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bingo Scratchcard from the national lottery

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this is Paul from San Juan Mobile’s and people have been asking me to do when I cut a pickle fast which is video bingo scratch card so I thought I’d do one for you and so it’s the big air scratch card from the National Lottery friends refers impound top prize the cards free pound to buy the prizes are three pound five pound six pound 10 pound 15 pound 20 pound 30 pound 30 one pound fifty pound 100 pound 200 pound 1000 pound one thousand four hundred fifty pound ten thousand and three hundred grand okay so the idea the game is being going scratch off you get the numbers the novice you scratch them off here and then I see you have two lines like that across across the middle of a six you get one free lights or one sort of play free play anything down diagonal and four corners four corners off see we get your top prize they’ve all got different prizes sort of obviously card for is the most money okay let’s get started I’ve only done one card because they take too long so 65 and thirteen I know 65 65 they’re 56 and 256 okay fifty twenty five to thirty to fifty to sixty two thirty four whenever I do these scratch cards always take him in the shop just to make sure that I have one just in case you scratch off the wrong number that’s what I wanted to do anyway should be gutted if someone else picked it up or find it in your bin did so far is it ten and twenty seven thirty six 1118 any one number there fifty one to win free pound now there she is 51 so one free pound across the top line which means you’re not going to get nothing else on that now as in winners bringing goings or anything 50 66 he’s got beer somewhere let’s place the end so free pound scratch card and I won free pound back so I’m evens thanks for watching please like the video and subscribe to see all the new scratch cards from the National Lottery this was just someone asked me to do it so I thought I’d do one for him see you later.


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