Chalky’s 5 Lotto Scratch Card Advent Calendar Day 21 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Day 21 of 24.

take the polar express when your lights in a mess it’ll make you smile at least I think that it’s from this I’m about to watch it for the first time with the girls because tonight we are going on the polar express Thank You Jody and dan dan for our amazing early Christmas present so excited to finally watch that as well right there day 21 what we’ve got to do is match one of these ear winning numbers we want the numbers below so we’ve got 24 we’ve got 23 my lucky number number four number 30 number 21 and it is down on the 21 come on let’s all the win on day number 21 so our first number is number 19 Oh next up to the 929 no good on its own number eight on its own number three on its own number one come on number nine now good come on 23 22 number 18 number two with Eve number four we’ve got 13 and one two three come on number four 28 now all we need is one win one little wimp number seven no good 26 no God number 14 number 15 and number 13 so again no good today we’ve got 22 23 24 three more chances but any of those could yield a massive result will fill monopoly there we could with a million for God’s sake we’ve got number 23 we could win a million for God’s sake and then finally 24 we could win a million for God’s sake come on see you tomorrow guys tell you all about Porter Express.


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