Fast Cash Ca State Lottery Challenge Scratch Card Winner, 50.00 Or 100.00? Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

New game in the CA Lottery, it pays out in a 50. 00 or 100. 00 winner. We have done well with these all month long. See what we won today right here at the Nevada Arcade channel while scratching at the new Prize Zone arcade with the Minion family.

hey guys good day to you coming here live from the new project the prize zone here in Southern Nevada where we just got in our our shipment of minions if that doesn’t bring a happy face nothing well well that’s the one eyed guy anyway he’s got a box up there we are starting to set up our store but today we are scratching lottery tickets we just got back from our our lottery store as you can see we have stocked up many many many including several set for lifes there’s the dollar version here is the big one the ten dollar version five dollar of course you know ruby red we picked up a million dollar multiplier just on a whim and our fast cash which we like we’ve hit those before and I think we’re going to start with those get set up here fast cash is a ticket that either pays fifty or a hundred dollars make a little pathway here and we have not hit the hundred dollar one we’ve hit several of the 50s and now we’re definitely ahead on that game let me get out of the glare here I’m going to do these from the side here I’ve got my small tripod small tripod on the countertop here so let me see if I get the whole game we’ll do the top and then we’ll move the ticket up now fast cash box we need to find a sack of money excuse me let’s see that’s not a hoe I see you got to get the top the top will be no sack of money we got a key this condition went okay so that’s no sack of money let’s start and we need to uncover a sack or pardon me a sack of money when you done uncover a bankroll a little watered up set of bills here moon rainbow like some cherries I won row in know a lot of money that’s a melon M ELN cakes that’s what we want we want our cake and eat it too but that gift does not necessarily give us a gift coffee another cherry apple banana and the treasure chest which we don’t get to open gold orange heart lemon which is it looks like what this ticket has given us as a lemon unless you guys see a sack of money there it is not a winner so let’s go to our second take it well I bought two of these let’s see if we can’t pull one out best cashbox let’s go from left to right a lot of lemons gnome oh there it is just going to say no money yet there it is alright guys that’s what we’re looking for there could be more than one of these this is a winning ticket of no less than 50 and quite possibly $100 now we find another one like we did one time could be 225 off e roll so there it is whoo now could these be twenty fives each or could they be fifty each they’re not going to be hundreds because it never pays more than hundred they could be 50s each let’s hope that four oh there’s another one how does this going to work out that three of them maybe it’s a ha never had three before let’s start with the first one I can almost tell you okay there’s a 20 it’s going to be a 20 and a 10 I believe but hey we’ll take 50 bucks when we bought two of these now it could be a it could be a $60 I guess to make $110 okay 50 bucks about two tickets one of them was no good and so we are up $30 on the two tickets and we will take that as a win any day of the week nothing here on the fast cash okay so this is our winning ticket guys fast cash 50 bucks we are up 30 on the day many more tickets guys stay tuned if you liked it share it appreciate you being here Nevada arcade out.


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