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Lotto Scratch Cards

Like it or not, when it comes to marketing He with the biggest and best database wins! In this video Andrew Wood, Marketing Legend and CEO of Cunningly Clever, shares an strategy for helping your business to build, grow and groom your prospect database. You must constantly grow your prospect list, groom your prospect list and go deeper into your prospects minds and habits so that you can more accurately meet their needs with your marketing offers, with your pricing and your packaging. Learn more at ..

hi andrew wood here and this week I’ve got a really innovative strategy to help you build grow and groom your database as most of our regular viewers know one of our key strategies in all of marketing is he with the biggest and best database wins you must always be trying to grow your prospect list groom your prospect list and go deeper into your prospects minds and habits so that you can more accurately meet their needs with your marketing office with your pricing and your packaging so it’s very very critical that you continue to grow that database now I know what happens to a lot of people is obviously everybody’s making an effort to collect data from their website from their website traffic I know a lot of you are probably making an effort to collect data at the counter perhaps after a sale you try to get them to join a bias club or take out insurance if you’re at a golf club you might try to get them into your tee sheet system so there’s lots of different ways that people can collect data face to face but very often it doesn’t happen and it doesn’t happen because people are busy there’s three people standing at the counter or the guy says no no I don’t want to do it I’m in a rush so I got to leave and so with the best intentions in the world very few business owners do a good job of collecting data at the counter then you’ve got other opportunities such as trade shows will you ask people to give you their business card and put it in for a drawing to win a free trip or a free product this also works well but very often halfway through the day the guys only came to the show with enough business cards to fit in his wallet the business cards are all gone he starts scratching on a piece of paper and Troy drawing the win one of the numbers is wrong or the numbers are illegible and once again you miss out on a key opportunity to drive and collect that database so here’s a really cool idea I’ve used this in numerous different businesses but what it basically is is a lottery scratch off card and so here’s one we did hear his one that was done with Pam’s golf okay so what you’ve got is basically a postcard and you’ve got three scratch offs you scratch off to see if you’ve won there’s all kinds of different you know here’s one for a toyota dealership there’s a postcard style one for a Ford dealership here’s a large postcard style one and they really they come in every shape and size imaginable but all of them have one thing in common they all have scratch off just like a lotto ticket so you scratch off to see what you want now you can set these games up in various different ways you can do them for a grand prize drawing and obviously have something big you give away but probably the best way to do it is to have ones where everybody who scratches off wins and so they scratch off and they won well whatever they want while in order to find out what they’ve won they have to go to the website and register and that’s true on every one of these promos every single one of these promos in order to find out what you’ve won when you scratch them off you have to go to the website or in some cases they ask you to actually go to the store so let’s say you’re doing a promotion you’ve got your little scratch off card maybe you’re at a mall booth maybe you’re at a trade show maybe you’re at some kind of fair but whatever it is instead of letting the people go home without leaving their data let everybody go home happy let everybody go home with some kind of lotto card that they can see if they’ve won now once they scratch this off and they see the three of the match or two of the match this one’s two matches win in order to see what they’ve won they’ve got to go to the website when they go to the website they’re going to register they’re going to give you their name address and phone number now you might have most of your winners might be a discount coupon or it might be a free coke or a free golf ball whatever it is there’s lots of different ways to do it but this is a real the easy simple and effective way to get your counter traffic or your booth traffic involved in going to your website and actually leaving their data and creating a lead if you’d like to see details of what these cards look like along with details on how to use these cards to generate leads for your business and where we recommend buying and printing these cards to get the best deal log on to cunningly clever calm you.


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