Chalky’s 5 Lotto Scratch Card Advent Calendar Day 8 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Day 8 of 24.

hello everybody and welcome to today’s video I’m being quiet again because it’s silly a clock again and everybody’s still asleep quick update so far we have spent 35 pound and with 135 pounds sort of broken even so today we could potentially go up so 23 is my lucky number 23 and 32 and y 2 lucky longest so today what we’ve got to do is we’ve got a much more an easy numbers or one below okay so all twenties and zeros are leading 21 noble 1727 know we could potentially go off today number nine love number eight one of the three we need six and eight 11 now 30 you’ve got nothing your high number seven now we’re getting ones in between everywhere are weak ones next to it 29 14 13 + 124 we got the air look on either side of everything today so no luck today so 40 pounds spent 35 back what we got tomorrow number 8 is today where’s number nine number nine where are you number nine is one of these here millionaire riches so join us tomorrow for that beast no good today I’ve work today everybody right.


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