Emily’s Winning Lottery Scratch Card Video

Lotto Scratch Cards


it’s just like Pam ones scratch him then what you mean what Pam to something nommy like 500 pounds shut up no what did we agree Kelly chase wanna tango ah we said we split it that’s a thousand of boundaries you sure scratch up on squares of 135 snow write the column attack me and win the prize fucking shut out scratch LOL you’ve never worked out there a similar you’re taking the mickey let’s have a look no I’m not sweaty funny scratch the other one then in case not any of you guys how do we need to get it hmm I said offer that’s mine yes it is by five more than a pound yeah me you make me with 5,000 pounds now can I make you in the 5,000 pounds you were late never yeah haha luckiest person alive shut up yeah so was that 10,000 now get out there killing that one she kind of impose how can you won twice oh yeah and you’re on facebook Newsome lucky to fosters evidence you’re back on offense ah you’re going to catch the cartridge 12 Claire we got you are you going to send them off to the land of Jack and ori.


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