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now for more! new studies find that 1/4 Brits hire a professional cleaner to clean their home for 6-10 an hour, Good Morning Britain asks Gemma Bray, and Sarah Relf, tutor, what if they think hiring a cleaner is necessary.

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there’ll be a lot of mums and dads waking up this morning and I’m sure so is going to join in this saying that how on earth can you be that organized when you’ve got a family you’ve got small children and as as share says the problem with cleanings that Sue’s eyesight clean one room that gorgeous little darlings come with your children decide that’s the perfect place to play well that’s a thing you’ve got to keep on top of it and if you are savvy you can work cleaning into your day you can do it in the advert breaks you can do it whilst you’re waiting for your conditioner in the in the shower you can quickly clean the shower there’s all sorts of places you can show me a bit of cleaning in well my older ones are at school and my toddler he added little dust or anything it’s a lot of fun what he loves to do you see because a lot of people are getting home it’s very often the first time they see now I don’t always clear when they’re at school what I might do is set the alarm in the morning for 15 minutes earlier than normal and then quickly Rick wit round and then do 15 minutes needed obviously all depends what you’re doing in your day do you get up dinner half 6:00 and so you still have 15 minutes so it’s a quarter part so it’s sort of called past five you get up in order to get some cleaning half 6:00 and then I’m in the shower by 7:00 downstairs doing breakfast by hospital my children no but that’s the point be sitting if I’m cleaning I only do it Monday to Friday Saturday and Sunday no cleaning out house having a good time so don’t mess up that my son’s at home with me in the day and so we we’re doing other things like baking we do in half an hour anyone can find half an hour but I challenge you you go home afternoon set your timer half an hour you will yes because then you don’t over clean if you set a timer you’re focused you don’t procrastinate you get in you get out and then you get on with your day and if you do it for half an hour you will be shocked at how much you can get done shortly clean to start with it’s got to do anything off for now so if you’re starting like the organised one method which is what it’s called from fresh and your house is challenging then you might want to do the messy house boot camp takes one week get it sorted right so look I’ve got the messenger boot camp here yeah this is this is perfect for go away yeah your sake so each of these things it’s slit split into different and how long would it take to do one day here cuz you’re saying that’s the bootcamp so that is slightly hardcore you’ve got it you know it’s not a full time thing you can do as much as you can that’s the main thing don’t over stretch yourself anything is better than nothing and you start to notice the difference really quickly okay so I despite Ben’s constant and continuous scathing attack I feel like I do do a lot of tidying in the house yes and he probably more than half an hour if you because how you follow the kids around and you as you say you may be baking with them and then you’re clearing out from that but that isn’t cleaning you see by the time you clear the table under the dishwasher it the actual time it I suggest just general lines just general life actually doing anything so on top of that you’re then going around and clean the windows and the mirrors what happens is you’ll find that the more you keep on top of it is the less general hiding and it’s just becomes ingrained the kids pick up on it and they just become tidy and naturally one of the things I think is very interesting what you say and I don’t renewable with this is actually these days I think sometimes mums and dads will be so keen to spend in inverted commas quality time you know their children their normal doing there’s some of things front of them and they’re not learning those skills my mum was brilliant she did everything so I went to uni and I didn’t know like you say dust first so that you’re doing a bit of baking then you’ve got to clean up after that because that’s part of the baking but they don’t know how to clean a room like you said start or do a laundry and separate their whites from their the dark colors and that isn’t that part of play is what I’m really suggesting part of play if they’re playing in their own environment but what about that family that are at work all the time they maybe need a clean them you know it’s something I’m looking into as a possibility just so I can spend that time I did you rather save your money and then take the kids on a really good holiday I would rather clean a little bit extra some people get in touch with this Justine says depends how big your house is I’d love a cleaner but I’d be running around cleaning before they arrived as I didn’t baby embarrassed if they’ve arrived to an unclean house Tara says you can probably tidy in about 30 minutes but definite lot clean it in 30 minutes takes me 20 minutes just to do my bathroom and that sounds like quite a bad guy sounds like a palatial back Genesis this is plenty of time to clean a house personally don’t understand how people let the house get so untidy it would take so much longer routine making sure that you put things where they belong at the home after using works wonders we get we could get I tell you what we could do some filming of garraway doing the missing try I’ve just discovered you have to dust an extractor fan breakthrough for me I’ve got an extractor fan lino justice thank you so much for coming in Friday well I would look today you’ve gotta have a good scrub I’ll give the shower screen a good scrub it can get very confused by these days you.


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