Fake Lottery Scratchcard Winner Video

Lotto Scratch Cards


hmm stretchable and the 535 in the scratch bundle feelings stop no I’ve been lucky lately yeah 35 look what’s the premise it’s all right across sir yeah any objection what’s the price hmm copyright it is it discuss all the Martha oh we said if you get three fives in a row oh yeah yeah fine that’s it Oh three fives in a row house refund 5555 Brandon miraba meow oh no oh come on go a lot you know you’ve sketched it yeah well it must be so 0o give me orders no look at them pretty rules oh let’s see if you scratch all off now yeah and there’s no more fires slowly or free farms there so don’t off or one square to find three times in a row with that cassis around courses cost us a room hey custom or diagonal by my first time when I win the prize hey good one oh yeah you can up here let’s see hell you can / why me sure you scratched it yeah it’s your ticket no yeah mostly by us oh yeah I was abacus class of 125 pound fifty maybe claimed these lottery tickets also price of five thousand or more must be presented to winder pepsis side ah Go your film.


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