Feb 5Th – The National Lottery Scratch Card Experiment Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Our first new 100,000 Triple Payout.

evening all it’s Sunday nights scratchcard experiment in a little bit i’m going to pop to the shop and i’m going to grab the other ones that we can now do because we had a nice little win yesterday i will stick one ear and then tomorrow’s board will go all the way up at the minute to the 27th unless of course they see a triple payout will pay out tonight so i’ve not done one of these ones let’s have a little go we’ve got too much to two singles over here don’t want to stretch so we’ve got some rings and we’ve got to watch all this is a peculiar little card it doesn’t want to scratch you need to get to matching symbols that’s a crown I’m not there is an back ah this is an odd car to scratch we might have to try a different coin next time we’ve got a stack of coins and underneath it we’ve got a DM on this one we’ve got a wallet and a money bag and underneath it’s got the prize and there’s a triple spot in the middle way you can win the chance to multiply you money so champagne and a vault this one we have got a GM and a set of rings tell you I it’s a long part to do as all this one we’ve got a chest over here and underneath that we’ve got a wallet last chance to get into februari tonight we have got a something under here it really doesn’t want to scratch a necklace yes and a necklace so regardless of the winner here we have got ourselves out of februari um clima throat we got a winner we got a winner I’ll tell you what in a perfect case scenario I’d love this to be a fiver or three quid just so we can finish off that one there so what have we got an hour triple pay out we have 12 pound and the triple spot if we can triple it that is the 6 pound triple spot what we got it’s x 1 so it is a single win but we have got a winner ladies and gentlemen boys and girls we have got to the end of februari perfect what a result we’ve still got our half one over there so technically we haven’t will still only got to the 27th foot our next wind but that means we’ve ticked all the way to februari i’m going to change that to march and i’ll tell you what while I’m at the shop as well I’m going to buy one each of all the new scratch cards that have come out this year that haven’t done yet and will do then as a little bonus vid for later on please give it a thumbs up folks we got a winner shutup I.


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