Calif Lottery Scratchers 2018 Guide

Our updated calif lottery scratchers guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Why play just any scratcher game offered by the California Lottery, when you can select the best ticket? This site list California lottery scratcher games in order to provide you the best chance of winning the highest payout. Although winning is not guaranteed, this list ranks the current scratcher games by prize amounts, total number of prizes, and prizes unclaimed.

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play just any scratcher game offered by the California Lottery, when you can select the best ticket?. This list California lottery scratcher games in order to provide you the best chance of winning the highest payout. Although winning is not guaranteed, this list ranks the current scratcher games by prize amounts, total number of prizes, and prizes 2013-2014 All Rights Reserved. Design: HTML5.

calif lottery scratchers

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You can calculate the return for any given prizes with my SuperLotto Plus calculator.

The Daily Derby is a $2, daily game in which the player chooses, in order, three numbers from 1 to 12, without replacement. In other words, the same way the player would bet a trifecta in a 12-horse race at the racetrack. In addition, the player must also pick three numbers from 0 to 9, with replacement, to represent the last three digits in the starting time of the race, which starts sometime between 1:40.00 and 1:49. After betting closes, the Lottery will randomly choose the same things. If the player gets at least the winning horse or the race time, he will win something.

Before going further, let me review some horse racing terminology:

Prizes are pari-mutual style, where the lottery returns approximately 50% of total money bet (source: California Lottery Regulations, page 12) of the total ticket sales. Because it is pari-mutual, there is not a fixed pay table but how much you win will depend on how many other winners you will have to share with.

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calif lottery scratchers ideasThis means that players betting box tickets are subsidizing straight ticket players. I assume the 4% directed towards the reserve is distributed on a pro-rata basis to the other wins, according to win share. The Lottery selects 20 numbers from the same range. We can get at the total number of all tickets printed by multiplying the number printed for any given win by the inverse of the probability of winning. They tell us the number of ticket wins is 1,555,344. As you pay for more a ticket, the return percentage goes up.

what’s up everyone how is everyone doing today my name is ke.V today we’re playing some twenty times the money and we got the coin are you ready this is the first time the coin is seeing these brand new scratchers and hopefully it brings us some luck because man it has been bringing us some luck yes it has check it out it is beautiful mm hmm there it is so shiny are you ready here we go looking for fast 50 nope 48 all right winning numbers here we go got 27 12 34 41 and 42 okay see if this can bring us some luck here we’ve got Lolo the clover up in the corner sitting there nice and pretty hopefully it brings us something combined with the coin they can’t go wrong there’s just no way here we go no prize yet nothing yet 24:38 29 37 and 32 okay nothing there no problem let’s move on to the next one we’ve got more don’t worry I’ve always got backups all right can we do this win again second card we’ve been winning the second card for the past two videos can we do it for the third time in a row that would be pretty insane now 55 okay winning numbers 23 44 41 43 and 9 rights 21 16 7 24 42 Wow 41 43 44 huh 25:13 1227 39 8 34 33 26 11 36 31 and 28 all right no win there it’s okay I have more here comes back up here we go fast 50 come on baby 49 missed it by one just one oh yeah yeah all right 928 824 14 by the way guys I am so excited for next week do you know why because we are about to get a bunch of packages from amazing fans packages that most likely contain scratchers some of them have said there are scratches in them and I don’t know what else maybe a nice little note or something but hey I’m so excited to play the scratchers we’ve got scratchers coming from all over the states and potentially international scratchers alright the only problem is I’m not gonna know how to read anything on that so I won’t know how to I won’t know how to read the directions okay so I want no idea how to play the game but you know what we can figure it out together I’m sure we can with some Google Translate we can do anything here we go fast 15 this is actually my last card oh no I made a big mistake come on coin let’s go let’s go pull in some luck here last one so this week is all just California scratchers next week we’ll probably have all scratchers from out of California the entire week maybe maybe the entire week it’ll be close we’ll see we’ll see we’re getting quite a few scratchers and so thank you everyone who has sent any scratchers thank you so much really appreciate it I know everyone is going to love seeing those new scratchers on this channel and we only have you to thank for them so thank you thank you thank you and I did not pull off a win here retro no win okay you know what hmm okay let’s shake these office I don’t know why I don’t shake this off I like shaking these off nice and clean keep it nice and clean right the desk area okay so what are we going to do here we do have four losers all right we have four losers what’s the plan here I do have a few other scratchers and you know what I’m going to do I’m going to find a random scratcher and we’re going to play something else here we go put these to the side you know what let’s play our waiting seven seven seven I have yeah let’s do that alright we’ll do that here we go we got to have at least one win right all right winning numbers forty 225 3121 and eight and while I have you while I’m doing this extra scratcher I also am about to do something cool and it’s kind of I guess like a mini it’s not a partnership but it’s like more like I’m working with one of my subs and working as in he wants to send scratchers every month to play for me to play and I’m gonna play those and those are coming also this actually this should be here I should probably check the mail they’re gonna be here soon okay no win here and once they get here we’re gonna play them he wants me to give away some scratchers to you guys how nice of him to do that right and what’s also cool is he wants to send scratchers every single month for me to play and I will be donating any of those winnings anything we went on that I will be donating to the Wounded Warrior Foundation yes the subscriber I am working with on this he is a veteran he wants me to keep his name out but everyone please thank him for his service he is a veteran and he actually I’ll explain you know I’ll tell you guys his story when we do those scratchers because I think it’ll be you know more people more people will actually hear like see the the title of the you know of the video and understand what it is because I feel like not everyone’s going to watch this video so I don’t want his story to be you know little not not I don’t want his story to have less exposure than it really deserves but in short he wouldn’t he was injured very severely while he was out deployed and he lost a lot of his leg and had to have major surgery and he broke parts of his back his ribs and he’s had surgery and doctors told him he would never walk again and now he is walking after several surgeries and months of recovery he is walking he even sent me a video of himself telling me that he is walking to get even buy scratchers and just it’s just so inspirational for someone to go through all that and still come out you know come out okay and I’m very very happy for him that he is able to walk again and he’s you know getting back to his 100% self so yeah so that’s what we’re going to do and he so he’s going to send me scratchers and actually I’m going to probably add my own scratchers to that donation group and I will be donating whatever I went there as well to the Wounded Warrior Foundation and we’re you know we’re hoping to raise some awareness so you guys understand you know what veterans go through and what they sacrifice you know for the country whoops video cut off because somebody called me okay we’re gonna continue here we go yeah so I I just get kind of give you guys the gist of what we’re going to be doing here and you know what we’re going to be doing on the channel as we go and you know we’re going to do a lot of more exciting things like that and try to make you know some sort of an impact like these scratchers don’t have to be just for scratching and trying to win our own jackpots and whatnot right like I’m playing these for fun I’m playing these for you guys and jackpot or not I I’m still playing these like I’m but I don’t expect to win a jackpot and that’s not why I’m playing these okay so if you’re worried that I’m spending a lot of money on these it’s actually surprisingly not that much and the things we’re going to be able to do with this channel if we keep growing like this is it’s going to be great like we’re going to do we’re going to try to make a positive impact with our community of subscribers so thank you everyone for all your support oh my god that’s a seven seven seven we just hit the 777 oh my oh I see the prize but this is gonna be a good oh my god this is gonna be a good win guys we frickin did it we hit we haven’t been winning many of these seven these seven seven sevens oh my god I can’t believe that just happened so I’m like mindlessly just scratching right now trying to tell you the guys the story of the veteran and you know everything we’re gonna do moving out forward for the Wounded Warrior Foundation and look how many scratches we play it right played all of these and I I didn’t even I was I wasn’t even like paying attention really to how many we were actually playing and this was actually my last 777 winning 777 card and we hit 777 this is the first time ever I have never seen this symbol you know what happens is when all 18 prizes holy crap that is amazing that is amazing that’s what I like to see on this channel that’s what gets us hyped up and all the viewers love seeing wins they like seeing wins I you know of course I prefer wins and Wow we hit seven seven seven are you ready to see what this is holy crap we frickin did it whoo thank you below low thank you to the coin and let’s see what we got here let’s see what we got five dollars dollars dollars got another there another there oh my god two dollars here two dollars there dollars five oh my god yes two I’m sorry I’m just gonna keep her beans and a $10 to finish it off is that $50 ah $40 $50 I don’t know oh my god that is that is a good win that is a good good great when in fact and we have not won anything like this on winning 777 this is definitely going into the highlight reel I’m going to be doing another compilation video compilation video of all my biggest wins and maybe will win a few more big ones but this is definitely going to go in there oh my god I love it 777 win all look at that beautiful symbol right there ah we did it we did it guys this this this is the moment you’ve been waiting for okay what did we win now what did we win let’s find out okay let’s go here let’s do this 10 15 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 $50 $50 win you know what that probably covered all of our cards here let’s see 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 and 40 and a single win we lost seven cards in a row and this single win brings it back of course you can’t hope something like this will happen don’t play and think this will happen all the time because it won’t but man it is exciting when it does happen there we go we finally are getting some good wins on this channel after a pretty long losing streak and you know kind of week wins but this coin is really bringing it back that proves it right there that this coin does have some magic to it I hope you enjoyed because I had an absolute blast playing this and thank you so much you guys are why I get to play this and do this full time yes I am doing this full time if anyone wants to support my full time I guess career I would love for your support and you can donate on patreon. com slash kev empire or you can just donate single amounts just donate whatever you’d like to my paypal which is kev empire at gmail. com make sure to send it as a friend because you are my friend and plus it will reduce the fees for you and for me thank you so much really appreciate it wow that was exciting make sure to LIKE the video make sure to comment down below and I will see you guys very soon love you guys bye.

we’ve got more set for life lottery tickets these are the $1 one so it’s 20,000 a month for 25 years not should that really make you set for life but it would be nice to have that extra money so let’s see if we win any and the last few we’ve done we’ve won something I’m not a big prize what we win something so just as a reminder it’s match any of your numbers to the winning number and you win that prize or you uncover the double dollar symbol and automatically win that prize if there’s a two times you get double the prize and if if the word life is under any of them then you win the two thousand dollars a month for 25 years so and then these are also the second chance ones as well so let us start with winning numbers this is my lucky gold coin it’s done fairly well for me up until now so let’s just keep the streak going is what I say see here and this is we got a winning number look at that already we got a winner all right let’s look the ones that we didn’t get just for fun hopefully there’s something good under there all right here I’m going to put this to the side and we’ll do some of these other ones see we get let’s see the winning number first is a nine oh I had a nine up there only could combine them let me know if you guys do any of these let me know what the biggest prizes you’ve won on it for this particular one the biggest one is the $20 I didn’t want anything on these at least had some good ones under here OOP there was a mm all right so nothing on this one but I will be entering it in the second chance drawing and let me know too you guys have done a second chance drawing if any of you have won from that I haven’t actually won from that but I did have a friend who didn’t win from it a couple years back now and I know they have a limit it’s funny they have a limit you can put in I guess two or five hundred tickets or something that’s a lot of tickets to be putting and I think that some people I guess play that often and if you’re winning why not this one’s also not a winner so so far we just have one has a potential went well not a potential winner it is a winner we just don’t know what it is yet okay here’s this one come on come on number 25 or the word like let’s go let’s go oh nothing yet ah 22 bummer okay here we go last one this group and then we’ll see what I got on the other one all right here let’s do this this way again seemed to work out the other way fifteen nine come on we got here and all right don’t dump done let’s see what we have 15 yay oh we got another one all right so we’ve got two here and there look at that study both number 15 all right so let’s see this one first get under this one $2 not a big win a wins a win let’s see we got under this one come on ah ticket all right so not too bad three dollars total basically so we’ll get some other ones and hopefully win something bigger let me know what you guys have won thanks bye good morning or afternoon or evening I guess whatever you’re watching this morning for me right now we got another group of the set for life scratchers here the $1 ones again and there’s five winning numbers and if you match any the winning numbers to the winning number here you win that prize double dollar symbol you automatically win that prize two times you win two times the prize and then if the word life comes up you get two thousand a month for 25 years so let’s see what we got here Adam and okay win yesterday not not big wins but some some okay ones but FLE today will be a little luckier so pointing number is 27 26 they’re set up seven not quite what we need there no and some nothing on that one but we will scratch this so we can get it into the second chance drawing next one up it’s to our numbers let’s just see the word live let’s go last I checked a couple days ago it looked like nobody or maybe just one person I think had won the the set for life for this particular game so I think there’s like 16 out there or something like that I could be wrong I think I might be off on that one I’m 7 so I’m not this one either so these I think there’s a lot of the bigger prizes haven’t been claimed yet I guess it doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have it they just haven’t come in and claimed it yet so ok let’s see we got here so so far our two down and nothing but hopefully we’ll get something with this one so this winning number is 25 and we do have a 25 there and actually this is a reschedule we got a ticket so not horrible better than nothing but just a ticket for that one see we have here’s dude winning number first and let’s see a 27 in here 22:27 awesome ok see just got asked for it let’s see we got 15 12 and 24 okay so got one there scratch this off thing and let’s leave it a mystery for now just in case and let’s see the wing numbers here come on let’s see life nope number number and another number two times how about that and another number alright let’s see what the winning number is eight I had darn not that one hopefully we get another winner with this last one hopefully this one’s a big winner all right let’s see got here okay seven there six there in a 25 and number 23 all right so I’m going to have two winning tickets here so we got ticket on the other one and this one is a suit number we looking at seven ticket for this one too all right so we got two tickets so we’ll obviously use those to get some other ones but it hasn’t been the big win but it was fun hopefully you’ll come back again to see what we get with the the next set.

ah good morning so I just got done dropping my husband off for work and beforehand we did a cigarette and scratchy run I mean it was nice enough to get me a five dollar one of the new tickets and it was a $10 winner so I went in and his urging and exchanged it I got this $5 crossword and the $5 lucky fortune I’ve already scratched the crossword but I’m so excited I’m going to scratch this one and see if we can win more and then I’ll show you the other one now this is my new and improved burnishing tool so old it’s for working with clay I guess and the tip wasn’t right so my husband offered me the dremel tool and I went ahead and made the tip better and what we’re doing is we’re looking for three like symbols in a row and so far I’m not seeing anything I guess I’ll move up so everybody can see I’m not looking through the camera I am hopefully looking at the card still not seeing anything so yeah anyway I am script this bonus crossword that’s behind this one I’m going to hope for a winner on this one but either way you’re going to get to see a winner because I’m so excited I decided instead of waiting to scratch this one I would scratch this one and then show off the other so if I am correct nothing so far I’m getting more coffee so hardened if I’m a little deadpan public we won a ticket three of those it’s there’s a multiplier so one times a ticket true and correct good deal but then there’s this lovely crossword which up here I got swim wig game which has the five times X in it mania and not I guess I could put that up a little higher and you can look at the letters and see I’m not not fooling now you can also see that six words is $30 with the five times symbol makes it one hundred and fifty dollars and I was like no freaking way but then I scratch the next game which is I got ice melon lift that net even and theme as you can see right there just barely you can see but that says seven words is $100 so I’m pretty darn sure I got $250 morning winner plus a ticket on the lucky fortune good morning everyone I hope you’re having a good lucky day too thanks for watching.

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