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If you need help with a specific issue and want me to personally take a look at your setup, I can help! Check out the ‘My Services’ section of my is A/B or split testing?: 0:20

How to create 2nd variation: 0:50


How to save as template and open in new funnel: 2:30

How to split test all (esp. if more than 2) with one 4:33

YOU CAN ALSO THE ‘CLONE FUNNEL’ button after going to your funnel and ‘settings’.

Welcome back! In our previous post, I explained what is for those of you just joining, but before that we talked briefly about the 3 ways to change video size.

However, any adjustments we make are useless if your landing is not getting you results, and the best way to get results is with… A/B testing!

I will jump right in to tell you what A/B testing, or split testing is, and how you can set it up for yourself. If you want to jump ahead of the game and see how to setup split testing in feel to do so.

Split testing is a way that you can test your in and determine which are most effective for conversions, thereby using those instead of the ones that are least effective. It is like showing a couple of new gifts for your mother, and going around asking your friends to see which one they like best. The one that they like the best you will gift your mother with!

Except that this example is prone to opinion errors, whereas split testing with funnels is based off of real math – one will convert better and another won’t.

So let’s setup our first variation landing Check out this post if you want to see how we create our first landing from scratch on Log in to on ‘browse funnels’ on the top in the ‘funnels’ drop-down menu.

3) Select the funnel you want to test, and on ‘Create Variation’, which is to the right of your existing for that funnel.

You have now created your second testing the middle of the two you have noticed that a new option has been added – one that allows you to determine what percentage of the time you want people to go to what landing when on your whatever changes you want on your second such as adding new pictures, or deleting certain elements that you think can have a negative effect on your results.

Then scroll the cursor to whatever percentage you want people to land on one versus the other. So if you want people to land on both evenly, scroll the cursor to 50%-50%, then ‘save changes’.

You are now all set with these 2 test Depending on the results, and which gets you more conversions, you would want to make THAT winning your main and delete the other one. Then just repeat the process over and over again until you have a 100% conversion rate!!

Now if you want to test out more than 2 at a time, you would have to setup a new funnel, make your theme the same as your first main we have and repeat the process.

I describe how to add the two you now have on into in this post, but for now you should be able to have all these open and ready to operate at a moment’s notice!

To save your as a template, follow these steps:

1) on the you want to save as template.

2) on ‘settings’ in the top-right corner of that the bottom option that says ‘save as template’.

You should now have that particular saved as template so that you can use that same template to serve as one of your split testing in another funnel.

Hope that helped! Check out our next post as we learn how to change font color in want to see my face or hear me talk?

No problem! Check out this same information on my you like and want to learn more, or check out their 14-day trial, here on my and check out their for watching and see you guys soon!.

what’s going on everyone it’s yvonne again today i just wanted to make a video to show you what a bee or split testing is and how you can set it up when you’re clickfunnels okay and we will i’ll show you how to integrate this with clickmagick later on in the next videos and how to mask your domain but for now I just want to show you what it is and how to set it up on your clickfunnels ok so what ad testing is our split testing is it’s basically testing you test out your landing page and you track the conversions that go with it based on people that click on your different variations and you see which variation gives you better results and then you make that as your main page and then you play around until you get a really high conversion rate ok so this is something you need to be doing all the time you never really stop you keep making it better and better and better and better ok so i’ll show you how to do that here so basically this is your clip files link that takes you to this page ok to create a split test all you do is you click this button that says create variation and you can create a separate variation from template or you can just copy your exact pages you have it if i click here create duplicate so i’ll click that this is a sales page and here you see these guys are exactly the same so suppose I want half the people to click on this page and half the people to click on this one I’ll make it 5050 ok then I’ll click on edit page so make some changes here so for example suppose I’m debating I’m thinking hmm do people want to see this navigation bar or will it look better without it so I’ll just delete this in this and in this landing page I’ll click Save I’ll click back so you can see there’s there’s a difference ok so again ok I guess it resettle make this 50 50 again and I’ll click apply changes and there you go ok so now anyone that clicks on this link they will go to fifty percent of people will go here fifty percent of the people go here okay so it’s going to take turns and I can test it out here but for me because I’m from one computer for one IP it’s gonna identify me as one unique person one unique visitor so it’s going to always take me to one page ok so it’s kind of useless for me to just test this out because the computer identifies that my IP is the same okay but basically suppose now because as you can see there is only two right suppose you want to do three or four or five or six different pages and you want to test all of them out at once you don’t want to go in this approach okay so what I’ll do is I’ll show you how you can make it so that you can test out three or four or five pages at the same time so first thing you want to do is go to edit go to settings of Top and save these pages your template okay so if you want a base for your changes off of this exact page you want to save as template so click that know this already exists so I’ll just I’ll just keep it as is so disregard cut at this option it’s because i already had this page active so that’s basically what it’s going to look like okay so now i’m going to click browse funnels and i will add a new funnel yes unfortunately you have to add a new funnel if you want to do more than two right now they used to have three they used to have you were able to test three different variations in to land one funnel now it’s two max okay so I’ll just name this test funnel again or build funnel and now you need to scroll down to your templates and you need to pick the same one that we have saved okay so i’ll show you how to do that here so as you can see here so first of all normally is going to be at the bottom but as you can see here these are mostly opt in pages ok so our page was actually a sales page so make sure to go through all of these and just make sure your your template is there ok so in this case our template is going to be here so we’ll click select template it’s going to build up and then here again you can make your changes and then you can make another variation ok and so as you remember we had variation 12 and now we have variation three and four ok yeah so you make changes here so in this case I don’t know why the testimonials was saved all right because this was our main page that we based on ok so suppose here I want to delete these and i also want out you suppose i want to delete this picture so but i think you know what they do much better without the picture i’ll click Save ok and that’ll exit back out again so here basically that’s how you do it so you have four pages you know I can I can mix changes there i’ll make this 5050 which will basically make it 25 25 25 25 okay so now your question as well Yvonne you know there’s two links how do you you you can’t send two links to everyone right yes that’s right you you can’t really do that so what I’ll do in the in one of the next upcoming videos I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do next but I will show you the integration with click magic and how you can track these conversions through click magic and how you can only make both of these links as one and how you can see exactly what traffic and what the results are for each of your landing pages in which one performs better okay so that’s it that’s what a be or split testing is and how you can do to click funnels so thanks for watching guys if you have idea ? inserm feel free to leave them down below please subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time.


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