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oh boy this VR bad baby PR bag once a mother again hey what’s up guys you already got five people are watching the stream how are you doing sin senior dead sir dead happy gaming cool Alex what’s up talks how you doing so we’re $150 all right all right I could take that I could take that ripped a lot yesterday so I had to get more skins still a maintenance all right yes go hunt I figure her Nana what’s up bro hi doing we’re gonna set up a night bug giveaway real soon for you guys don’t worry about it holy shit how much did you put it I put in $50 I made it to $50 I got $75 worth of skins and I flipped it and I got this so I think we’re good you know if I lost that flip there was no stream today all right are we gonna go go for those 650 well yeah I guess maybe coin flip yes coin flips back up on huh boys finally alright boys where where are your $650 now I lost it what about easy no easy is the site that ripped me bro I lost like seven coins lips in a row I’m not feeling that right now but what I’m feeling is some dope ass coin flips on HUD though alright 151 okay I’ll take that let’s go with these No let’s join a flip and what I ain’t no pussy no oh my god this is a huge hit to the inventory if I lose this then this is not gonna be good let’s hope that we win this stuff come on please let me win this all right that’s what I’m gonna do hold up homie hold up all right baby say what now wait wait besides being a dumbass hello let me end oh my god thank you all right we’re gonna go in onto that $15 FAMAS that isn’t insane looking for Moscow what is it where’s it at where’s it at look at that fifteen dollars are you kidding me I’ll take it then really I think it’s bad nah I don’t like roulette not anymore lost way too much on roulette I made more profit on the coin flip than roulette honestly let’s see if it could take this dub oh let’s go for that tea come on I don’t want a CT on the screen come on I lost oh my god alright alright this is where we start ripping this is where we start ripping someone will be shafted me I’m getting shafted right now draw a key for more people to come not right now not right now about 135 all right oh boy this is let me in this one I mean this one come on hey guys make sure you guys check out the wheels I make sure you guys sub to the channel really do appreciate it what the fuck alright let me in this one go out door I’m mad what’s up bro hey thanks for subscribing homie welcome to the stream are you sitting oh my god the site I love it nope I mean did you win now I lost that one and for a halyards blood bro fine about you nah oh my god alright I’m making my own fuck wait this is actually ridiculous what the hell’s going on let me in please I need to make my money back let’s check out csgo froggen everybody all other sides let’s check out okay it’s go frog let’s go bubble alright hon you’re gonna have to wait for a little bit god damn oh yeah what are you doing with your life $54 I would love to join that but I gotta play it safe 135 we’re down so much money dude we’re down Let Me In boom we’re going in boys $16 flip let’s go so go CT for my luck alright I think that’s I think this is t but you know frog is totally random so I hope I’ll win this one alright let’s come on please give me this win I need this win or I’m in deep trouble right now all right baby let’s go come on frog frog frog I’m giving you a profit right now all right homie give it to me you could take all these skins just give me these two come on look Twitter I ought to look Twitter right now all right well that bro inventory value it is at 135 if I lose this then we’re at 120 I believe damn yeah 125 do yo Congrats dude easy money for you oh no I launder this wasn’t the one that was this one fuck bro alright we ripped all sigh take me right now hold up I’m taking two L’s after another I think there’s gonna be a quick s stream guys it’s 1:18 oh boy god oh my this is gonna be a quick guest room I could feel it already honestly I could feel it in my bones all right we’re gonna go in this one thank you all right what’s boss that bosses at zero he lost it all dude all right this is gonna be the lucky flip all right boys lucky flip where’s your boy at right here all right shit skins but you know what I’ll just join people with those chickens so I think I’m good I missed my step on the stand in my foot oh my god I’ve been I’ve been terrible or if we lose this right exactly a hundred so we need to do something like oh my god all right let’s go off Man O’War minimal wear for those shit skins I’ll take it please let me win this don’t be CT motherfucker don’t be CT it was CT it was CT I just can’t win hey you know what we’ll make one alright boys we’re taking three coin flips after three coin flip else after another what am I supposed to do I don’t know what to do boys I don’t know what to do all right let’s run this one I could feel on I could feel that I’m gonna win this one Pig I’m hoping fam brah I can’t I’m not feeling any I got lost every single coin flew like this is ridiculous 50 lakh but nah bro that’s half my inventory I only start streaming for eight minutes homie I can’t do that yet hey alright sq csgo what is this guy alright he looks like a fucking bot but I’ll take uh I should not have joined that one alright boys let’s see if we can take this dub though make sure that stuff to the channel really helps me a lot yeah what’s up golden Viper how you doing bro alright come on alright come on easy money RI bubbles on my side at least let’s go baby tax all these shit I don’t want them at five seven skins are let’s go god damn finally boat was on my side let’s go give me that shit alright boys you took that dub go read next alright what’s that bounce looking like well let’s get back to 130 I’m feeling 130 right now whoa okay we lost that I forgot all right well 119 go red alright I’m trusting you this is a big one Oh someone else joined that okay you know what I’ll create one let’s go you said go T right TI 20 T all right boom boom boom boom 20 21 80 40 all right let’s get it boys that’s inventory picker na Balkans I lost a lot yesterday so I had to buy more skins invested 50 more dollars a coin flip the whole thing got 150 but you know your boys lose them bro your boys losing that’s not that’s not a good thing I was at 6 at 700 yesterday it comes as easy Doug alright please let it be an easy dump come on baby 21 dollars let’s go baby easy win because you trust me I don’t know bro we got 15 people are watching the stream what’s up guys what is fucking up you guys make sure you guys sub to the channel really helps me out yeah bro what’s up bro are you cash out now no hide in hot cash out I lost everything then make sure you check out the wheel aside too and I’ll set up a night bug get away when we reach 20 of you actually no that’s just that one right now right now so I’ll set one up for a my voice dude it’s gone what should it be alright wait I gotta win this flip though I got to win this flip you over that’s what’s up bro yo mrs.F you’ll pick what’s up bro how you doing we got 70 people watching the stream what’s up guys hey my stream is fuckin lit no he’s got no BOTS I mean we got some BOTS but we got no butts in this fucking bitch all right nobody’s joining this flip hello I would honestly join that those are some sick Askins if I had my $700 inventory but fuck me hey bro I want 3000 on the wheel but you sent me back 1. 75 definitely not I you definitely did not hey Bill you did not you did not donate either so please don’t try to fake it all right if you tell me what your Pay. Pal was then I could try to search for it and yeah but other than that didn’t know what happened to him I ripped it all yesterday right I wrote 700 yesterday I got more Skills today so yeah not a bad not a good son but you know what we’re gonna make it back to 700 I’m gonna cash out 100 so that I’m equal actually how much cash I’d like 250 and then I’ll be equal all right yes I did on Steam I sent you a key bud I sent you a key a key is worth 275 I’m Bubba that’s three I’m doing bubbles price I’m doing bubble pricing so I don’t think I’m I don’t get wrong hey hey come on public push let’s go baby I’m watching oh yeah thanks a lot and we got this come on boys face our back baby we’re back we’re back we are fucking back baby we are back goddamn all right so we’re like 140 now damn let’s fucking go baby let’s go hey what’s up Josh well how you doing guys hey but 18 people that are still watching make sure you guys sub to the channel really helps me a lot make sure you guys like the stream also and make sure you check out the wheel decide one dollar donation have a chance to win seven bucks and let’s do a night bug get way for you boys all right let’s see if it works I got a joint channel all right we gotta see if it works if it doesn’t work I don’t have to do Twitter wait am i back then we should be at 140 139 I’ll take that I’ll take it check trade all right I’ll take it but it’s not worth the dog 50 so I’m gonna accept it as a donation just for the stream but sorry dude that’s not worth the roll let me see let me see is that worth all 15 no not even close alright never mind all right boys I’ll send you skins sweetness skins you send all right boom part channel giveaways mods keyword keyword is key we’re doing a key giveaway right now boys make sure you guys entered the word key alright let’s see if it works let’s see if it works I don’t have much sorry but please don’t message me on Steam check offers I and ek make sure you guys tweet out the word key oh shit that is definitely worth a dollar 50 I’m pretty sure blood Tigers are even though they’re like a blue skin they’re worth oh you know alright yes it works baby I please censor the word key for to give away boys alright so how much is that alright let’s see let’s I’m pretty sure that’s worth a dollar fifty yeah that’s a doll 52 exact uh let’s go wheel for neck easy four dollars for you boy imma send you wait who who are you again alright Nick love you oh yeah easy money for you bro easy money alright so that’s a dollar fifty wait dollar fifty and a key I should before yeah that should be for back if you’re satisfied with the wind that you just received make sure you tell me that you do you accept it in two minutes or I will cancel it and you just donated a dollar fifty for nothing you know we got 22 people watching right now hey what’s up guys make sure you I sent you the night bug giveaway the keyword is key hi boys all right yeah that’s my library I’m my dad’s working holy fuck all right it’s working all right so route 135 bad maths let’s go let’s go let’s see what a sceptic please hey Nandi Arora thanks for subscribing welcome to shoot it I’m fine dude all right that’s good to hear eyebrows I’m going I’m going red on this I’m going blue on this one I’m feeling blue I will do one more for $10 flip and then we’ll chill and then we’ll just wait until the we’ll just do small bets until the giveaway ends bro here’s a okay you can check those either semi was two skins I don’t I don’t even know you dude you gonna send me anything no I don’t remember you either send me proof send me proof and I will and if you try to scam me you’re out of the stream and if I see any parts related to you’re out of the stream all right make sure you guys enter the giveaway it’s called the key word is key all right boys hey I see a lot of bards today oh no Daniel bedrug discovery welcome to stream homie if I send your skin will you roll real for me and I will get reward yes you will it’s a $1 50 or more skin you have a chance to win all right that is a hot sexy Latinos dude Latinas let’s say alright please go on with the m4a4 desolate space yes bro wait I send you screen on Twitter let’s see alright send it to me I’ll check it all right homie yeah your enter please don’t head turn more than once or you won’t be able to enter and talk so you’re in ok good you’re in eat terminator alright alright everyone’s in boys everyone’s in it my night pots working oh we got the desolate space that’s the hope we could take this blue come on it can’t be read again easy boo I called the baby let’s go we’re back baby we’re fucking back we’re back baby we’re back let’s go let’s go let’s go we’re back boys we’re back we’re back 250 let’s go easy money let’s go baby it’s too easy oh yeah 146 since I sent our four dollar skin to a neck yeah 147 alright what other you all want that masterpiece you know I’m going balls deep for this one boom give it to me bitch let’s go guys let’s go go haul oh maybe I’ll go in Hall if I get if I get to 200 let’s do some hollow jackpots alright all right boys alright alright alright boys we are in let’s go boys oh that’s not mine that’s not mine I didn’t even need to see a baby masterpiece is too easy just put in my inventory baby let’s go easy fucking buddy too easy hey man can you no fuck off later nerd let’s call baby that this is too easy it’s too easy that masterpiece literally has the name picker on it alright it’s mine it belongs to me alright boys we’re gonna roll the giveaway in yo what’s up our to see Christie how you doing the key yep uh it’s 12 23 right 7 more minutes until I roll the key alright boys ever since I got here you want every flip uh yeah that’s true like we should be at 167 let’s go boys easy money what’s 71 Wow let’s get it that’s fuckin get it alright alright let’s chill for now let’s show for now let’s go on easy skills let’s do some small bets trying to make our inventory up that was I just went too risky there I don’t want to lose everything we got 28 people watching this shit what’s up guys yo grandpa Ming what’s the grandpa may you finally found my channel bro they says just grab it one kanuda stream holy make sure you guys check out the wheel decide one the whole donation on paypal or 1.

5 you have a chance to win seven bucks here someone else wants four bucks just now make sure you guys enter the keyword key for the giveaway I mean let me put that in there keyword boom key word a bright color let’s do a bright color their keyword is key boys Hey milk Hey roll for your boy okay you set me those now send me proof that I sent you those skins like that this is my boys look at this all right I don’t know if he’s trying to scare me but okay he sent me these for the role so you gotta send me proof of what I sent you all right I don’t want to see of you sending me something I got it you got to show me proof on me sending something to you all right so I think we’re good there all right yes wait all right and I will check my and show me proof that uh since there are like the stream highlights are in my channel so make sure you check you sent me a video clip of that of me sending you only 1.75 all right all right guys key word is key make sure you guys enter that’s just some easy easy let’s go this one $4 I’ll take it I swear will not try to scam me all right now show me proof row we got 30 people already watching this stream what’s up guys let’s go make sure you guys enter the keyword key and make sure you guys something a channel are in order for you to win oh that’s good this uh oh this pedophile looking guy he’s still in here let’s go for the blue coin let’s go baby come on blue coin two keys alright I definitely lost this work yep I know the flips now in here alright that’s a $5 rip dr. pedophile yes sir so he looks like a pedophile did know I wanted to join that fuck alright let’s go let’s go I since we’re ripping now this is a bad sign they text so much do they actually text so much let’s just stop man he’s trying to pull in those kids maybe he got shot down on this bin mate be careful yep that’s what I’m trying to wonder yep I will find out too ah I’m not gonna give you skin right now because you could have fabricated fabricated evidence so I’m gonna check out I’ll talk to you after stream all right homie alright should I join this one yeah let’s go in that one alright let’s go for the 8. 40 one this is like ten bucks right here boys if we lose this that we’re ripping that’s not good don’t scream please I’m not screaming what screaming is all about entertainment but what do you mean to lower me down alright bigger you can check your trade alright oh wait check the tread one oh yeah yeah I could check my trend yeah I’ll do it after streamed up cuz I don’t want to waste too much time on it let’s go con convict go baby oh my god I boys boys this is where we start ripping though this is where we start ripping so we need to chill don’t degree hit picker boy oh my god 155 we’re back to where we started we’re not in profit anymore but you know what all right yeah yeah fuck he’s gonna just hates me bro go back to bubble yeah I could check my trade history yeah I can where’s my night boy wait where’s my night boy you’re my night pots gone what the fuck I thought that’s good oh my god I’m sorry guys we’re gonna have to start another one fuck me bro partying all right boys key word is key oh my god nah key typing the same key word boys all right don’t spam it though let’s spam it all right that fucking blows dude I was about to roll it to in like two minutes key I’ve been the key word boys and look I don’t think my night pots gonna work oh it’s working okay good we’re good we’re good all right we’ll join will join this two dollar let’s join this one let’s go boys come on please Papa bless Papa bless on anti spam I’ll do it I’ll do it after but yeah this works it doesn’t matter they won’t be able to enter anyways but please don’t spend guys you you know how you don’t get a better chance of winning if you spam so there’s no point all right bubble get your shit together you know apple girl thanks for scrappy what cuz interests room homie guys we got 29 people already watching this shit what’s up guys make sure you guys suck I know you all of you are not sub make sure you guys sub guys you have to be subbed in order for you to win bubble down bubbles down dude are you kidding that means you have to go on ez skins oh my god these kids hate me dude go go the Viper thanks for subscribing welcome to the stream homie really appreciate it all right you know what let’s go for this one all right no pussy ass bitch give me this wind blew please don’t be red please these kids yell Romick thanks for some thanks for this unwelcome welcome to the stream well I might want to fucking my stuttering but thank you so much dude and roll does give away now don’t tell me when to roll my give away or you’re not gonna be in it I’m typing oh sure you don’t see me I do I do see you I do see you thank you Pierce princess Royale for subbing oh my god I’m legit getting cooked guys I’m legit getting cooked alright let me make one easy god dammit dude they’re gonna make me do this 1:46 alright fuck you I hope I win this but we need one key right okay so that mean let’s read I’m feeling ready I don’t know why but I’m feeling ready let’s go boys hey Karen gave me thanks for welcome to the stream homie all right red I’m feeling ready I just feel red right now you know man hi mr.

sky Bureau wants to win this fair giveaway yeah but don’t say it yeah don’t ask for a giveaway to roll bro like seriously there’s no point good luck man yeah thank you so much brother that’s how long I can take this dummy come on $17 this is like twenty dollars if I lose this we’re back to like 120 yeah what’s up click man how you doing thanks for the sub did you guys are all into guys you guys are all entered yep you guys are all entered romic let’s see uh yeah I think I think we’re good yep yeah Gucci all right come on boy someone join my flip if I went reward me no bro I’m just gonna give it to tux all right man if you draw now I will draw it soon bro please don’t please don’t ask you please done yo Marcus thanks for the cell welcome to this dream home hold me hold me oh my god please stop okay let’s see come on Dark Lord I know this is gonna be a read I just know it alright those are some shitty skins you just oh my god alright please please please don’t do this to me it don’t shaft me easy money let’s go baby beggar baby get the fuck out of my face are you gonna do coin flips the whole street no I’m gonna do uh what’s it called Oh jackpot Stu wait what did the what the fuck did a tax yeah take that I really don’t get it what’s that still a $1 skin I could’ve done a giveaway with let’s go baby all right what’s my bounce looking like please let it be like 170 please 163 you’re shitting me one more flip a little roller boys I’m feeling red right now red red boom let’s go boys let me call until you lose all right what you’d call picker go blue too bad I’m going red fuck you golden I’m kidding I’m kidding I’m kidding I’m gonna go red I don’t know why but I feel red so yeah all right boys we’re back in it come on baby let’s go boys bro go Cisco DEP what Cisco dug this scam site all right but make sure you guys answered the word key and you have a chance to win all right all right please let me with this old golden coil I’ll take that easy money pay your baby Oh easy so easy oh my god it’s too easy man too easy get out of my face bro get out of my face I told you it’s red you know what’s this wasn’t them golden Viper you’re out of it you’re out of the stream get out of my stream easy Marty baby I’ll go back to like 180 let’s go boys let’s fucking go figure I don’t think I’m there can you please check no do everyone’s in all right follow you’re in look you’re in don’t please don’t ask me to check yeah Travis thanks for the sub welcome to the stream homey hi we’re gonna roll the giveaway now let’s see uh 1697 ticket 182 easy fucking money all right three two one boom Lester talk are you a bot I don’t know bro yeah you’re a bot nope your butt get up Karen gaming yeah she’s not a bot she’s not about she’s not about never mind about that business came by person don’t like the view that shit alright first of all a if they subscribe to five people only that is a bot 100% but Karen congrats did you’re definitely not you know a but so yeah I am not bought yeah I know I know I know so all I need for you to do is I’m gonna add you as a moderator so please send me a trade URL and then you have a chance to yeah I’ll send you the skin ASAP all right congrats Karen thank you no problem no problem just give me your trade link and then in a minute and if you don’t that I’m got to re roll yes I made this count one week ago yeah don’t lie bro don’t lie don’t lie to me bro check now I never skinned alright let’s check all right we just messaged me all right his name is what’s your name can you message me again milk are there no tux can you send me that trade link into my Agha into my steamed soy because then it because I can’t I can’t fix it all right here all right send me video proof of the wheel okay I’ll check after I’ll check in stream if you can provide it just it’s up there mate it’s my own account no you’re not use up to five people that’s that’s retarded please just leave Paint Pots like you I Karen is this you Karen is this you tell me right now I will do it all right you know what come Randhir what yep that’s you all right congrats on the key give give away Karen and I’ll set up another giveaway for you guys rats scared and now all the giveaway hunters please do leave because I’m not gonna set up another giveaway in like 10 minutes I’m gonna do some chill betting now all right but I’m feeling blue on this one let’s go seven bucks and what the god what the guys want to do are so basically he told me that he got the three dollar spin on the wheel decide he got the three and then uh he told me that I only sent a 1.75 so I said like okay so I mean but video proof because there’s no way that I just sent like I scam like people with the wheel so I don’t know bro all right so I need to unmod Karen I think we’re good all right let’s go baby we actually need to get our like a sponsor from some site like seriously would you be with just look me I should I send you my gmail no I don’t need it let’s get out dude just get out I don’t need our BOTS on my stream all right we got its pinyin chameleon but is it reason to rear Oh me yeah no I’m gonna roll you even if it isn’t your account cuz I know that if you sub defy people that’s a but oh I lost this one alright so I’m guessing it’s a red train now alright alright so that’s light that was like 10 bucks right god damn it dude I just can’t win like if it’s a really slow flip like that then it’s a oh my god I actually lost a shit ton then you know it’s uh you know it’s a L let’s go 9 bucks come on come on guys give me this blue coin please baby please hey guys make sure for how many people we still got we still got 22 people alright wish you many skins thank you bro alright 22 people still watching make sure you guys check out the wheels side make sure you guys sub to the channel it really helps me a lot so yeah alright let’s go let’s take out key word bigger speed speaks Spanish I don’t but I know I’m in Spanish like I’m in high school I’m 18 I’m a senior and I do I am in a Spanish class donde estas whatever that bullshit is I really don’t care I don’t give a shit about Spanish I really don’t alright let’s watch this flip that’s a red flip just kidding that’s a blue flip I can’t I can’t determine like the fast flips here to one let’s see I think that’s red yeah okay okay I think I found it donde estas we got whoever this okay those numbers his steam ID I am NOT Descartes say that looks racist us fuck well he’s probably gonna go with that and that so let’s hope him good luck please give it to me but in the next sentence away from answer check my Twitter all nah I’m good cuz I know you’re a bot so I don’t need to so I’m just gonna roll you automatically are you not be easy money let’s go blue corn fur to win 37 ticket let’s go boys Oh God easy money let’s go baby what the hell did you tax hold that Oh woody attacks anything that’s good that’s good easy money let’s go boys we’re back to where we started yeah seriously let’s the tuck it’s over 181 all right we’re back boys we’re back want this all right let’s see if we take this dump come on we got it we got to slowly grind our way back up there guys for the people who are still here make sure you check out the wheel decide $1 donation you have a chance to win 7 bucks easy money guys easy money all right let’s see come on baby red hello is it possible weasal about 20 people standing strong in the stream that’s pretty good yes that’s that the red boys that the red flip easy money give me that elite build let’s go baby I might do a 10 dollar giveaway at the end of stream so make sure you guys stay tuned for that that’s gonna be like like yesterday I gave away like a $9 deagle yesterday which was pretty lit so I have to get to where my inventory is at that so I can do a huge ass giveaway for you boys see twitter bro all right hey first of all first of all first of all this doesn’t prove shit alright this absolutely does not prove shit send me a video saying that okay me okay this guy send me show me the items that you set on stream like the video and then me rolling it right after all right not this picture bullshit alright because I know that it’s either a scam or whatever and if you can’t do that then you’re skinny and I’m gonna have to kick you out of my stream so don’t do that bullshit alright I sent I said it man he is liar man what what does the wheel do one donation you have a chance to win seven bucks and I’ll send you some whores and skins you would want five just oh you own one five just there I already sent you like two keys so yeah alright let’s find it lets join this one I’m feeling red let’s go boys all right you beat me to it oh yeah OMG bro I’m um I’m in phone go to your fucking computer then cuz I feel like I’m feeling this suspicious feeling that I’m getting scammed right now and I’m not gonna fall for it so you better find your way or I’m not gonna if you don’t show me proof I’m not gonna send you the skin but if you do and if I’m wrong I’ll send you the skin all right stream delay is to Opie is it really uh easy money let’s go easy let’s go ez skins let’s go 54 take our I’ll take 2 3 keys in the pocket let’s go baby easy money bro easy money let’s go baby easy how was that bounce looking like please tell me tell me give me a good number 1 91 93 I’m almost at 200 boys easy let’s go we’re doing small we’re doing small small pots for now so that I don’t rip everything you feel alright let’s see if we can take this wo P as it as fast as you beat me type here check trade offers Idaho me hold up alright hold on let me just see this flip where’s my flip all right we’re in ten seconds until we roll let me check the trade offer easy money let’s go now it’s one Hey hey granny come on stop trying to get your way through even your even though you’re my stop trying to get your way of getting extra spins I told you one point five is one all right and then three as to what skins well nice get one dollar it’s better to drink away with I can’t require me phone don’t have Sun sorry I’ll skim for one more done say what okay bro all right seriously come on stop trying to cheat your way through all right one roll for granite good luck call me you can win huge here you got shafted zero that’s a rip sorry bro figured you’re a hacker I am a hacker what’s a key word no there’s no key word for now I’m not doing a giveaway right now I’ll set up another giveaway a huge giveaway soon all right don’t worry about it 193 fucking I’m joining us work they don’t call me no I want to join this one rip yep it’s a rip bro sorry bro let’s run this one this guy stole my skins yeah I’m gonna go away I’ll go to the barbershop shave my hair oh boy shaving hair shit I have fun with that homie we got twenty six people in the stream what’s up guys my name is bigger I’m a growing r so make sure you guys sub to the channel and yeah stay tuned for the giveaways I will give I’m pretty sure I’m gonna give away another key I don’t know give me this dub please that’s so ready let’s go it’s too easy it’s absolutely too easy let’s go oh wait I didn’t accept that holy imagine if you canceled it then I would have like been so pissed yeah tell me what time that was and then and then tux will see it alright and if it’s true don’t you send you another skin then all right hey 27 people there’s to watch and make sure you guys sup to the stream really appreciate it and make sure you guys like the stream also so yeah so yeah yeah yeah did this guy who’s gonna win this one blue I wouldn’t want this to oh no that’s not me that’s not me house just kidding I still would have won this fuck alright should I join this one I don’t know bro I don’t feel like it but I’m doing it for the boys I’m doing it for the boys if I lose this then we gotta chill we got a chill what’s up bounce looking like I’m scared I’m scared 200 if I lose this then I should be back to like 160 160 something for you boys alright for you boys where’s your boy yeah where’s your boy yep right here oh my god I really want that come on come on baby that’s a sick ass skin just give it to me just give it to me come on read quite quite easy money easy skids easy skins I’m literally doing the chicken dance right now holy shit let’s go baby I’m too good I’m too good let’s go give me that $27 skin shut the fuck up let me pet you I set the fuck down easy ma honey let’s go whoo that was too easy 235 we’re slowly grinding our way back up there that’s that’s good so we need to chill we need to chill a little bit let’s go on bubble I feel like ez ez skins gonna rip me more so let’s go on bubble first second it’s hot still down cuz I wouldn’t want to go I don’t want to go on hunt though cuz they with me so much did so you know choice’ what’s up my boy how you doing you you we’re winning so much money right now ten bucks let’s go go blue 20 left for me predict go Nam please don’t message me please stop ranked for a picker yep it’s Rick for me oh my god bubbles down alright so here’s a problem Oh bitch I’m joining this one go I’m insane let me win this all right come on yo what’s up lighter how you doing bro yo wait I feel like wait who’s robbing y’all Robin’s our r what’s up guys hey guys make sure you guys check out the wheel decide $1 donation you have a chance to win $7 someone already won for neck one for it’s easy money legit alright let’s go come on boys right coin let’s go come on fun hey Fabio what’s up what’s up lighter come on okay I was I was eventually gonna lose one alright I was eventually gonna lose one fuck bro no oh yeah I try someone for I think so we’re way what’s our balance hello exchange exchange thinking for I told blue alright alright stop messaging me bro alright sorry for Megan I’m stopped okay good please alright to 1800 we’re still back up if can I send you two dollars would you still spin the wheel oh sure no problem if I donate you skins you roll the wheel or you know yes yes go it’s a 1. 5 or more if it’s last I’m just gonna take it as a donation and yeah so make sure it’s 1. 5 or more yeah guys donations will like one or more on Pay Pal one or more you have a chance to fucking up eyeballs I hate losing what can I say I hate losing no bitch ah alright let’s go on this one let’s go come on baby come on I believe I believe let’s go come on please I know I’m gonna win this one I know I’m gonna win this one doesn’t once here you hear you when I don’t hey hey milk TCK give me the freaking time bro like stop trying to like stall my time just tell me the time like legit oh my god okay now we’re ripping no okay I see how this all right so we’re back to 200 all right boys all right all right okay well here’s the key for the viewers say what now oh my god okay okay okay all right I don’t know it’s a blue train right now it’s a legitimate meantimes trim yes what’s the time on the stream of that stream that I owe you $3 send me all the info and I will check it out tux we’ll check it out we all will check it out and if you’re lying you’re fucking out of here cuz you made this issue too big I asked uh come on if I lose this sort of fucking god I will kill myself I will kill my make sure you guys stop to the channel really do appreciate it guys that’s me baby thank you easy thank you thank you thank you all right they might text this but other than that let’s go easy fucking money let’s go if you lost at denim we would have been in a pickle let me oh thank you thank you for being so reasonable all right now how much I reach our yet we’re at 203 we won that so we should be out like two 22:17 I to to 1967 hi boys that’s good that’s good guys make sure you guys like the stream make sure you guys check out the wheel aside easy profit for every single one of you you might get shopped in no sir yeah I want this I want this boom boom let me and coach well then let me check out my friends texting me right now go big or sub D I’m going big bro I’m going like 20 bucks each time and I only have a $200 inventory I’m not trying to ripped on stream hello repeat on stream it’s it’s it’s bad because people will laugh at you that how you lost skins haha and then I’m gonna be like mother fuckers but you know I’m trying to stay my cool guys we got constant 25 viewers that is insane I need to get sponsored I swear blue come on fuck you dude you kidding me alright so we’re back down shit damn it bro damn it alright let me win this come on let’s go no savage baby thanks for the stop welcome to the stream homie alright where’s it at come on come on come on baby come on Pig er bigger I’ll talk to you see s coin flip calm day might sponsor your chosen day sponsor you I’m just wondering that’s me that’s me easy money let’s go all right we won this eye we’re back to where we started let’s go baby 56 take it easy it’s so many Reds wait is it gonna be blue easy money let’s go baby let me just take that off your hands yeah they sponsored me all right RCS Quinn Flynn let me let me ask them see us coin flip oh I totally spelled that wrong okay all right I tweeted them out let’s hope that they do sponsor if not that it’s fine let’s just get blur my own money let’s go with let’s join that one all right come on boom let’s go boys come on I don’t think they’ll sponsor you today though oh really man if not that it’s fine I really don’t care hey let’s go come on all right let’s go come on no no I’ll run right now I don’t think oh they’re not online all right let’s go come on on horror come on bitch I can beat you any time at any day he weren’t there’s no key word right now homie I just keep losing oh wait what that flip was weird wait that foot was so weird I thought it was okay maybe I’m blind but that was pretty slow to me but I’ll take it I’ll take it I’m not complaining boys I’m not complaining easy money let’s go all right let’s go boys easy money all right let’s joint you know what I ain’t no pussy ass bitch we’re joining this one all right fuck no I’m not doing this shit let’s go boys hey you guys make sure 22 people are still watching the stream make sure you guys check out my channel and make sure you make sure you check out the wheeler side also and I will set up another giveaway in like five minutes so make sure you get that chance all right y’all a bubble what’s up bro how you doing how are you doing how you doing Bubba all right we have way too many mods right now I honestly do all right all right we’re slowly losing our money now we’re slowly slowly losing our money how much are we add how much are we got tell me twenty one okay never mind we’re not losing that much but still all right we’re gonna make a flip there’s so many Reds so you know what I’m gonna go read on this one I don’t know I’m just feeling it right now let’s go let’s go twenty two looks this is a twenty seven dollars skin let’s fucking get it boys I’m feeling right now come on baby you can do mommy not touch now you’ve been all my shoes like every single day come on let’s see let’s go come on come on oh I almost missed her Street what’s that one tapped how you doing bro make sure you guys sup to the channel really do appreciate make sure you guys like the stream also really do appreciate that alright come on which okay we got happy ok is this this from Simpson all right come on yes go with that please go with that neon revolution but I always lose to neon revolutions that’s the problem he’s from Poland fucking unintelligent creature without any oh my god Jesus all right boys you can mind me no I have way too many mods I know I’m off on let’s go baby come on please Cappy Cappy just give me a just donate it alright come on slow red slow red no that wasn’t slow that was fast bro fuck all right this is where I lose everything this is where I start losing everything all right well 193 all right we’re doing big balls bet now oh wait should I what time zone are you I’m at us East it’s time Beauford all right fuck it you know what Redcorn oh fuck it’s already joined no stop taking my fucking lobbies you cunts you shitting me Oh mom not joining us smallest all right boys go big or go home easy high we’re going big alright boys let’s go come on I believe I believe come on blue this blue you should switch sides yeah one more time I’m gonna switch sides alright so I’m not 193 wait watch am i 193 if I wouldn’t this and I think okay I’m at 166 cuz I have this too all right we got this match kiss guy oh my god I don’t really trust it wait you know I’ve been against him once I remember I remember make sure you guys up to the channel guys 27 people I know all of your nut stuff so make sure you guys suck to the child really appreciate it let’s go boys Matt kiss that ticks give me your skins homie give me your fucking skins come on please dude please give it to me oh they’re gonna attack Sachi 100% but you know just give me this one don’t be all red if you’re a red I’m a fucking cut you that was blasted off fucking red for a second holy shit that was a slow foot but then it starts speeding up sounds like whoo it takes a key five keys they did fucking taxi key I fuck you cunts alright whatever whoop that was that was that was duck ooh that was a big flip that was a big flip all right watch your boy at 217 are I’ll take it I’ll take it we do one more flame oh we’re out of here but we gotta win one join this bitch No stop taking I want that boom put me in coach thank you guys thank you thank you thank you let me bow down cuz I got the most insane luck ever just kidding I got this shit is luck here I swear to God I do alright where’s your boy yeah where’s your boy at boom let’s go baby I want those sabertooths this is a huge flip come on baby you know danger dragging what’s up bro how are you doing you know okay easy money let’s go right coin 25 watchin I broke my record I was dreaming today birthday stream 2500 danger that Tut’s insane bro hey guys put a people that is oh let’s make sure one dollar donation to this guy’s back this guy this guy is fucking back this guy’s back alright so now we’re finally getting the donations from legends you don’t have to legend do seriously alright real for you homie good luck to you you got shafted thanks for a one dog donations are someone sent me an offer it’s gonna be a scam offer yeah can I donate $3 and get through the rolls you’re sure really do appreciate that but yeah it has to be four point five on our skins if you’re doing a skins but our Pay.

Pal just do it just do $1 all right yeah this is not worth it well we knife oh we knife blue steel minimal wear and skins no it has to be 4.5 down I’m sorry homie fuck hell no now it’s not worth it not worth it sorry Swiss I don’t know if you’re trying to skip all right Legend thanks for $1 donations yeah that doesn’t that’s not even close to worth it all right good luck to you homey oh my god that’s a rip mic you’re usually lucky with this legend oh my god rip Bay it’s my birthday yeah I’m sorry bro I could give you two spins for three but not not four not three for three I’m sorry what’s my bounce looking like you know what’s up senior how are you doing 2:37 hell yeah we’re back up baby we’re back up let’s run this yo fandant a morrow hey what’s up bro let’s join this one let’s run this one this is my last one last bed I’m actually up we actually got 36 people watching in the stream that is fucking insane hey wait the keyword is not Keith hey the key word isn’t key this is gone no more night bye we’re doing a Twitter after this one the key word is not key guys it is not key so for the bots that are still here I’m not doing a giveaway right now so if the bots are still here make sure you guys to leave the front door is right there you should get sponsor yaaay search they should dude we got 250 hold up guys oh yeah all right guys ice since I’ve been streaming for an hour thank you good all right legend you’re donating this thanks for one donation but it says you guys are donating at the worst time of the day cuz I have to eat lunch right now so I will be back I’ll keep the stream alive but you have to go you’re getting shafted oh it’s too it’s too so alright legend add me on Steam cuz I have to eat right now sponge I’ll roll but make sure you guys add me alright zero for sponge fifty fifty 45 Jordan just donated twenty forty five dollars your sponge I mean legend oh my wait hold up legend I’m gonna have to tell you us yo Jordan I’m gonna keep the stream alive I’ll be back in like ten minutes twenty minutes cuz I gotta eat lunch but just just stay here just mute the stream why some other streams I’ll be back in like 20 minutes just I’m gonna keep the streaming live but thank you so much for your donations I will roll you all right I’ll be right back peace I’ll roll for you are so I’m back so legend could I trade offered to two rolls thanks for my birthday or I’ll accept that two rolls wait I’ll do it later I’ll do it later honestly because I have to eat right now so just Jordan Siva Peter 40 50 50 45 on BFC is all you know Jordan I really don’t want to do 50/50 because I don’t have the balance for that so if possible can I did 25 25 on the spins cuz I don’t have a 50/50 hold up hold up or I could do 25 and then I could give you 35 how about that okay I could do 35 because I’m willing to go to 200 but I can’t get lower that fine 25 spins no no wait I could do to 50 50 35 because I can’t just do that because I can’t go lower than 200 all right Jordan so you got to tell me what to do I gotta eat quick so you guys you got it you gotta give me an answer quick thirty five or twenty five spins 50/50 for thirty five over twenty five spins my seriously thank you so much for the donation they really do appreciate it you got tell me quick you got to tell me quick do sixty five percent 35 I won’t go lower percentage you know what 25 spins I’ll do it once I get back please just mute the saw stream and I’ll be back in like 15 minutes all right boys I’m gonna mute my mic now so just stay I’ll be back all right I lost my voice too all right be back boys growing up parents got me a guitar you could do anything you could go for the stars guitar every day alright boys I’m back on my stomach oof I’m I’m back my way my stomach hold up let me oh my god wait let me let me find on the eye so it’s Jordan here it’s Jordan in the house roll me first play wait hello what’s up Michael Joseph I doing guys a row me first please danger what did you send me again oh yeah at the key the key no sponge thanks for subscribing over to the stream is legend in here cuz I need to give him his two dollars alright I’ll give you your first two roles boom shaft on the first roll good luck a second roll oh my stomach alright you got one dog do you want me to reroll that or do you want a $1 skin what’s up Jordan I’m gonna roll you don’t worry what you want to do what you want to do give me another roll all right last and final rule what will it be you got shafted yo thanks for the $2. 00 oh the key dog donation I will I don’t know thank you so much dude all right now a big one Jordan I’m gonna do it for the biscuit if you win what should I give you alright boom 45 zero when the last time was forty can we do you know what fuck it 45 0 45 0 45 wait so there’s 1 2 3 4 1 2 you want to do it I’m gonna take the risk it thank you all right Jordan you freaking ready are you ready all right let me test spin this first all right let me test spin it test spin wait I got a change test spin oh no there’s not it as a piston and you would have lost all right three this is the real one all right you ready I need your approval are you ready are you ready tell me Jordan this is a huge flip for you you’re gonna win so much now this is only for one roll this is one roll the stroll of the X Jordan you’re ready go boom good luck to you my homie you got shafted bro what the heck this rope I swear this is not rigged 45 0 4 5 0 4 5 0 4 5 0 this is not rate bro are you kidding me thank you so much for the $25 donation did but that’s actually a huge ass rip he hasn’t won a single flip on this my god I feel so bad I’m so sorry bro rep Jordan say that I’m gonna do it as well save that save this my god dude I feel so fucking I feel like shit did roll me please wait I already did roll you oh you said another one all right hold up oh my god I’m so sorry Jordan oh my God he’s doing it again my god why alright let me roll danger first let me roll danger first oh my god chill dude what is this it’s even $3. 00 oh my god dude I actually chill I actually chill out dude I actually don’t want to roll you know all right we’ll give to rolls all right that’s not the wrong roll this is not for you Jordan I’m sorry sir fuck you wouldn’t want to all right wait where’s my feel this is for danger boom oh you got shaft out of the first roll please let him get it okay three $3 now do you want three rolls with that or should I give you your skin back danger please tell me what you want to do but I gotta have to roll oh what’s his name oh you know Jordan laughter Wow Congrats to danger you made your money back my god the donations are insane three rolls all right one $4 okay we still got two more this is your moneymaker dude moneymaker you know DSC TV thanks for subscribe welcome to the stream all right four dollars please be a seventh it’s a seven boys 11 bucks for danger dragon easy money all right I gotta find out lemon dollar skin all right danger I’m gonna give you the mod and I need you to send me a trade link easy money for your boy I might add you please give me your trade link so I can give you your skin’s all right man that wasn’t the most lucky figures I’ll roll me 25 on the $1 then the guard is wait BFD is that you PFT tell me if that you all right so I’m gonna give him or so I’m gonna give him this skin back and this key so that’s eight I’ll give you this that and that so that should be eight dollars yeah that’s three dollars that’s yep that should be it you know tux can you please give me his all day uh steam trade let me see if this works let me see my words no it doesn’t work I need I need someone someone please send me a message of that all right sorry tux you need stuff can you send me a thank you all right that that should be that’s yeah that’s 11 bucks Congrats to the homie danger dragon Congrats did you see money for you dude easy fucking money I sent the offer please make sure you check it remove moderator all right that should be done alright BFD where’s BFD yo where’s BFT at cuz I need to roll in for it 45 alright wait I’m at 260 wait what oh no he needs to accept that so I’ll be like 250 yo 25 pentagons are you BFD though are you BF d 25 1 times alright alright please a set that you have two minutes to accept it or I will cancel so you still have like a minute and 30 seconds left so make sure you do a set that my rules are specifically for people like who just likes to waste time you have two minutes to accept it well I’m gonna cancel the trade still no accepting ok come on two minutes you got a minute left can you do two new spins instead of cent can you do two new spins instead of sending me a $2.

00 skin alright okay okay asset dead boom alright two new spins the legends good luck to you homie four dollars first one $7.00 legend I gotta give him seven dollars now alright legend now all I need for you to do is message me on Steam do I have you is that you is that you ‘yes ‘yes this you that’s not you they turn insane luck I will join tomorrow again you’re no problem dude no problem if this is this you yeah yeah this is Judah can you do to you spin instead sending me to the other skin oh we’re breaks you didn’t send me a donation sir I don’t think I can do it for you how to Sun spins donate $1 is that you okay you got donated a one point five dollars skin or more for a donation or you can just donate one dollar on Pay. Pal and you have a chance to win some easy money all right seven dollars right so that’s gonna be that’s too that’s too I shouldn’t be it yeah that should be the SEC six point seven I’m so sorry it’s me all right all right BRB then I’m gonna donate but bigger when you’re making videos but I don’t know bro I just feel so lazy all right and they got where’s BFD oh my god I need to talk to him dude where’s your boy BFD I’m gonna do some customs and touch this up PFT please roll okay is that you BFD bender God are you BFD like seriously it’s me all right payer okay boom first row 25 $3 okay let me keep calm let me look let me get some piece of paper hold up all right $3 first roll $3. 00 all why doesn’t it take forever $3 $7 for rolls $7 for $7 for $7 five seven five seven five seven five seven five eight five eight nine seven five surface eight six eight six eight six eight six eight seven eight seven eight dollars seven spins eight seven eight a oh my this is gonna take forever eight eight eight nine hey ten oh my god eight eleven oh my god what is this rip it 11 oh my god a 12 a 13 oh my god wait this is actually a 13 8 1408 14 all right good eight twelve fifteen twelve fifteen twelve fifteen thirteen sixteen thirteen sixteen sixteen thirteen sixteen sixteen seventeen sixteen seventeen sixteen seventeen sixteen seventeen eighteen seventeen eighteen seventeen eighteen twenty one 18 20 21 1921 1921 1925 twenty alright so 25 20 let me let me mark that let me mark that 25 $25 Oh God okay so he made his money back $25 good luck to you owe me 30 2130 twenty one thirty twenty to thirty twenty three thirty twenty four thirty one twenty five boom we’re done thirty one twenty five that’s what I own so let’s look at this or do you 125 3125 alright so I need to thirty one twenty five now I didn’t die I did it right I did it right tux 3125 Jordan I need you to give me your hide user ad moderator give me your you know wheel I mean not wheel trade link please Hey Congrats you got $31 hey Pig what’s up Nandi how you doing bro make sure you guys sub such channel make sure you guys check out the wheel decide if you donate like a specific amount of money you can do a half half wheel easy money for you guys watch if you get the money maybe they would charge back oh no they won’t hey the magic nah I’ll do that later I don’t I just don’t have the time right now Jordans not the type of person would do that first of all I don’t I put all my money into the bank and Pay.

Pal or one person charged back and uh a tux can you give me that give me his trade link yeah so when are you gonna in the stream I’m gonna stream like maybe 30 more minutes because I got tutoring I got a tutor someone K donate me a dollar I’m empty mentor don’t donate don’t beg for money dude hey folks can you send me his our trade URL is that it all right yo $31 yeah I know so one person did charge back they did charge back $4 contacted Pay.Pal they banned them completely from Pay. Pal they banned it our IP address so yeah all right is this it Jordan that is it Ari okay so I owe you 31 right so I can give this that all right Congrats Jordan Siegel you have made 31 bucks you made profit Congrats to you homie Oh God Oh today’s my birthday so he’s having a party today so hey hey hey stop Nandy get out hey someone out time out please I don’t like beggars on the street please hey thank you guys so much for the donations dude seriously really do appreciate it send me the waistline for keys no it’s too late bro I already sent you it oh yeah I got two offers fuck off dude why would you send me this all right happy birthday it’s not mine send me waistline four keys no just just take it man just take you I don’t want to go back to and do it again feel is this is not this is not a dollar we got 30 people watching the stream if you want you could do it on a trade sale you homie 127 do you want to roll whoever did this do you want a roll monkey can you do a giveaway yeah I will do a giveaway can I still do the four wheel four wheel what do you mean by that hi seriously we need 45 yeah you can if you donate $25 yeah why not all right oh hey that’s 400 I did accept it all right please I declined offer oh my god no I’m not sending key the keys are for giveaways homie oh yeah why not boom y’all go into roughy seven dollars oh I’m ripping what he did this is literally I’m literally like losing money here alright roughy I must send you seven dollars Jesus Christ I’m losing money I feel like he’s a r all right Gigi let me add you real quick wait yeah I have to add you don’t have your trade link on here all right Gigi Ruffy all right so what are we at what’s your boy at like I need to get it straight look again oh my god so I’m for decline resent all right homie that right hi what’s up Rafi how you doing you just ripped me so kill yourself didn’t know don’t kill yourself you’re very precious human being I will uh study for people watching the stream holy shit I’m gonna donate 5 dollars kind of devices on normal yes if you do it on paper yes but if it’s on I think you need to donate like around 7. 5 arm for the wheel on skins all right so I need to donate you all right I sent you the skin oh yeah there we go seven dollars right so this is 5 and that should be 7 but GG well played all right and guys when you send me a trade offer for skins tell me on the description below that you are gonna send that you want me to roll you out ok all right boys all right what’s your what’s our ballots looking like yep 2:15 all right so we all right ok ah let me check my let me check something then we’ll do somebody like we need to actually bet like I’ve been only doing wheels right now like Hello but you guys need to chill with the donations homie I’m running this shit they don’t call me no pussy no more all right hold on my mom’s calling me and let me let me my boys all right that was we’re gonna guys I want this volcán though I want this Vulcan please give it to me tux is a bully pig is he a bully pig guys I’m so quote it says items currently not sure did I bet it oh wait wait what oh because I gave him let me see this first hold up oh okay all right monkey I need to send you fuck dude I lost that all right we need to actually bet though seriously holy God let’s do that you sure it should be ready it should be yeah I thought I wanted to like seriously like what the fuck was that alright so we lost that what’s our bounce looking like I’m taking heavy elves right now Vegas tell us of my life csgo exchange is not working is it work okay well 170 all right we’re still in profit by 22 bucks but still it sucks ass I’m just gonna join this one thank you no problem monkey no problem alright this if I lose this then we’re just we’re just out of here if I lose this I’m back to like one like ten all right boys guys it’s time biggest flip of today’s stream let’s do it boys I believe come on come on come on please dude please slow flip slosh flip my guts hey whoa what’s your name what’s your name you know whatever your name is sit the fuck down that’s what I need to say sit down you pussy ass motherfucker way detects so much text these two play really oh my they did well faggots wait attack way that’s all though they text one okay good okay okay let’s go baby I’m sorry I’m sorry for the ear rape I’m sorry for the right oh my god let’s go we’re back baby all right we’re back to tune to let’s go baby let’s go that’s easy oh okay just someone hey someone go get him out of here get him out of this dream please escort him out don’t be a faggot just asking for giveaways you know what since you said that you’re you’re not gonna be in it but other people will be I’m gonna make a giveaway right now let’s go create a flip on easy oh my god you’re gonna join it aren’t you all right bro if I send you ask in a 12 7 I get one stuff no no what it’s a one point five dollars skin wait twelve cents I’m not gonna give it didn’t know rip yo what’s up job hide umbrella all right so we’re gonna do let’s go smaller bet let’s go a smaller bit guys thank you so much for the donation seriously we really do appreciate it well let’s fuckin go baby that was insane that was insane when I needed that million didn’t eat of that oh god damn lighter chill out bro like nobody’s gonna watch a stream what is the key key word hold up guys hold up I got a log in first Hey all right okay and if zero comes out then you get zero what this guy serious I want to win the giveaway yo chill hell hello where are you from I’m from Georgia the United States join Channel we got retard joining in let’s hope that we can rip his skins I want my donation back bitch give it to me Papa bless you rip I gave you a D go where the D will go all right good luck to you homey and let’s hope that I could please win this please let’s go baby get him out of here get him out of here good luck oh GG well played does Alvin thanks for sub welcome to the stream homie woo thank God I won that whole shit easy alright so we need to do nightbot right okay giveaways hello give it I’m pressing on it I’m clicking is all right it gets nine pots nightbot is fucked all right part channel giveaway mods key word what am I gonna give away what am I gonna give away ultimate thanks for subscribing welcome to the stream hallway part channel no no you can’t part channel you need it in here know what another key giveaway I don’t give a shit key for days that is a keyword type in a key for days and make sure you and you’ll be entered in the giveaway boys key for days guys if you want also try out the wheel decide $1 donation you have a chance to win 7 easy bucks if you donate 25 then you just won 31 because that’s what he got so but he got a huge 0 streak like I was insane you know what I’m joining you I can’t join in oh fuck I was about to press it sorry bro good luck to you homie key for days yeah bots are gonna come in I will find out if they are BOTS or not I will don’t worry about it alright let’s go in baby hey so Mel M and Mick m’kay I feel like your milk okay I think I know yeah I think I know you that your butt so yeah you’re not gonna be able to win alright key for days let’s go baby or I’ll check my trade off for later you know dad Neff LP thanks for the stuff welcome to shit mommy yeah I knew I was gonna lose that yeah that flip was weird all right now I think that is a dollar like I think I think that’s about 50 yeah yo Excise Pv.

P X thanks for the sub welcome to the stream homie really do appreciate the sub man all right look trading I did I did I did yeah that is okay that is definitely at all right boys alright so we need to we’ll say good luck to you homey easy seven bucks for happy alright now I just need to send him a trade easy I swear it’s not me yeah yeah that looks like you don’t worry Nick Nick I know you’re trying to buy okay I can’t read that but thanks for the stuff man wait that’s like yeah that should be it alright Congrats happy Congrats had before the stuff see so many people win the seven dude it’s insane alright so what am i what am i alright so we’re down to like ten by one oh my Jordan what are you doing stop stop my gosh stop donating bronze stop donating please oh my god good luck to you thanks pretend no donations man alright first rule zero I have first a rule 0 second roll second rule zero alright third row three three three five four five five five five five five five five six rolls $5 six five six five six rolls $9 seven nine seven nine seven I said ten eight right some nine rows 10 8 10 8 10 8 10 8 10 9 is he gonna make his money back no he’s not 1710 Congrats Congrats homie all right so what do i do what do I do oh all right I got another trade offer whoa whoa is that me well who are you mister mister sir yeah yeah sick one get the fuck out of here bro you’re you’re blocked 17 for your boy he finally clutched them boys he clutched it are so keyword you know the cleanser should first uh tent offers reroll 17 nah bro you know what I taught in Jordan yeah you know what I’ll do I’ll do I’ll do a half for you 34 17 like seventeen thirty half half how about that cuz I’m down I’m down to do that if you’re down 30 I did I could do a half half for you 50/50 30 yes sir you want to do that if you’re down then tell me all right meanwhile I have to prepare my losses no I can’t join that’s too big you want to do it thanks bro y’all no problem happy no problem sure alright alright so that’s 30 0 30 0 30 0 30 0 30 0 alright this one this one all right tell me when you’re ready all right tell me when you’re ready are you ready Jordan are you ready tell me tell me are you ready are you freaking ready I donated it can I have 5 spins did you that is alright let me see it no that is not 5 spins that’s like 3 probably if it’s 5 it’s 3 I do like a lot no you wanna do 10 oh you want 10 high so that’s 1 2 3 4 5 so that’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 there we go you ready at $6 yeah $6 you get four rolls then pretty sure you get four rolls let me let me check first I’m check oh yeah that’s for rolls are you ready to one money easy money easy money you’re too clean all right so I need to give him 30 bucks so I need to Jordan I think yeah right here let’s go baby you’re too clean you ripping so much picker no I’m fine but I already made my money back like Jordan already made my money back so all these skins I got from gambling and I made I’m in profit so you know what I really don’t give a shit that’s right I own 30 I’m an American subscriber feels proud yep alright so this where is it where is it that’s 20 bucks Congrats on the win easy money I’m doing bubbles pricing so you got to deal with it oh he would have lost if he done it alright so four rolls for the birthday all right no this is three rows this is no actually no that’s four rows no that’s three rolls it has to be row so I decline it if you only want three rows all right 27.5 not a bubbles it’s $3. 00 per key I got a role for who do I have to roll for I’m just rolling this shit what am I supposed to do alright are you guys need to chill with the donations please do it like after like you know after both has 4 rows yeah oh yeah ultimate yeah okay all right who do I have to rule for derp ster no deaf Stern Oh Oh do extra okay so you get four rules right alright so what am i as I’m actually losing money right now this is ridiculous OH all right the giveaway how will they get wasted alright alright boom that’s twice good luck homey my first roll is a 0 second roll zero please don’t be all zeroes please i want to give at least something back three rules for okay oh my god way I’m actually getting shafted so I need to alright sorry I rolled yours odd but you got profited though eleven bucks easy money dude two rolls my birthday man oh wait which one do I sent all right so wait so who sent me the offer oh my I should be gambling not doing this shit only did I swear all right there spicy meme do you have a trade link all right I gotta add you accept that please y’all Hama gave me thanks for sub welcome to the stream are you gonna add me and let me trade with you all right there you go thanks my did no problem dude no problem alright keys for days yeah the keys for this is the key word or that should be yo sponge thanks for $1 donation I’m gonna roll you ASAP yeah from now on I’m not gonna do skin skin donations so you know what you’re gonna have to do sell the skin and then donate all right I can’t do skins like please don’t send me skins now thanks my god love your stream by the way so you know I’m so sorry about this one I’ll just do it for you my birthday man but it’s your birthday so I’ll I’ll do two rolls for you but from now on just so the skin says just donate me Pay. Pal alright cuz I don’t want to do skins alright from now on alright two rolls good luck homey zero oh that’s one that’s one that’s one that’s four so I have to give you oh my god he’s not even in my friends list danger I need you I’m gonna have to add you to all right homie accept it please you have two minutes I have to give you four dollars bro it’s my birthday too long y’all dipster stop stop keep us $1 yes sir danger so no more keno more skins guys this is way too much so many people are sending me skins and hop I can’t even gamble on my own stream let me know when you’re gonna do my roll yeah I gotta just sponges roll what it is alright good for you homie danger good erster happy birthday you want me to sing it for you happy birthday can I get four ah just take it no I’m not gonna do it no no no no bro just take the skins sorry that and $1 which is gonna be all right that’s it no more no more skins if you guys send me skills I’m just gonna accept it just for like a donation to the stream other than that don’t please no more no more all right what’s your point down to oh I’m losing so much money I’m at 193 Oh Frick all right the click mechanic can you please roll I have to go two more minutes you don’t tell me to roll all right make sure you guys enter the keyword key keys for date key for days all right all right I’m gonna roll for sponge good luck homey you got shafted thanks very $1 donation dog oh my god this is painful dude absolutely painful to do hold up guys thank you guys so much for the donations right now I really do appreciate it all right let’s get okay now we could do some gambling all right let’s do some gambling now what is this this is a so I’m down to 193 of course it’s joined by someone let’s go boys the keys for days keys for lots of days keys for this yeah please don’t spam that or you will get timed out don’t spam a song if someone donates pin for him later all right homie oh yeah there’s someone donates wait who yeah they need don’t donate me a skin literally go to this skins cache guys get your Pay.

Pal instantly just sell on here all right so on here easy money let’s go easy money I just sell it on here they sell it instantly you get your cash instantly just saw on here and then just don’t let me through Pay.Pal if not don’t send me skins please I’m tired of I’m tired of skins so if you want a chance to win some money just do it on through Pay. Pal please that’s my only requirements all right so we won that easy money let’s go that was like 12 bucks in total let’s go I don’t use Pay. Pal so rip yo you know what make your Pay.

Pal account if you have skins automatically sell it all right so it makes it easier and then it will go automatically through your Pay.Pal account all right I want this I have free one this oh we’re in good profit right now we’re a good profit guys make sure you got make sure you guys like the stream really do appreciate it and make sure you check out the wheel side make sure you sub and make sure you enter the keyword key four days in order for you to win the giveaway you’ll need to put your credit card on Pay. Pal yeah you don’t need to either alright this is a dis a huge one please please pop a blast pop a blessed be a fast flip that’s a slow fucking flip yep I lost that’s a rip I like I always show you how Steve a face thanks man 187 all right it’s hunt I wanna do something hard I want to do something Reaper where they wear these pussies that come on man still maintenance alright let’s go I also do skits all right and that’s a problem that key for days guys make sure you guys enter are you kidding me kiss I will kiss I owe ya kiss I identikey for days you have a chance to enter key for days alright what’s up you’re in ICU alright guess I have to make one myself holy if I lose this then we’re down profit which is not a it’s still better there we go hey what’s up tux how you doing bro let’s train for two hours like I think we should stop maybe I’ll stream later alright please let me win please let me win where my make you loose money making me lose money 30 viewers how can you stop I don’t stop I’m King I do have to stop at some point yeah I said there bfb thanks for subscribing after this flip I will roll you we just lose all right so yeah we’re losing it rolls it’s my bird I can do what I want all right now we’re 169 bill first roll $5 easy money oh my god twelve call tools twelve zero 13 334 my men are friends was $7 easy 35 36 I’m done 12:30 25 2007 right 2721 8 all right they’re easy money for him uh I’m gonna need to change the wheel like legit all right 21 right Danger Danger boom all right guys I need to roll for f21 right that’s exactly 21 so congrats to you homey Congrats easy money for you all right so we also have another donation from FPR I think that’s how you say it all right let me roll you real quick zero thanks for your $1 donations all right boys from now on don’t donate me $8 at once I want you to do $1 at once I’m not doing eight just $1 at once please please let me let me think I’m losing money all right what am i at 148 148 jesus fucking christ all right boys we’re gonna go big or go home people are going people are saying to go see T it is gonna happen boom this is for you boys all right this is for you motherfuckers it’s actually for you I don’t know what else is my god all right if I lose this I’m just gonna hang myself honestly I just can’t see you all right there sir peace out boy guys make sure you type in key for days in order for you to enter these are definitely BOTS so if you if I roll you you’re out so peace out good luck my dude bye bye you know peace key for days make sure you guys enter that all right aleksander you’re not in you I think you’ll get in though it needs to update update don’t worry if it does not work I’m just not gonna deny pot and all the giveaway hunters can leave yeah it’s not working I first like really getting fucked right now I was little about to ask you did you ever enrolled to give away no no no homie nah all right we got the Dean the Dean joining in yo rock sores rock stars thanks for subscribing welcome to the straight homey yes is broken he’s gonna go what the Vulcan field tested I’m so down for that and that give it to me please yeah not pop not working so we’re gonna have to fix that yeah it’s alright we’re restarting the giveaway boys alright we’re restarting the giveaway oh my god please please oh my god BC T no oh my god I hate to say it honestly fuck this site all right what are we out what’s your boy at yeah we got to do this join channel come on I’ve been Peters I think a lot yeah yo guys try to come alright our Channel giveaways boom boom he’s afford AIDS there it is if it doesn’t work this time I’m just not gonna roll together I’m just gonna industry honestly I’m just losing way too much money we went from 234 to 108 that’s shit jack shit bro you should do some coin flips don’t rip too much all right that’s what I should do he’s four days guys Keys four days see look at this it’s so fucked up no I’m not doing that but fuck that no guys I’m not gonna do a giveaway seriously look at this shit if it doesn’t work in like five minutes I’m just gonna not gonna do it all right so you know what I’m gonna do let’s go bubble this bubble stolen maintenance yes they are let’s have to go on this shit site oh my god I type the keyword again yeah it doesn’t work yeah I’m not doing a giveaway sorry guys I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry let’s ripping way too much I can’t do more sorry guys I just can’t do a giver right now I feel shitty as well like I don’t know why but this we oldest said has just literally like fucked me over rolling through Twitter yeah let’s do Twitter I’ll tweet out your channel yo danger thanks dude live with Giveaways head funny apollo you literally streamed it for at 11 minutes did he rip that hard retweet it please on Twitter are what is this Wow yourself did Apollo rip no he did it rip oh really are did my condolences he stacked oh he’s absolutely stacked nobody’s joining my flipper oh come on but I’m actually so sad like I ripped so hard today yeah I’m just not gonna do it again but for now for now I’ll do a giveaway if I go back up to 250 my goes to 50 yep easy best one free tweet that shit easy say well now we got someone else joining our we got God on me let’s go please please let me win this he’s from Thailand oh my god he’s from Thailand but what’s he gonna put in he only got these two or did he go in already all right that’s me that’s me let’s go baby all right look slowly slowly going back up okay thank you all right we won that now we double our money let’s go I started to doubt the string now 677 out ready Oh ripp you too man now you can get back up there huh I know you will that’s a rip okay now we got a coin flip that 20 bucks boom I ain’t no pussy I’m doing it let’s go baby let’s go we got 36 people still watching guys this I don’t know why but I’m not hype as like from yesterday dude I ripped so hard I mean I mean I’m ripping so hard right now hello all right boom boom set that shit real quick let’s go 22 bucks easy money come on please hey any giveaways no I’m not right now homie I’m ripping way too much I can’t do it give her and I’m sorry all right now that has been accepted 22 bucks what am I on now please don’t be a lowest number 80 don’t be 70 something all right I will allege it come on 89 okay that’s fine there’s no giveaway right now up right now you come here last forget me yeah don’t do that man oh this is so sad like oh my god this is actually so sad you got Kohi bruh drinian please let me win oh that’s a sick pining hollow all right what’s he gonna go with come on pussy let’s go baby come on we’re we’re gonna climb back up there if I win this I should be a oh shit all right they’re gonna Texas shit ton of items but who cares there is no key where there’s no giveaway guys easy money blue coin let’s go baby let’s go whoo that was close that was close ooh let’s go baby let’s go all right we’re going back up there we’re going back up there so what do we have now what are we at gave me that High Pass number 136 nice nice to the nice let’s go Gigi hell yeah guys all right I joined this one oh all right now we do a $40 flip on hunt and if we lose this then we lose it so yeah I think that’s how he goes if you lose it you lose it oh you know boss is gambling again he’s gambling again guys boss vlogs life why is he gambling again why he lost so much anyways oh damn did his ever look sexy as fuck though GGT Basler all right let’s join destroy $40 let’s go baby my boss is crazy yo he’s crazy dude please be C T if this is not C T I’m actually gonna end myself that’s gonna be that I’m literally just gonna add myself period let’s go please let me take this W please guys come on hype for bigger will you do a Twitter giveaway not right now homie I lost way too much so I don’t I think I’m gonna have to pass on that damn dude he’s actually insane look at this inventory this is a sick a cemetery dude look at that yo he started gambling again he’s gonna lose it all there’s some sick ass gloves though look at this how did he get skins he cashed out 219 yesterday by 200 bucks I guess he gambled it again he’s gonna lose everything all right let’s see what should we do is anybody to join my flip sup all right boys oh yeah boss is greedy bro all right nobody’s joining me oh you got who’s this guy’s it’s like all right he’s a Russian guy oh he’s got some dope ass skins boys he’s going Lois that’s possible though come on let’s take this dump close the door you should have cashed it Oh dumb I should’ve cut ya seriously you should have cashed $1,000 all right boys please let me win this please please let me win this please please Papa please Papa please don’t do this to me come on easy money easy let’s go baby or to insane oh holy God let’s go baby we’re going back up there we’re going back up let’s go that’s close one that was a close one GG well played hey you guys for the people that still here okay since I got more skins now make sure you guys check out the wheel decide you have a chance to win seven bucks easy money don’t do it all that once please please don’t I don’t want to lose too much I don’t want to lose too much all right that that was a good win that was a good one let me message boss son this way this guy’s gonna say something stupid to me T now our warranty people are telling me you hoped I lose don’t be fake please I did well when did I say that Chad did I say that MLG Paulie said that you hoped I ripped it was MLG fuck is that guy than the other ones you said you hoped he win yeah wait what what is this guy saying your rock says it let me accept it real quick we got this again we not all right Wow refresh 172 oh that is godlike all right so we got to do alright boys boys boys there’s gonna be the history of the history alright boys boys do you trust me do you trust me do you trust me right now tell me if you trust me tell me if you trust me tell me Oh jackpot yes do you trust me who is this do you trust me yeah no not really truthfully no too bad I’m doing it boys we have to keep doubling oh my dears I’m gonna lose this one yo and Priya silver thanks for the sub welcome to this tree how many subs are we I just we’re almost at 300 almost at 300 are you not even kidding I’m pretty sure we pass that to 298 subs yo meow what’s up bro I remember you meow thanks for the stuff man welcome to the stream alright boys is gonna be oh my god if I rip this it’s over if I rip this it’s over you’re coming up on me oh my god I want CT I trust CT bro I don’t trust no T don’t worry guys Pickers never loses trust him trust me you mean am I in $80. 00 read my head alright I got everyone all right boys 300 300 300 you know thanks for the 300 cells never really do appreciate it man I’m at 300 damn I’m at 300 Sol’s that’s insane yo I am thanks for the sub welcome to the stream really do appreciate guys we finally had 300 subs guys eight days and it’s been 300 we got three hundred thousand eight days that’s actually amazing oh my god it’s too easy for me dude he’s so sad when will I get this inventory holy shit he went up when will I get this inventory someone tell me alright I’ll get there soon don’t worry boys join my flip come on baby you know chests thanks for the sub welcome to the stream imma afk I’m telling you only I’m telling you I only game bookies I never lose to my place games again oh really you have a place Ken’s rockstars the way I feel like I seen you somewhere oh wait never mind all right wait what’s happening boys all right my Mike’s working right all right boys boys boys oh my god this who said that trust me who said that huh who said that let’s go baby insane actually insane I shouted you sure yeah thanks a lot more thanks a lot all right now we need sugar we need to chill wait boss there’s no way he’s gonna join that oh my gosh he’s gonna join that yo he’s George that he’s at almost 1.

8 K if boss wins dis yo if boss wins that boss wait boss hello are you insane where’s that beautiful trade offer that he got all right is he joining us no no he can’t you know Turk thanks for the sub welcome to the stream oh yeah there’s no fucking way I’m gonna shot your stream you know thanks a lot for the shadow guys really do appreciate what a pussy never mind thought he would actually go in that yes not actually and say yeah he wouldn’t join that honestly oh my god holy shit I actually won that dude all right what do yet show me that beautiful ass number show me oh yes you’re funny money thanks for the stubble welcome to the stream 263 baby actually insane mmm hi boys crime to three hundred dollars climb and guys make sure you guys check out the wheel decide one dollar donation you could you have a chance to win seven dollars I you know I’ll set skins now one point five dollars worth of skins you have a chance to win all right a little shinier stream thanks a lot man y’all bill oh thanks for the subs alright hey Rock says do really do appreciate it but can you not message me on Steam and sir I don’t like you know I’m just too lazy to check back and forth you know who’s Moni right hold on guys my mom’s calling me Oh alright boys alright alright we’re back we’re back that was the most insane rate of my life now ah alright boys what should we do now what should we do oh we lost most of our viewers oh well what’s a Czech marker guys what is this oh damn I got this man like 50 subs long well whose mony bro I don’t know who mony is is he a r oh he yeah he’s a r oh they’re mine thanks so much joy knife I trust you which knife this one nah man no I can’t hold the door you know what fuck it no no I can’t restrain yourself fuck it up oh no all right his boss is gonna win this thank you guys so much for the sub guys really do appreciate oh I got a Z oh my God look at this that’s absolutely insane yeah we can’t hear the music oh you can’t Elfi this guy he’s not gonna join that is he gonna doing that alright guys he’s gonna join it bro good luck the boss boss please win this boss come on you can do it I hope you lost GG boss alright boys we need to take a chill pill now no I want that knife I want that knife I’m doing it boys guys guys guys guys imagine if I win this I’ll go through hundreds imma watch someone win alright you know what I’m gonna win for you alright guys make sure you guys check up make sure you guys sub to the channel make sure you guys check out the wheel decide also you guys realist eye so many people have one one person one from $8 to $21 this guy look at that Hugh more 21 bucks easy money for him are you kidding I can’t do that one oh I wanted to really join him that one Fred good luck in chat ha do it man you got this uh I really wanted to go in oh my God look at that please was I gonna win this please let me know let this guy lose okay he lost okay we’re set we’re good we’re good we’re good on this one there’s my final bet you know what after this bet let’s set up a giveaway pretty good way all right boys my god everyone was taking my shit let’s set up a Twitter giveaway for you boys and that’s gonna be the end of the stream I think I screamed up two hours that’s good enough man that is way good enough I’ll return it but larger than a man I’ve zero dogs like yeah that’s a feels bad man hope you win it all back boss is going huge again Jesus Christ Hey holy fuck shit I spent so much steam levels I’m now ninety I need a little bit dog dude stop that’s like 200 bucks dude a such a waste good luck boss dude hope he wins whoa boss woman easy money for him I turn in here let’s go baby $43 easy money let’s go come on come on let me in all right please tea tea tea don’t be CT please three oh my god I know I’m asking for a book have a skin if it’s all right you say no good luck by the way oh no sorry Brom I’m not in the position to give any skins right now I just lost that foot bro 224 no Frick we’re going back on easy skins alright that’s a wrap but you know what we’ll get it back we’ll get it back don’t worry about it come on switch size yeah we’re gonna stay here $64 this is like maybe 80 because it’s not easy they are under priced uh you know skin so hey guys make sure you talk to channel really do appreciate it make sure you check out the wheel decide also one dollar to seven dollars easy money let’s go baby come on what the hell is the song oh I really don’t know you know what I’m just gonna let it play how many subs are we at we had three hundred nine cells thank you so much guys really do appreciate it alright we got mr.pedophile joining in come on please let me win oh my he has some dope Baskins dude we got a new invite I please please let me win come on come on please don’t do this to me they’re gonna tax this but it’s fine slow flip slow flip all right this one just this just went downhill 145 all right this is where we rip everything you know what I’m fine ripping everything today I’m fine I made my money back anyways that is a scam 100% yeah I doubt it Oh Paul lost a flipper aw rip him please I’m gonna trust him once because he can’t do anything come on please easy money let’s go all right yeah seriously he’s funny half yo it’s legit whoa what they tax what they tax wait what imagine if this actually works though go trust him for final Justin for fun it’s five bucks anyways you know wanna but I don’t trust it 197 back to 197 alright five bucks ooh what do you say man this is not gonna work minimum is ten dollars don’t trust this guy a single bit this is how retarded wait a magic I think this guy’s a little bit he might be a little bit brain dead all right just just give him something right just give him some time to comprehend thump thump hi c I don’t trust this guy a single bit did Oh let’s see if this guy’s actually legit why is everyone hiding me stop through ten all right I’m doing it I’m doing ten right now I doubt you I’m gonna win this what the Freak come on huh yeah it seriously let me go ahead Apollo one that Congrats to Apollo boom pick it those guys are not legit nice just ten bucks anyways you said go see if you know what I trust them see to but I say what now oh this I let’s see come on boys don’t click on the leek he send it all right whatever hey I’ll trust you retard what actually is true though all right that’s come on let’s go baby open it please no I’m not opening it now this guy’s brain dead bro I went CT I’d better with I think this guy bit might be a little bit brain dead did you see this did you see this that’s the skirt boys that’s the script hey that’s the script look at it are you kidding me wait that’s the script hey hey this is the skiff I’m gonna win easy this is so bullshit get out my face hi Paul let’s see if this guy’s actually jet your script oh my god okay mate you away 100% ah boys I just go in just go in let’s test it let’s test this theory oh there’s no way there’s no way wait if this is legit doh oh my god this is fuck oh I get to 1k first this guy’s retarded I’m fucking with you tomorrow I know you are I know you are we’re actually one way actually one way I actually won that one maybe all right that wasn’t all right guys that was luck that was luck all right let’s trust him a little bit now am i 200 I know there’s no way I did no I’m good well it’s real Biggers not skim I’ll give you 100 if you get me to 700 it’s a scam with scamming back I mean yeah I’m skimming back all right but imagine if it actually by then loser on the CT I always CT boys all in CT we got 25 we I don’t think we got it like lower than 20 viewers and like a whole stream that’s actually insane okay all right boys I give mr. Tommy give me the script okay okay okay what’s he gonna say what’s he gonna say you want Apollo make sure you make sure you join it how much you bet $20 guys it’s legit it’s legit fake pot don’t accept what ok mitt you went to Oh guys I’m gonna win 200% oh it’s not message of you guys please stop messaging me there’s only this guy only this guy 20 ciancia tight all right you guys can all right guys chill chill chill all right all right boys he said he’s at 200% I believe him 0% but you know what let’s just trust him once boom boom this is c2 ICT boo CT imagine if this is not gonna happen 100% he’s not alright guys not messaging me please please please stop messaging here okay I get it I get it this guy’s a scammer but you know what maybe he can get me good luck I don’t know let me just relax oh my god dude I don’t trust this guy a bit did he says relax wake up let’s go Apollo join me pussy oh my yet I’m Ana Paula join it join it Apollo if this guy is real I seriously don’t know what to say I’m tired bro okay mate someone joins so fast oh really yo he’s gonna say okay if you if I lose after wait for me fine okay whatever okay fine fine fine okay and continue in front yo imagine if I lose this if I lose these never say oh wait I think it’s broken he’s gonna say like that I swear he is did it’s fake I know it’s fake bro what do them actually believe in no I don’t believe in our single bed now stop messaging me on Steam guys please oh my god all right let’s see that perfect but if I lose what’s he gonna say all right boys to one wait all right okay so I guess he’s very lucky okay so I’m gonna assume he’s very lucky all right I’m gonna wait what I can’t be this lucky on hunt dude I can’t now send me it no I’ll give you key you know I’ll just give them a key for being lucky I don’t know what to do but you know seriously like this is a joke if you don’t want you can leave let me just play it with him off for a little bit and oh wow Paul are you Sherlock bro are you Sherlock are you are you Sherlock Apollo you must be Sherlock like I I didn’t say I never said that he was not as he’s legit III I don’t know man what the fuck Apollo come on man yeah I seriously said I just got lucky and I was like yo I’m not this lucky at hunt what’s he trying to say here and after win for me all right okay you know I’ll just send them a key just for the lawls of it you’re starting to sound like you think he’s legit oh my god my brain hurts all right whatever where’s this guy I pig I look at my hit Vettori and give me your opinion all right let me see it bro hey you always keep the key and you’ll say why should I scam why should I skip that’s pretty good dude honestly it’s really good don’t give him anything no I have to bro he’s lucky he’s lucky he’s just lucky boom you know I just wanna lost that I’ll make it back you know what I don’t care is if he’s a scammer then I’ll just say you know what I feel bad for him he’s trying so hard so no I accepted whatever just take the skins you little bitch whatever it’s just the key anyways alright tell me 40 bucks I’m going in 40 bucks where should I go you will keep the key did I not no no no I just gave him I just I just let him borrow it of course he’s gonna keep the key what else would he do with it hey what’s my bounce looking like 26 looking pretty good all right mister come on mister who top let’s see your godlike predictions alright maybe he’s not alright he definitely is a scammer saying that shit but maybe he’s just lucky ok may $40 see ok well let me ask you something but if I lose happens do a giveaway instead I will do a giveaway don’t worry don’t lose me he’s so confident with his answers dude let’s relax yes no I’m not relaxing I’m losing 40 bucks if I lose like what do you expect me to do alright East Side whatever no lose mate 100% win wow you just let that what I had in New York look at it all what I don’t know what you mean by that oh there you got some dope ass skins dude rats did you win it all all right boys are boys huh I’m tired bro I’m tired of gab I’m listening to this guy but you know what he’s lucky he’s lucky it might not be the script all right there we go Teesside boom okay he says okay mate okay mate we got dinner going on the CT is it gonna be a no no he’s gonna say 300 percent no dude one more and I give you him for all right I need to go see you later message me about we’re gonna tell your mother I’ll definitely talk to you about that man the knife won it in a draw where there were 19 really insane hey donate $50 and get 50 rolls don’t please don’t don’t stop don’t do it I’m sorry about alarm it a lot of money for me he’s not paying off so he’s not responding to any of my messages oh yeah I’ll go bust on the okay to see Sammy deal yeah Wow is it gonna be a CT or a tee boys I don’t know I lost this guy’s retarded boy this guy’s actually brain but when we do it for me you know I’ll do a 50/50 for you all right 50/50 this guy’s we trust you okay now I’m gonna do this aye aye sir DG you’re out of there all right now we need to actually make our money back like I’m done with him Boombah Boombah CT boys such a jug wild I got caps lock key is broken seriously legit man I thought he was lucky bro maybe he was gonna maybe he’s that be God prediction I don’t know all right let’s do a $42 bet you don’t want I’m feeling this one can I get was this can I get a Opie’s on my whole piece what the Opie’s all right hold up except this if your nose are taking that he would have won no no seriously we’ll Ju and I won’t bill inventory Oh pinheads oh it looks pretty good yeah I’m not gonna lie oh I like that yeah it looks pretty good hi boys $42. 00 flip let’s go boys ah you know what I’m still money I got an I think I got like $70 donations today which is an intense it’s insane my style at $40 skids at a top here man but I ended up with $70 really holy shit that’s ho gonna take this ee though let’s go baby eighteen point one zero all right this is all right if I lose is that we’re in trouble right now here this is we’re in trouble pickers there’s one time when I got an affiliate code to 300 on attitude that is insane drawing up it feels very nice and game no don’t tell me what to give away did Cersei Yost happy come on tell you and you want like that bro we got 33 people watching the stream what’s up guys come on man stop asking for like don’t do that that’s literally a dick the most dickish move dickish most a dick whatever you get my point here I swap just go and pussy you all what’s he got what’s he got all right so he’s got oh he went in you go in oh no he didn’t go in yet what a pussy go in please don’t you want the OP hyper beast come on please you still didn’t go in so I’m gonna go with that that that’s 38:32 yeah come on please let me win this picker bro lucky lucky I’m lucky lucky can I make it down there for three rolls if you like it now I’m good homie I’m not interested in thumbnails right now come on baby huh hey hey hey huh go and swap what are you doing with your life is that he’s not gonna go in you pussy ass bitch all right speaking of which you’re not using mine oh yeah I don’t know bro I just don’t know I know I’m just so lazy let me stretch make sure you guys like to strain really will really do appreciate it Oh 46 if we lose shit bro he’s not gonna do it Apollo join in pussy you won’t fool boss wants to do boss this rich as fuck right now did you look guys in the toy but he spent more money again like no he cashed out 200 but look at this holy God look at that beautiful ass eyewear oh you’re right I won’t hi where we see our failure to come with ball what I’ll get it what do you mean by that you guys make sure that’s up to channel make sure you check out the wheel decide easy money guys hot yeah my boss is going in again uh oh I really want that knife to know we’re destroying mine bro come on man how many subs are you guys we’re almost at 320 I believe Brad 309 selves holy shit man he’s saying good luck to basta we got mr.

panda joining in yep panda Panda panda Panda panda all right what’s he gonna go in with alright so he’s gonna go with that that and that for sure what that last one that GG are you like sure what side are you on Oh Sisqo ha stop messaging bro messaging please come on Panda don’t waste my time here bro don’t waste my time I say when we had $300 I’m just gonna you know just show that’s what I gonna that’s what I’m gonna industry come on please CT CT please did Hey dopes hazmat Cranston battle scarred hi boys come on CT no I knew I was gonna lose that honestly I knew I was gonna lose that 100% oh well 146 now all right all right all right okay okay okay hunt I hate you I will going back on ez skins done yo it’s up to my new channel what’s up brah how you doing bruh Oh what should I do I don’t know what I should do dude what should I do for you guys you don’t to Train no I’m not down to trade homie boom boom boom boom boom boom I’m doing it I don’t care anymore I don’t it boys I’m doing it come on maybe you’re quite an easy easy blue coin if I lose it I lose it come on please let me win this come on I’ve been taking Elle’s all day today give me this one w for once please alright let me check something make sure you guys something each to my channel really do appreciate how Paul going in all right good luck to him he probably will win though honestly good luck to apologize good luck to Apollo Oh minimal wear good luck to him you ripped our man easy money a pocket on my face boy let me just slap you in the face get out of my face easy when easy dub easy dub let’s go baby that was obviously that I was gonna lose that Tic Tacs 3 6 9 12 13 14 15 16 17 poor alright the texture I detect the key I believe it talks the key alright they tax the kid I would Gucci that work Gucci let’s go get away for poor kids nah bro I still gotta get to 300 310 dollar giveaway not even kidding I did one yesterday and I’ll do what today to 179 aren’t nice I know pussy bitch I’m going in on this one boys I know I’m gonna lose this one I know I’m gonna lose this one but you know I’m taking the balls deep for this one alright GG to you guys please let me win come on don’t do this to me don’t do this to me don’t do this to me do it for the stream come on do it for the stream Delfy Delfy come on just give it to me Brad away bra but they’re $30.00 fact on you Dutch let’s play show that’s that’s good man keep it bro that’s a sick skin I had no pussy we’re doing it boys I know I’m gonna lose this I can’t see this dude I can’t see it ez skins do it yo what’s up Mac how you doing bro I lost yep that was a slow ass flip dude yo Mac thanks for subscribe thanks for subscribing welcome to the shit where I 100 now 100% whoa I was a that was a huge hit alright boys I knew I should never join that fart bro I knew it did alright what should i do what should i do what should i do what should i do what should i do I don’t know what to do this repr still done I wanna do some Reaper did no still not take a go to for how long 25 easy yo how GG alright let’s see know what fine let’s do some let’s do something let’s do some jackpots for you guys alright let’s go boys let’s go 12 bucks donation good luck to you on the wheel homie zero thanks well no donation got shafted she deserves use deserve a shaft honestly you are seated wait why can’t I see my are there we go you deserve the shaft you deserve it man everyone’s taking my idea of the donation real dude Apollo I’ll freakin what’s his name lighter everyone’s taking my dear hey hey what can I say a man with the idea it’s fuck I’m kidding that’s okay no I hate it weighs more than boys yo R as I know who raspberries don’t I shouldn’t come and please stop don’t do it you know whoever doughnuts right now I’m not gonna roll the wheel so just just keep that in mind as I lost them too much well now for now for now anyone wanted trade oh oh shut up already huge if I win this I think I’ll be back up I think but it was something that I had the idea before you are we did he know he has a donate no here the sponsor wheel sponsor wheel why is the donation wheel all right let’s go mega part is to make a pug not feeling mega part I’m feeling this then that’s quicker I don’t want to wait like how long it’s like 10 minutes or like seven I don’t know all right let’s see who when there’s a 22 percent chance I got one to twenty you will not roll it no don’t don’t send it bro don’t send it I doubt I’m gonna win this though Apollo probably will win this honestly oh wow not even Apollo won that wait this fucker want it oh my god 8% Wow all right I’m gonna finalize this stream with the elite silver pot silver pots alright let’s see let’s see all right let’s see if we take this w come on Road fuck holy he won if I already accepted will you roll for me now I’m not gonna roll it homie I specifically told you don’t do it don’t send it let’s go baby come on where my that’s me all right we’re here whoa imagine if I win this though whoo spicy thank you so we received over like 80 bucks in donations seriously that’s insane the client you had to decline it don’t do it I’m not gonna roll it Jesus Apollo just loves to rip I hope I can’t sleep yeah cancel it bro all right let’s see let’s go baby let’s go easy win for the pig or where am I at I’m a 9% chance let’s go let’s take this W come on oh my god I’m blue right holy shit oh my god I’m that’s that’s a filter Oh Paul lost that that’s a tilter right there Winnie that’s so not cool ahead Vega is 20 minute old mine no hell no all right we’ll go fast did you know what 20 I went to point five dollars on csgo what’s it called I got a classic game I won with $400 with a key so I can make that happen again just kidding never mind this is way too big already Hey we’re gonna end it with just going all in on fast alright boys you down for that oh my god this is huge I think oh let’s hope this guy wins 1. 5% oh my god oh he won where’s this guy 0. 98 guys oh my god he won with 0.

98 Jesus my head in my head coach put me in I’m in I’m in baby hard we got this boys easy money for me dude stop messaging me Jesus crying how many times have to say it bro you know if I wouldn’t one of this where we’re set we’re set ZD kids going into holy God please let me win 1% let’s go boys won’t % easy money let’s go come on what’s your boy hat where’s your boy at bigger where’s your boy yeah they’re right there I believe cdk1 that Wow GG to zdk holy shit no I’m just gonna climb out there out the whole inventory I don’t really care anymore oh it’s been fun I made my money back anyway so there’s no point in losing there are there’s there’s a point losing all yo guess who’s back me yeah what’s up Nick how you do it make sure don’t donate it alright don’t donate it if you don’t I’m just gonna take it just for granted all right cause I’m not gonna roll anybody today like right now not for now just go hunt jackpot you know what should I do that am I even in this I’m not even in it all right let’s go see it’s go huntin what browser extension do you use I used steam wizard alright alright ok I could deal with that I could deal with that not all right let me just win one of these come on yo I want that where am I put man oh man I’m in baby 1.9% let’s go am i don’t know if my donation came rip no I didn’t receive any don’t let them check no not right now oh it did coming through all rip yeah it did come please did it oh nevermind it hey they put the king or coming on hunt oh really I lost that too right that’s how you lose everything 101 let’s go boys law screw this camera bro screw this game here wait I’m a point five nine percent chance Apolo in it where what’s going on with Apollo all right come on please point five nine point five nine the dream not even close baby not even close come on baby no who is this I what’s that balance looking like I’m weird he joined the flip oh really I hunt oh he wine which one oh that’s a sick guy’s skin who is this guy mr. Pat all right boys all right let’s go boys oh let’s go four kids I don’t know I’m just feeling for kids right now we’re at 54 I this is where we rip everything I said before you told in it to my extreme loves okay what I told you not to do sorry let’s go 1. 5 this is doable absolutely doable oh my god alright not doable anymore let’s go you only lose it yeah it’s fine bro it’s fine you know high risk high reward you feel me I saw my name once and I see it twice I don’t see it twice nope not even there all right boys I think this is the end for me all right just do a flip nah bro it’s too late for that honestly I’ll come back oh yeah but I said I told donation coming too oh my god danger stop that was your fault I told you not to am I even in this one no right zdk 20 right 35% you lost all right you kidding me oh no let me in no please please with me I don’t want to wait a sec let me a cent no I did it what ticket was that all right 26 all right this is gonna be the lowest ticket no we took the low ticket you gonna be fun to share but it’s already in my bank account so you know and I specifically told you not to do it all right let’s go 7.

3 this guy won all right so I’m ripping hard right now we were at 200 but you know what’s one guy that’s fun what is it 33 all right man check that I won from a giveaway what now I’m not doing any wheels guys not now not now we’ll send them please don’t all right high ticket height to give me a high ticket no wait I’m not I’m not the high ticket nevermind just kidding hey oh come on give me the high ticket I took it please this is so doable not even close dude I mean kind of but yeah then his money back after the stream hi Apollo good luck homey I can’t refund it to him oh did I get it oh my god I’m not gonna win this whatsoever what are the Apollo wins this honestly no none of us all right boys all in we’re doing it 18 bucks all right we’re doing it point 8 I knew was the lowest ticket and why is doing this to me dude I specifically told him not to go in and he did it and I was I told him that I will take it for granted it will be a donation to the stream if you want to rip now I went off fasted I’m broke I received like 80 bucks and donations today though so I could maybe like get more skins with that but other than that yeah I’m broke it’s a little bit unfair no ID no no no don’t don’t say that no I said it before like two minutes before and you’re on wait you’re not gonna roll it no dude stop and I feel salty as is that I’m losing money but seriously no no I did not say after he donated I said it before I told you guys don’t do any wheel aside that he certainly said oh yeah I’m gonna donate 15% that’s so doable that was a rock says how you doin bro are you gonna let you baby me like that if you want it bad as a stream oh my god fuck it I don’t care I don’t give a shit anymore you got zero anyways alright buddy Jesus you know what how much money do I have right now my bank I sweat like more maybe I’ll get more no I’m done straight yeah we work a lot shit alright anyways thank you guys so much for watching yeah yeah boxes that was totally my fault yeah I should have told him way before my bad did but you know thanks to guys so much for watching iris oh my god I received like 90 bucks in donations that’s insane but thank you guys so much for watching I’m Parian peace an hour later boys..

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