Feb 11Th – The National Lottery Scratch Card Experiment Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Saturday night and I like the way you move! We got a winner, we got a winner!.

did he add our down yep it’s Saturday night right then let’s get lucky and two symbols on tonight’s vid are a queen and a helmet would you will win I’m one of these here first to hundreds and I think what I’m want seem to have started doing these videos a thunderbolt or saving oh yeah what was I saying we got away in that we got a winner let’s have another little winner come on we’ve got a coin let’s see how much as well come on helmet come on little helmet where’s that little helmet because I’d like to see a couple of winners on this one let’s have a double and I tell endorsing is on one more charge for underwater things on is it no it’s not but can we pull a decent win of our coin and we are one who we gonna turn we’ve got a 10 happy Saturday everybody we have channeled whigfield in the other back and we have managed to pull off one a 2 a 3 a 4 5 more days happy bloody Saturday giddy another tattoo by.


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