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Full Pack of 40 Millionaire 777 Winner Chicken Dinner Trolley coins
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Heidi’s problem so mother’s this is my monthly pack so ourselves I’m due a month Pat every month if I got the views and likes smash the likes the views they were up there 8,000 views on the video I wanted 10,000 but views you can’t really ask for that much because obviously I’m asking people to view if they’ve already viewed it so I’ve decided with this video if this one beats 1200 likes then I’ll do another for Pat next month okay so we’ve got a full pack of the new millionaire triple sevens so let’s get into this and see what we can do here we go doo doo doo open up feeling a bit good start on that one in no no I hate that way adds up to 10 because obviously some of them add up to 10 sum that up to a 7 no okay so the first ones a shocker trying to put somebody over there make it easier key in for a key got one five pound winner winner no okay never win it out another five tonne result 21 24 2009 okay so ten pound on that one result champagne champagne here’s five pound and be going another one up and another win it out all two winners on their run now 15 new don’t get sorry five pound out 21 and 16 fighter now who must be 40 pounds amazing yep this would be a 40 pounder then yes winner winner five air five their five five and five and five so before you put back already running third card mmm dear that means is this pack gonna be a shocker towards the end there Kabul spread out connect night night the winner there five pound result I don’t like the way they’ve done these loin bits you can’t see lunges very well oh dear bloody got any I’ll tell you that she’s not curling the summit so in the window of way around making a lot of sense tonight come on baby show me the money I’d actually like to do a pack and actually make money that would be nice I’ve never done that yet I’ve never bought a pack of made money on it even if it is a fiver I just you know I mean for money back I’ll be happy with I know it’s hard trying to do it trying to get decent money on a pack basically you’ve got to pick a decent packs if you don’t in you don’t make money simple we don’t get decent but it’s lacking it so it’s all down to luck people look that’s a new simple speedboat nope 26:27 one late oh yeah doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo nope nope nothing now okay so we have a little tool bar on it and basically if you’re new to my channel then please come home and subscribe I’ll do scratchcard Sunday every Sunday we do lots of other scratchcard challenges and gains but scratchcard Deal or No Deal as you can see behind me that the episode is finished add that series just finished but it will be a new one coming up towards Christmas time I’d imagine so watch out for that if you are new come and subscribe and play along with us Facebook link and everything it’s all below and obviously I put my vlogging channel as well so if you’re interested in my life don’t check that below as well they come on show me in a dealer named clothespin a few cards of no winners now oh no got winner here ten pound case there’s 55 pound already and we are number 10 high speed bow nope love know they’ll I need these new triple seven cars that are very easy to scratch off even more so with one of my coins plug plug plug links below you want to go grab yourself a hose as always deep did it did it did any nine nice now then it nearly lost one left five pound then you get five pound boom a 60 pound here’s where we want to eat a hundred quid off steam you know that it’s not a bad pack no yes got a winner there I know that because it’s sitting there a ten pound a semi quid right number twelve seventy pallet number 12 this is I’m not going to say nothing but yeah champagne Oh 75 pound nope nope Oh 75 pound that was a winner when our winner okay so we’re out remember full team okay Niklas Oh winner winner 10 pound come on bear full card shame go excited in looking nice full corner what do we get full card you never know okay that is 85 pound of belief and we’re on number 15 car do do do do do do do do do do get up nope nope link 20 21 25 24 25 19 looking at molding and thingy oh okay come on champagne come on all I’m busting bottles of champagne and tonight nobody champagne but always going to buy something we did it today night 23 then that thing okay diamond the name name cattle it up that’s by no no bag no I really shouldn’t be saying like ten losers now and then then then though it’s right over the last with the last winner was number 14 and well about 18 so that’s four gone with no wins then go necklace lip lip nine five when I went on five pounds so that 90,000 overleaf no no I’ve got another one around 95 pound let’s just have a little count up so we know where we are shall we pull them aside for a second so we’ve got five oh no that’s 10 30 35 45 50 60 65 75 ie okay so I’ve got that lost all the way right 80 quid and we’re at number 21 halfway from right eighty pound hmm zero zero come on we need some big winner later fifty quitter fifty quid out to make it worthwhile no come on baby necklace nice come on ooh sevens yeah winner winner okay eighty five right now 85 ichigo’s no no okay we are at number 24 now if you do do do funny thing champagne sellers late night the clock wit card to do and I airplane name no no bad we look at five rounds nope come on Nate it’s going to lead to that last bit and give us that last 15 quid enough Nate Nate a car common car link nope oh dear down for bail shopkin name then ok so last we mores 22 am I now at 36 8 gone that win going to be 10 cards another win and then if they’re fiver nope number 9 nope Oh Lila there is number nine to fiver on cue magic by nine cards and a pin that I’ll make you would be happy with just 9 cars next one’s a 500 there okay 90 pound it’s going to be a spoiler in a ah dere idea name know what fat free already think that seven left the guy when I was it in oh no wow wow no no he’s going to leave it to that last murder and then just give their proxy ten and F so we lap that’s all we’re looking for an hour ten night Wow still nothing is it going to really lead to that last card burn here’s your night oh dear fingers the guy who Lola come on we need another winner he’s got another within there good morning it we’ve got more and asked back got another winner there five yeah it’s 20 okay so 110 at the moment with two cards left to go boom they’re down to the last card this is it oh dear yes we got a winner we have a winner scratch the rest watch what we go beyond great via fiver yeah it’s a fiver there you go five pounds so now the whole pack we have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen cards always we’ll just do a check back through so we’ve got five 25 30 35 45 55 60 70 75 85 nine a hundred and ten hundred Oh 120 okay so 120 power okay so 80 goes down it’s not great but that’s definitely great without a doubt okay so we need to fund this video right up so whoever watch it need to check thumbs up if you want to see another full pad mix mump because we need 1200 likes if we don’t get the likes I’ll definitely not be doing it but yeah that is why I’ll be doing so hopefully we’re getting likes and get them back up okay Lee French very much for watching please like the video if you’re not ready subscribe buttons down there subscribe to see lots more scratchcard videos got scratchcard sunbae you know all about that if you don’t subscribe to a channel you’ll find out thanks for watching and see you all very soon goodbye.


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