Daily Huddle – Ep 27 | My Lookalike Ads Are Not Working, Why? Video

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Ask Your Question Here: Fred will answer 5 questions in detail to help YOU build, grow and scale your online business. Plus, every Monday, Fred will announce the lucky winner to his Kickstart 500 Grant!

Today’s Theme: My Lookalike Ads Are Not Working, Why?

Questions Asked In This Episode

1. Hello, I wanna start my own business with small steps forward.
1. so I decided to do drop shipping. in this way it’s not necessary I be worried about shipping items to customer and I can get my selling commission. but to work with Amazon and eBay, Having PayPal account and working through that is required, since Turkey does’t work with PayPal ,is there any other way to that? just with having card. ??

2. if I wanna have my own and sell for example cosmetic on that , how can I do it without having the items, I mean , I just the items which i found from different source and I determine price and information for each option without them to the origin source, but I want automatically the order which is done from my web goes to original source and they be responsible about shipping and the difference of price that I provide on my web goes to my account.

2. I’ve fully read across your e book and very eagerly want to start my e commerce store. But when I come across 135 of your e book, I’ve seen a daily budget for ads I need to choose under Budget & Schedule with minimum daily payment of USD5. This seems to be a burden for me to proceed. This is because when I count it as below Biz ads :
USD5 x 30 days x 12 months = USD1800 — RM 7200 per : USD29 x12 months = USD348 — RM1392 per annum

that means I need to pay a total of RM8292 per annum (or about RM700/mth) for running a non guaranteed success online biz which is a bit burden for me.

Any other alternative cheaper way for doing Marketing ?

3. If you have to start from scratch, How would you create a list that really can generate profits for you? I’ve been able to collect many leads but I m not able to make them to buy from my offers so this is something I want to learn (collecting-warming-selling).

4. What do you suggest the problem would be with my purchase LLA? I have over 400 purchases on this one product but after letting the LLA ad run for 4-5 days the stats are really low. Only 2 and lower(by a lot) CTR than the original ad. Original ads get between 4-7% but the LLA is like 1.5 CTR. Almost like it’s a brand new pixel/store.

5. Is it ok to buy the Plugin on to use as a backup for when I’m having issues with ZeroUp loading products. I’ve tried updating my Chrome Extension, restarting my computer, logging in and out. It was happening on my iphone as well. I need a good back up plan. Fred

About Fred Lam

Fred Lam started his working life over 13 years ago as a dishwasher. Knowing that he wanted more from life, Fred began venturing into the online business world. His knowledge and accomplishments in the media buying field brought him recognition and prestigious positions. He quickly launched to the top as the youngest Marketing Manager for BMW Group Canada. Today, Fred is the CEO of several multimillion-dollar businesses, including iPro Academy. Fred has coached thousands of students around the world and continues sharing his knowledge in Starting From Zero.

What other days about Fred Lam

“I have never seen someone that can simplify an online business the way that Fred can. Imagine, you can put the entire country of China at your disposal! Amazing…” ~ Anik Singal, CEO of Lurn

“I recommend anyone looking to quickly start an online business work with Fred Lam. This man is brilliant. He has already gone out and change so many lives!” ~ Les Brown, #1 Motivational Speaker

Want to learn more from Fred his 10-part video training series for anyone who wants to start an eCommerce business starting from zero: him on his Youtube Channel: Fred On.

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