Chalky’s 5 Lotto Scratch Card Advent Calendar Day 18 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Day 18 of 24.

lo there it’s day number 18 and instead of being silly o’clock in the morning it’s actually silly o’clock at night it’s just turned midnight so I thought I’d try something a little bit different I’m not on there for this time a night anymore Ben the old father that I am but we’ll try it now sat day 18 fast 500 let’s turn this lucky streak back into a positive so there are our symbols a trainer a chest and note of safe and a plane today is going to be the day let’s have a full card it’s a helmet next up Chuck and flag a truck a steering wheel that’s the first row gone next of a note Oh a note a note um feel a song coming up we nearly made it we nearly found the perfect combination the road was right we must have read the sounds wrong and now it’s all gone bad a denim you know song yet um but if we made it could we be sure that it was for the better who would have said we would have stayed together nothing is certain but an atom in a changing world you know it every lose our wings open once the dream begins papam in time you will see faith holster banknote and every loser knows the light eternal shores will shine on you and are those who do we need made it yes every loser wins we’ve got to win it I’ll stop singing now like at it and scratch the rest let’s have two winners a trainer or two winners that means we’ve got to seeing you again um we nearly make not really right let’s keep going stack come on we’re on a roll two winners let’s have another one a diamond I’m buzzing we’ve got two winners we’ve got a car do we need a car no another car do we need another cart now bolt lightning gold bars and a pot of gold we’ve got two winners what have we got a fiver there and a fiver there observer with one a 10 or so 45 pound we’re back on track and to quote nick berry every loser wins finally.


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