Could This Lottery Ticket Scratchcard Be The Winning $100,000????? Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Take a look to see if I win 3x.

hey guys and welcome to another less scratchy a scratch me happy yeah all right this time I’m going to win a hundred thousand no flogged all those 100,000 this time okay three of them 300,000 since trend of houston right there if you don’t know the mass all right let’s go to a game one let’s go 9 7 mmm good start 97 my lucky numbers what 297 that that’s instant win right there I think yet to get three out of three on this one oh of course not that off freakin $10,000 of course it wasn’t like that one that’s right now let’s just warm up next game but no let’s just see if you get three of a kind guessing 25 yeah go on flagyl is all yeah it’s game middle fifty bucks a box then come on of course no good why I want shit all nothing again good for alright Game three let’s go over thirty thousand dollars here we go this is this is the meeting one right here I gotta pop ah nice cork is all party stuff for you gift on el papa oh no got a candle goddamn candles what I 11 hundred thousand no wonder i think i know one game for there we go you’ve got this dance Sonny come on dance again homeowners can be lucky one night Sonny buddy and jewel really really okay alright last game maybe I game 5 4 really cake here we go come on cake grab the cake for good luck guys Empires I hate pyar supplies it bad luck god damn pires shoot wise well that was my Gwyn’s absolute zero I lost five dollars scratch me not happy yeah.


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