Chalky’s 5 Lotto Scratch Card Advent Calendar Day 24 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Day 24 of 24.

you join us live on Christmas Eve in the children lily household girls what are you doing making cookies for Santa making cookies was fun we can eat so well I’ll tell you what it’s time to do the last day of our vinylmation advent calendar girls mummy wish me luck last chance to win some money for missing this thing we can’t ever find the machines and look at home I will do the vinyl nations over there in a little bit but for now daddy’s going to do is lust advent coming up oh did it did it do right then we need a Christmas miracle come on last chance to our winner number 11 29 13 number four number 24 girls wish me luck no shit up I need some mock right then swagman time a little sleep on the floor and we’re going to do this right then sir number eleven is our first number that we could find number four yes we’ve got a winner Christmas magic number six ah thought we’re going to get full card to end this on a perfectly number seven number eighteen number 12 number nine come on let’s have one more little cheeky sneak you in 15 14 no more 24 yes we’ve got two winners guys over 116 mr.number up 25 sewed up to now 24 is a winner and number four is when we’ve got two winners 17 do we need that no 19 do we need that note number 8 so to finish it off on Christmas Eve number 4 is a fiver and number where did God 24 is a fiver we got a tenner on the last day guys so to finish off our advent calendar thank you everybody for watching over the last 24 days with 155 pound back so 120 spent 55 bucks you have shy getting half that money back but it was fun I’ll tell you what I’m stupid enough to do it next year Merry Christmas everybody oh I’m gone cookie. .

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