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In this video, I show you how to create a funnel with with OTO upsell and downsell products. OTO stands for one time offer, and basically allows the customer who goes through your funnel to purchase another product after buying your first one (and going through your and order form It’s really useful because once the customer bought, they are in the mood to follow through with their purchase and buy as much as is shown to them if they believe it will provide them further value. The OTO’s make it really simple for the client to purchase, since all they have to do is on the purchase button you set up, and the money will be immediately charged from their card they provided on the order This makes it incredibly convenient for the customer so they don’t have to keep on putting in their card details to make every new purchase.

Even though makes this funnel creating process incredibly simple, you would still need to set everything up correctly for the funnel to properly function, and that’s what I’ll be doing here with you right now!

The first thing we need to do is to create our funnel. We could start from scratch, or we could go to ‘create new funnel’, and on ‘make a funnel after collecting leads’ option. This will create a landing order form, order confirmation form, and thank you for us. In order to make our OTO upsell/downsell funnel, we will need to have our OTO offers immediately following the order form so that the card can get charged once and then doesn’t have to be input again for the consecutive orders.

After we do that, we will have to create some products for the OTO so that we can actually them to the order confirmation and interconnect the OTO together. You can do that by on your upsell/downsell and then on the ‘products’ tab your mid-right. You will need to include the name, dollar value, and any additional custom text you want to appear for that product on the order confirmation The ‘bump’ feature allows you to upsell this very product on the ORDER FORM but you can only have 1 bump product for your funnel.

Now that you created your products in (assuming you already have them in your shopping platform), you will need to add the commands on your OTO to connect them together. In our example as we start, we only have the upsell and downsell so our goal is to make it so that if people say yes to the upsell they are taken to the order form confirmation, SKIPPING the downsell and if they say no, they are taken to the downsell No matter they say on the downsell we need them to immediately get to the order form confirmation way we would do this is with the commands and If you are using V.1, you will need to use these, and say if your visitors agreed to purchase the OTO, and if they did not. In V.2, you will still need to use these if you are text, and not using a button. On the button however, you should see the option to either ‘not accept product’, or to ‘add product X to you have more than 1 offer on a certain such as either offer A or offer B (whichever the client prefers), you would have to say on the first product and on the second so the confirmation order form will have either the first or the second listed.

That’s it!

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what’s up guys it’s Yvonne in this video I want to show you how to make an entire quick final sales funnel from landing page to order confirmation page so this is especially useful if you have one time offers one time upsells and download and this may get confusing if you’re just starting out because if you have say 5 obstacle and five down still offers you’re thinking how do I connect them all how do I make it so that if people say yes to the upsell they’re taking to the next up solar facing know they’re changing Delta all that stuff so I’ll show you here how to set everything up alright I’ll try to make it simplified and as simple as possible so let’s jump right in so I’m going to add a new funnel and let’s say sell your product and let’s say sales funnel alright so we’ll just use that as a template we’re going to add stuff to it later let’s say complete OTO funnel complete complete oops alright so we have here our pages our steps right the landing page the sales page order form order confirmation Thank You page now the way we should have it is like this so here’s here would be the proper kind of way to set it up you will start off with your landing page then a Thank You page if you want to thank you page if not go straight to the sales page followed by the order form page this is where they would put their credit card information and then they’re presented with an upsell so the cool thing about these guys are if they order this product then when they say yes to your upsell or to your down so they immediately buy it it’s bought so they click yes it’s done it adds to their cart is in charged right they don’t have to put in their information again it’s a one time offer one time upsell and then same with the down sell and then your order confirmation so this is kind of our basic setup this is what we’ll do first I’ll go over everything you need and kind of how to connect everything and then we’ll go over some variations if you have additional observations additional download pages for lab stuff so let’s go here so um one more thing you need to keep in mind is if you are creating the pages so for example this is your landing page this is your Thank You page your sales page or order page you need to make sure you’re using the proper template from here so if this was my sales page I would have to go and use a sales page template I can’t use your landing page template same with my one time offer one time up slow down so I would have to use these ones okay I can’t use my sales page at my one time up so that’s because the the clickfunnels took this set up this way so that everything connects together and matches so make sure you do it like that now if you have a phenomenal and amazing email opt in template you save as a template is so great and you want to use that for your sales page or for your one time offer page where you can do now click panels out of the feature where you can save your sections of any template so just save it and then you can open it through any page so suppose I have a phenomenal email opt in I’ll save every single section from there I’ll go into my sales page and I’ll select select template for this one and then what I’ll do is I’ll be able to open the section that I’d save so if I go here and I said I go here to manage section or sort add section I should see my sections here so these are some of the sections that I saved from other pages and you know I named them section 1 section 2 section 3 section 4 6 or 5 then all you do is you just put it there ok so that’s how you would do it that’s it very simple anyway back to the task at hand so let me create what we’ve shown in the Power.Point I’ll create my upsell 1 and my upload 2 pages to start off and ok so for this one for my upsell I need to make sure it’s a one click hope so and like I said what you can do is you can just copy paste them and you can save that as a template so that you don’t have to keep doing that right and then let me make a down someone now making one because I will show you if you have more than one I think will be 2 or 3 9 different options just to show you what you should be doing and then need to put these right after the order form okay as a word yes now so yes no problem okay so now that we’ve done that we have the thing like everything set up we went from landing page straight to sales page in this case then order for upsell down sale order and then thank you for order confirmation you can do that so first thing we’ll need to do is let’s create our product so I’m going to go to upsell or you can go to sales page as well and not not not sell pay top salvage and we need to create our product here so this is assuming you are already integrated with one of the payment methods like stripe I not so I’ll just show you roughly what it’s going to look like and I’ll just use you envision softer ontraport for this so let’s say product a and then we can put an amount here let’s say 500 bucks so this price display override is basically a constant field dollars it just say whatever you want to on your order confirmation page so the order confirmation page is dynamically updated so if you bought for the items that are worth 100 200 300 bucks that’s what’s going to show in the order confirmation page assuming you put it in here right so this field allows you to customize that instead of saying 100 bucks you can say ad hey here’s your 50% off so it’s 100 bucks because it’s 50% up right just a little gentle reminder to the people that maybe whatever you promised them and the landing page is actually there so you can say no 20% discount 500 bucks and that’s what’s going to show okay and then for this bump so every order page has a little kind of bump which is an additional section they can use them just create that and I’ll actually I’ll just show you what you can do on the order from page so on this order for page where you can do is you can actually sell another product so you can create this thing called a bump you can only do one and what that does is I want with their purchase it gives them the option to buy something else kind of like you may have seen if you signed up for click funnels they have this little option a ad well hacks or whatever and here I’ll show you what a good look like so it’s gonna be a order bump right there and it’s gonna say like that rain you you can say whatever you want to so in order for to work you do need to indicate on that page we’re just in a second ago that this order is associated with a bump order right and then here you would just you would just fill it all in and you know one time offer that’s where you would put it okay so that’s how you would make that part yes I’ll save it okay so now let’s go into the actual ups and downs so let me just create the down slope template real quick some a few so again is one of these given templates so now that we’ve got everything set up we’ve got our product right we’ve got one product so far we may need to come back in there and make a few more or I’ll just make someone pause the video but so now we’ve done that let me go to the upload page so as you can see here here’s the format so what we want to do here right this is a very simple funnel what we want to do here is if people say yes to our upsell we want them to go straight to the order confirmation page and if they say no we want them to go to the download page and have an opportunity to buy maybe a cheaper product with less features but still cheaper rates or money’s not a concern and then if they say yes here they’re taken to the order confirmation and if they say no here they’re taken to the other information so how do we do that so let’s go into edit page and I’ll show you how so this is why this was important for us to set a product because let me go here to settings let me say on set action for the button right we’ll need two buttons on each OTO page you will need one for it yes add or go to the next episode page and one for no I’m not interested so over here it’ll say one click upsell product a if you don’t have a product it’s not going to say that it’ll say something like no product not available to sell so you don’t want that make sure you got a product so that it gets added to your order confirmation page so that’s what we’re going to do here we’re going to say yes definitely one quick up sell product a that’s what one that was our product for five hundred bucks now for no think I don’t need this now what they’ve done is they put a little hyper in here and they said no link so if you don’t for whatever reason see those options or you’re using editor one what you can do is instead of you know selecting this option that’s already given to you just say yes link so in here it says no link what you would do there is you would just say yes link okay that’s all that’s what you’ll be doing you would in case you don’t have the option to just do right away so that’s basically how this will work so we’ve set up this page properly now everything works here if they say download now they immediately get that thing added to their cart they don’t show up on your confirmation if they say no here then it still takes them to this sorry no then we take us to the download page here right so that’s why this is the no link it’ll take them to a download page so let’s just save that and let’s go back so let’s go to the download page now so in this case it doesn’t really matter we would put the exact same things as we did for the previous page so we would still put yes link and know it but in this case they are still taken to the order confirmation page unless we have more OTO pages which is what we’ll do next so over here you know what we would have to do is we would have to actually create a yes or no product setup so we would have to create a different product because obviously this is a product a they just said no so this is what it will say if we don’t have a product setup so make sure you have another product oh maybe cheaper cheaper price right and it would show up here so product B so um yeah and then and over here it’ll say the link yourselves know like so what I’ll actually do is let me just quickly pause the video and I’ll be right back and I will create maybe a few other products for you guys so that we can we can make this easier again so I’ll be right back alright so I’ve added some products for this download page one thing I forgot to mention is you will need to add separate products for every single OTO page it’s not like you can add a bunch of products and then just add the OTO pages you will need to add different products for different OTO page okay so I’ve added two products for specifically the down so for this down so page so now when I went here when I click on set action I have these two options I’ve added to products or added one quick upsell product a one click opsal product B so actually if you know the limit is two but if you have so I’ll add another button if you have two different things you’re saying say maybe hey you know try out this cheaper product and then maybe you give them two options so you’re not limiting them to only yes your if you want to give them options you can say you know this one set action what about sell product be alternatively again if you’re using version one you can say yes hashtag yes link to this would be linked to okay which is what is this here yes link to okay now this is yes link one or just just don’t even put the one to say yes link so so that’s how this would work here and then obviously here again you would say no right you would say no link say no I’m not interested so let me just say that let me go back okay so that’s pretty much it for this part right we’ve done that so now what we can do is we can add additional up solar down so product and let’s see what that’s going to look like so I’m just going to add new step let’s say upsell to I’ll create funnel step and I’ll pick a template again I need to go to OTO and click the template alright and as you can see here all kind of older products have been deleted so we need to add new products here okay so that’s fine and I’ll move this up here and I’ll add one more step down so to and it’ll put this down here so okay so now we have all this okay so we would still need to go in there and change the products on all of these guys okay for a downsell 2001 lol all of them but let me show you what kind of the bird’s eye view what we want to have here so this actually is not the best setup for the thing in fact this isn’t really the right setup for this okay and let me tell you what so after people buy they’re taken to this absolute page okay if they see yes link so they’re they want to buy the product they’re taken to this next upsell page here if they say yes they’re taken to the order creation page no problem there everything’s perfect now here’s the problem and why we need to rearrange this a little bit and I’ll tell you on a second if they say no here there they skip episode 2 and they’re taken straight to down so 1 now here’s the problem no matter what they say in this case to down someone whether they say yes or whether they say no I’m not interested they take it to the order confirmation page but what if what if they want down cell 2 ok so the proper way to do this would be to actually move one of them top and now what this is going to do is if they if if they say no here and they’re taking to the down so page if they say yes to the down cell page they’re taken to this up cell page and then the process repeats and you do the exact same thing over and over and over again depending on how many up solar down solvers you have so we would need to put in kind of an upsell council up hill council format just because of this reason because if they say no here they’re taken straight to this page if you have a bunch of del Sol offers kind of together following each other that’s useless that that’s not going to do anything for you because they’ll just hit that first down so page you have there and then go straight to the order confirmation no matter what they say so let me just pause the video real quick and I will add a few more pages just to show you what it’s going to look like all right welcome back so I added as you can see two more additional optional council pages so I put them in this excel downsell up slow down slow down so format so now what’s going to happen is if people say yes to this upsell they are taken to this upsell to write and again the way they say yes is I’m not going to go back in there and show you on every single page but it’s the same thing on every page is you just select that product that you input so that you know product a or you would type in hash hash tag yes link one or just yes link okay and if they say yes to that button on which you put that code command for it would go to this next one if they say yes here goes to the next one if they say yes here order confirmation and that my friends is a fun okay now if they’re on this upsell one page and they say no so I had no link and they go to this down sell page so right because they no don’t go here if they say no here then they are taken straight to the order confirmation page if they say yes they still have another chance they’re taken to the upsell 2 page if they say yes to episode 2 episode 3 also for if they say no to upsell they’re taken to down so and then from down sell again if they say no they’re taken to order confirmation page if to the down sell they say yes they are taken to upsell 3 ok so just some options that are available for you this is pretty much how you would set up this entire sales funnel and how you can maximize the income you can generate from your visitors to your landing page right look at all these opportunities for you to generate money right so that’s about it I hope this was kind of helpful for you to clear things up and how to put all this in place if you guys have any questions comments or concerns we’ll leave them down below if you enjoy the video give it a thumbs up and subscribe for those of you that have subscribed thank you I do appreciate it and I will see you guys in the next video. .

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