Exciting U.K. Scratchcard! Fingers Crossed!!$4 Million Pound Top Prize! Video

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Sign up and deposit and get a to play with. Best odds, best payback, more fun than these scratch off tickets. If you need help contact me at this video we scratch a UNITED KINGDOM (ENGLAND) LOTTERY scratch off ticket called MILLION FINGERS CROSSED where the top prize is POUNDS. Find out if it is a huge scratch off winner or no scratch off winner..

everybody returning here fresh off the excitement of a 10 pound scratch card winning $100 there with the fast 50 a 20 a 20 to 10 will now move on to this game we’ll cross our fingers and try to win 4 million pounds two top prizes there the odds of winning on this card are one at a 3.19 again must be 16 years or older to claim a prize find the crossing fingers prize when that automatically game to a row of yours weighs more than theirs yes game 3 game for Game five well check it out as we look into it but hey I want everybody out there who’s new to me and hasn’t done this yet get to the website down below click on the links sign up deposit something the more you deposit the more is going to give you for free the so they’re going to give you a 50% match so if you deposit 20 bucks to give you a free 10 deposit 50 they give your free 25 the positive hundreds they give your free 50 I want you to at least deposit enough to cover the cost of an entry into this contest 33 so if you deposit 25 they’ll give you free 1250 you’ll have 3750 will be able to enter this contest your best odds of ever winning a million bucks amount on these scratch cards there in this contest top prize $1,000,000 obviously pays out way more than that three million dollars in total I want to see one of you take it down you need help line up your Summit email daily fantasy winnings at gmail. com we’ll be happy to help you out well football season coming up you know my story I’ve won tens and tens of thousands on the website I want to help you do the same so let’s get it done all right let’s get scratching here game one let’s cross our fingers it’s a winter prize it’s a ring with the purse safe that’s a wad but I love British humour I don’t know why I’m sure it’s I have a dirty mind but I enjoyed British een Fawlty Towers the old the office from from Britain it’s funny Benny Hill of course come on the Tanglers shows that I really like even uh you know Downton Abbey I was a little fun I was very sarcastically funny alright if you’re just bigger or weighs more than theirs you win so let’s go there is first 18 grams 22 grams 28 grams all right let’s do this well we’re not going to be the 28 grams of the 26 probably not going to be the 22 with the 2018 we probably have 16 17 we must buy one no good put a little shadow on the Mount all right down here the lane symbols magic either the winning symbols any of your symbols to win the prize we’re looking for a house yes we are looking for a house we’re looking for a level of money George Costanza wallet which is what I have I need a new wallet destroyed because it’s like you’re just in this wall a stack plain pot of gold pounds Wow is any last time housing with mm it was like the exchange rate was like two to one basically took you two dollars they get a pound now it’s basically a dollar $20 maybe 30 to get a pound I should head back over there agloe key a gold key like what the hell’s a glow key diamonds and bag so no house no well move on to gain for the two numbers add to ten when that prize we have an eight so on four and one two out of seven no good just like this scratch those four shuffling giggles last one game five in a row match two symbols match them up winter prize car a hella champagne what the hell’s that holes the palm tree holes holidays are they going for roll and some champagne so no good on the other ten pound tickets but otherwise we got $100 winner that was nice to see with the fast 50 of free 120 free 120 that’s a 13 for a 10 4 100 pounder on that one alright thanks for watching everybody will help some more later on but again everybody get to the website give yourself a shot the freakin win big take advantage of that offer send me an email daily fantasy winnings at gmail. com if you need help until next time I present the give all girls room. .

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