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Lotto Scratch Cards

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I Mainly do Hoosier Lottery Scratch Cards.
I am already a millionaire so I do these for FUN and RECREATION.


alright it’s Friday hell yeah grab the cash frenzy book need two coins to start winning any prizes from coins let’s get on with it good for a star symbol to win 50 automatically or match numbers have a a video playing this weekend with my wife maybe a little scratch off again that was kind of fun 37 and have a little bit of a surprise planned for it also should be entertaining so watch for that maybe saturday morning or sunday morning not sure yet no way around that page looking for a hundred dollar symbol or match numbers 20 30 25 and 5 the winner they’re trying to figure out a make this take a little faster it’s kind of slow we’re looking for a 40 or 25 nope the 320s do not win I’ll convert to like symbols nope all it fills and save same thing here we’re looking for whatever the hell that symbol is looks like a case of cds I don’t know to win 500 it doesn’t even say like what it is reveal a bra symbol to 1437 12 do not see a to a 14 8 thirty seven or eight we’ll move on looking for a money clip 5 times symbol on this game first coin nope reveal three like symbols to enterprise nope damn not even to you on the rip match three like amounts ones battle 501 now two games left it’s particular seven so looking for seven symbol I’m only seven to win seven seven seven win win way and nope and nope okie prize mounts matching a your mounts to the lucky prizes so we need a 2500 or 1000 nope reveal to like symbols win prize three like symbols win double and no the winning assembles cart wallet lightning bolt no siree grab my app real quick to scan it to verify this is not a winning ticket go fig anyway we’re up for the week been a good week hope you guys are having one also a be scratching.


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