Feb 13Th – The National Lottery Scratch Card Experiment Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

A 250,000 Jackpot card.

Gordon tag right then cookie man happy big 30 my buddy’s cookies birthday today let’s see if we can have a winner for cookies birthday oh I like that it’s looking good 10 quid the big one can we pull the big one on cookies birthday a fiver chance on for a tenner chance on for a fiver 250 grand go up chance on for a fiver we’ve got one left to tell you what we’ll come back to that can we get a money bag no we’ve got a pot of gold chance on down there that’s legally see if we can find a diamond got a coin got a ring on a necklace come on we got down here don’t wallet a chest on a car don’t can we pull a fiver for cookies birthday or even better can be pulled 250 grand can we have a winner it is 200 squid unlucky but cookie man you have a fantastic big 30 join us tomorrow as we bang some more tips on their tattoo by.


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