get back nope nope candle no nope all right cracker tree tree I’m sorry the camera keeps moving as well anyway let’s see walking on that so on and another 10 pound that’s actually not too bad 11th got do this 30 nope 11 and 1/8 no winner there to the main game come on nope no candle Santa scarf cracker cracker nope mince pie mince pie God no put in Party pudding no look nope Santa snowflake snowflake in the last two are not winners let’s move on to the twelfth card card number 12 let’s go 19 oh good 14 out of three which is no good snowflake star mince pie nope parties no treat restock in no no we need a cracker nope there we go Maddy’s another loser lights card number 12 on to 13 come on 13 you know you’re gonna win for us ratchet didn’t quite good so far right 13 oh good 13 add an 8 no good right onto the main game again come on no no candle nope nope star star rate no tree tree bail no earned snowflake mince pie and Holly no good there card number 14 give me a 50 come on 40 nope 12 and a forum not seen a win over this side you I would like to see one over that side at least one there we go Oh fair for you that can win there let’s have a look hey we’ve got another win there beautiful see what it is and 20 pound that’s actually quite good but she got quite a few wins at the min I’m actually quite surprised normally I don’t win this many times but I’ve never got a full pack oh here we go next one before I was gonna be the 59 I honestly thought is gonna give me a 50 14 and a 960 what we just did I like doing this is just more I don’t know it’s pleasing to do this go I’ve got a couple that can be winners give me a cracker at the banca bum that’s what back to back winners is gonna be a fiver 50 pound straight 50 pound okay then good pack so far we’re only on card number 15 of course it starts at 0 that’s not gonna so it focuses it yeah there we go you can see 14 there Wow Wow 50 pound rate up beautiful running on car number 16 we could have potential greatness here we could have ended a profile we could have like loads of debt cards who knows straight 50 go on I would just expect another losers to be honest go down the middle as well go Oh right two of these could be winners let’s have a look no snowman any candle no candle any snowflake no snowflake and there we go I’m happy so far doing quite well again it could all just go badly from here who knows they could all be losers from here 60 14 and a 7 no good into the main game go go go okay right we’ve got a potential three winners he up Danny no free down here no and Holly no it’s another loser to bag all good though car believe we’ve got a fifty pound straight up that’s nice very nice forty no twelve and a six no good there into the main game here we go no come on nope nope weaving it yep the race is one vowel right we can get to when I see up let’s have a look if we can get the nope and no rice that is the 18th guard lost we’re almost two fifths of the way through now let’s keep going on 70 14 and a three no good there on to the main game we’re gonna do the middle row first let’s do that’s change it up at of it go let’s do the end row as well Cape 10th with two winners here snowflake nope and I’m candy I’m looking for no right onto card number 20 then see you twenty can get us a win here we go forty no twelve no and for know the main game no no in there hey we got another win kardama 20 is all winner let’s see how much it is a fiber yeah fiber so good though so far I think we’re actually even hundred pound in I’m not doing too bad here we go card number 21 nope nope and nope right let’s go mad do this no wins that no wins there either and no winners there card number 22 coming up sixty 13 and a four soon still need to see a win on this side not a single one yet nope no nope no another and no winner there on to card number 23 come on quickiy keep our winning streak going nope 15 no and number 9 no main card now nope knowing that no one is there nope nothing and nothing at the bottom on to the next card done 50 no eighty ten sixteen five four no good there to the main game here we go hey we’ve got a winner there let’s hope it’s another stroke 50 nothing there another winner so it’s probably going to be 10 pound then yep I can imagine this won’t be to be 5 and 5 but it could be 10 and 10 let’s have a look 5 and 5 there we go another 10 to add to the winning pile thirty eleven and three still no winner on that left hand side and we are halfway through now 25 no winner there no one is there no one is now for that was a win then so that was a party out of the end but it wasn’t no winner there and no winners at the bottom right card number 26 here we go 90 12 and 9 no good on to the main game I like doing it this way I don’t know why I just love doing it this way go go down here looking for toys nope and now we’re looking for a tree no wouldn’t quite good so far I’m actually quite happy with the result already we’re no fifty no ten no five miss tanner listen that nope put into the bomb nah party got number 28 here we go 17 no 13 no for no winner the main game come on nope go up that’s all winner there there we go beautiful right stocking stuck in stocking let’s see what the winners in another five pound almost re fifths of the way through the pack now can we get back to back winners hopefully we can tree tree tree we actually did beautiful hope it’s more than a fiver go and it’s two winners so it’s most likely a tenner five pound and five pound beautiful card number 30 let’s see if this can be another winner if it is this will be a third win in the row I don’t think you’ll be a winner though we’ll just have to wait and see let’s bring this 3/5 through the pack as well nope no oh can we go to the party nope and that one is a loser card number 31 18 oh good 12 9 no good there is the main game nope no and no card number that you know any 10 no still no win over this side as well got a 7 there no good on to the main game nope nope no one is that note and no so it’s time to get quite dark outside so apologize if the Lighting’s change 60 I thought about every time I see a 60 I think is 50 cuz it’s got the foot like the little bit that the fog would have know in there nope no no in there nope and find a 1 star toys and cracker no good so under card number 34 now 30 now 40 no pad a 7 no good mean game we go let’s even get any matches yep yep yep no new yep nope nope and yep right we’ve got four chances to win well five even know look if a tree no race no Rudolph no stocking at the bottom no right come on 90 15 adenine still no win on the left hand side I know good nope got a winner that is a winner party party party let’s see what it is temple not bad bar number 36 now 70 16 and a seven here’s the main game Holly Holly no no in there angel angel no nope star star and race no good so just clearly had to change the camera battery I did miss out the first one this card number 37 no in there no one is there snow Vic nah all right come on stock in and bring me a win nope go no in there on to the 38th card over here first 1716 add a force no good that no one is there nope no one is that the big one and there are no winners on that card god 3906 t no 13 no add a three no good there to the main game go come on any matches we’ve got two matches there right so two potential wins let’s have a look and no winner right we’re on the 40th card now there are four fifths of the way through 40 note yet see you won on this left hand side still no win let’s go any matches its race yep snowman and a candy come on so no rain no snow man and no candy card number 41 here we go 19 o 12 an hour and a nine nope no one’s there no one is there no one’s there and no winners there hopefully there’s some more winners at the back but so far what about half our money back isn’t too bad hey we’ve got a winner now what is it five pound can we get any more there we go that’s under the 5 pound win card number 43 60 16 and a 7 still no one on the left hand side no one is that no wins that nope man no on to the next one which is card number 44 nope nope and no 5 main game come on main game bring us through this nope no now we get our nice low win at the bottom let’s see what is it a fiber it is a tenor card number 45 here we go 17:11 the three still no when on the left hand side I keep saying it no can we get back to back winners though No no winners on that one card number 46 Tenley is 45 but you’ve gotta count 0 so it’s card number 46 no winner there snowflake at the front go no winners there three cards go now no 50 no tent and note 5 no in there no winner that nope candle no and no winner there so just two cards left now are these well are three cards that’s now sorry are these winners let’s take a look card number 48 come on 17 no nope and nope nothing that in there nope no wins here and last one angel angel card no good right so we are on to the last two now hopefully these are winners 4012 and Anna for no in there no in there nope and we have no one is there hope this last one is lucky fingers crossed nope nope and no so no win on the left hand side that’s so strange bow toys and toys no candle candle and snowman no no in there no winner there now we have no winners there to over 250 pounds worth cards we’ve got 10 15 25 35 40 45 50 got a nice 50 win there so that’s a hundred 120 got a 10 pound on that side hundred thirty ten pound went on that side syndrome forty hundred and forty five hundred fifteen and a hundred and fifty five so we’re 95 pound down but that is 155 pound back from 250 what was gonna go worse but all these losers have all those cards we have like 36 losers and 14 winners spin the deck today hopefully you’ve liked it if you have remember to leave a like button and grab today if you are new so next full pack video will be a thousand subs hopefully we get there in future but thank you so much 400 stay awesome guys and I’ll see you next time bye.


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