Blowin Up Yt With 10000000 Videos! Chasing Some Hoosier Lottery Scratch Card Winners ! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

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I Mainly do Hoosier Lottery Scratch Cards.
I am already a millionaire so I do these for FUN and RECREATION.


alright so let’s do these ten down our tickets look for a matching number or my bag or ten times if we would find the ten times that’d be sweet 4924 tell us all that but maybe not 7 6 38 and 18 / 13 4843 3131 22 you 40 I oh it’s a big opens a big fast cutting or something because I’ve been struggling spinning the money not getting anything back just the one winter and it was 31 or 15 bucks so whatever scandium 15 out of 20 will play tomorrow Abby scratching you.


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