Fake Scratch Card Reaction Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Nicolle gives her sister Celie a fake scratch card that is guaranteed a win and this video shows Celie scratch herself to a 4000 win (so she thinks) me, Nicolle and her Nan are all in on the act!.

hey caning why would I do you know you owe much 32 n times on the front what you have to do good chap you always read it to help me look at them and co op name a god oh my god baby yeah much three to win four thousand four thousand and four thousand no I’m not taking the piss I incopy gotta hear nothing nice don’t you jerk I can’t breathe watch the reach of it okay you let me see ya I don’t believe a day oh my don’t you win four thousand four uh oh my god no no such an important Haley compasion glasses for me i will expected that relax before she just blah i’m gonna send to go many letter still recording her name it aches Marcus tonight hey come here glass is evolving your husband let’s meet you want a half a day for it you send them home they were often it okay then she’s gonna cry which part I didn’t win hey Dino looking for me if she would allow this pok√©mons renal is what’s going to say our 40 we’re gonna do when I said well as well but that one so my friend yeah even though I’m gonna cry why if you wouldn’t not having my son Johnny cruel cruel sister the video yes I stopped about no you know what i see a reaction when smaller fair enough can you pause it let’s keep it going I was yeah he said you were stuck in your front year a double talk to her but I was going to propose of this c’mon it’s okay they’re like five impound so he may need to meet up to a person yeah Bailey did you look at it wrong I couldn’t say for all the sympathy hey this is on five minutes now kaylee i think so i think there is potential there but you know look you’re an Olympic gold medalist boxer and tonight you kind of look like a little halo once I’m okay how’d you catch those in mannar it’s a lot more she can yeah how’d you cash dating after that March what you feel can you believe it no I can’t and there’s you told me the other day I’ve never won anything I’ve never one’s good I think you take it you’re anywhere that says it says fun way it sounds it let me have a look on the back will you check a lot of boxing you’re just nasty for all those boxes onto the same page yes you have sinned after you have pretty details about those things lasting now yeah yeah email your new address and you felt cold in man I have to breathe the body I was appointed and use the word and in a bit scarecrow like the arms or stuck i leaning so that’s a look at it on right now machine let’s have a lot do you think I won’t be in series when I first a kid screaming I about got me a roll none of us a yeah I can’t believe it I can’t believe it what happens if it gets light destroyed though my market destroy you to sha nicole just actually upstairs and textin all night frenzy that’s so far see I knew that what you would do it is video record with everybody.


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