Best Bingo Scratch Cards 2018 Guide

Our updated best bingo scratch cards guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Online scratch card games are a total stress buster that provides players with amazing fun! Play as much as you want and keep winning. The format is easy and the navigation simple, so players have sublime while playing. The site also comes out with new and exciting offers for all scratch card games and the bonuses are fab.Playing scratch cards online has now become hot favourite among players. These classic scratch card games come with great user interface and a peppy look. With a 24/7 super supportive customer service, the gaming experience become all the more smooth.

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Playing scratch cards online has now become hot favourite among players. With a 24/7 super supportive customer service, the gaming experience become all the more smooth. We always keep our players happy and hence give them a chance to win at every step. So if you want more then play more and win more. After all, we would love to see all our players have fun and emerge as winners. So go ahead and enjoy the fabulous games, win the amazing jackpots and bag those bonuses, for its nothing less than a grand fan-fare

best bingo scratch cards

Mobile Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are easy to understand and are instant win games in the casino industry. These have been designed based on themes with simple rules so that people have no problem in understanding them. We offer online scratch cards that can be loaded instantly unlike poker rooms or bingo games where you have to wait for a specific time frame for the game to commence. Beginners who register with us prefer indulging in scratch cards during their initial days.

At Sailor Bingo, we have recently added an additional 10 scratch cards to the site as online scratch cards are becoming more and more popular. We are watching trends and collecting data to find out the most popular scratch cards amongst all bingo players online and will be adding more online scratch cards to the site soon. Keep checking our scratch cards page to see what ones we have added.

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These are easy to play and are loved too. The thrill of uncovering what lies within scratch cards has made these games immensely popular. You can refer your friends to join Sailor Bingo and experience the fun filled card games. We have hundreds of happy players which makes us one of the best online platforms for playing online scratch cards. It is high time to get rid of the paper version and switch online to indulge in your favourite scratch cards. Browse from our premium collection of scratch card games which feature incredible graphics and are based on new themes.

sup guys kg here and welcome to a new three pound bingo Scouts card from the National Lottery now I realize how long this is going to be having five of these bad boys so let’s just get straight into it zoom in here not too much folks I don’t want you guys to I don’t want big crap sorry about the lighting again I mean every time I do a video now it seems like they crap it outside so anyway so yeah new bingo scratch card prizes are three five six ten 20 25 30 50 100 200 one thousand thirteen hundred and fifty ten thousand three hundred thousand jackpot same rules apply win with a row diagonal column four corners etc there should be three lines as indicates here obviously and find the national artery fingers to win 20 pound now bonus games that’s cool and you’re less worried about me sniffing I’ve got a summer cold or something alright let’s get right into this shall we you know I’ve got damn high percent take too long almost saying of course it’s gonna take ages 13:39 13 39 39 there plus three box 13 there 10 nine now plus the free box and I start thirty forty seven forty seven up there nothing there thirty down there 47 that 30 down ere now 47 1561 think on the next card would just start doing the burnses first if you win if you win three quid you know not gonna want a person or as exciting is it about 1560 115 that’s it for that one last number on this row is number one for one now that’s it second row 1759 please let me know if I’m missing number I’m not really the top to miss numbers but I could start today so 15 Anya come on no just stop running believed I was I’m mister middle row here oops okay 71 34 34 71 sorry no 71 3471 34 71 71 nine forty forty down there nine okay eight is eight there’s two there’s two is eight all right we’ll take them so moving on to the last row 750 excuse my eyes do the free box one of my 757 free box 52 28 52:28 52 fifty two last number 24 all right I said let’s check house you first do this what hi 120 quid guys a five pound profit already so we’ve that’s not a bad first coordinate yeah we’ve got the fingers twenty pound wing 20 Wow cool okay what no no no no no no no no no no no didn’t get 63 no no no no no no no no no no no no one more corner what would have been thousand pound no no no no no no no no no no no I caught one too I was four so three okay no no no no no wait I guess the only one I scratched it does that mistake no I want a row what’s the row that and as you see that five pound so we’ve won 25 can you win 25 yeah you can sell wheat twenty five pound on the first bingo guys and this videos already getting on of it well we have a winner 25 pound I spent 15 on all of these cards and I’ve already got a 10 pound profit so let’s see what else can happen a brilliant okay I’m excuse me guys I’m just gonna pause the video and come back in a second because it’s probably annoying you around me keep sniffing so I’m gonna blow my nose disgusting shit pause yes yes bear with me guys for some reason with the summer cold whatever this is every time I blow my nose I seem to sneeze not long after all right I’m tryna unpause this video for the last like 20 seconds it would do it for some reason alright next one I know I did his first so coffee Cola again but yeah we’re already in profit guys so see we can win more come on focus focus focus focus on focus mind there we go didn’t want one to misalign this time 38 40 M come on need to be quick there’s 48 there’s 38 and the free box did it do mr.yang and a free box alright come on kg this blitz this 1168 we have eleven eight what they’ll say eleven eight I am we have sixty eight so we have eleven sixty eight so you’re doing bingo I’m looking through my when I do my squats well videos always look through that look free to camera on my phone to do this easier with bingo it’s not some reason I seem to skip over and scratching up a bloody part as a card from Tom’s Secretary’s very as well by my thumbnail get it wait as you can tell by today’s from now I’m gonna stop using the national rollers that’s a logo for more thumbnails for it I’ll take the pictures of myself mmm that’s one little thing different I’m doing 735 I’m not probably gonna get hate on this video because I talk way too much I’m sorry you know that’s just if you watch my vlogs you know why what the hell right a scratch 735 then you know this is a tough person I am I’ll talk way too much are gonna win to show up well luckily well if we were in person and I was doing this in front of you guys literally then I’d be quiet because I’m not type of person until you till I get to know someone I feel comfortable around them then I never shut up so yeah one more number up here should be 14 I should be quite as well cuz I might miss a win I’m gonna try and be a bit more quiet now 419 my lucky number and Lauren’s rocking them by Lawrence like a number and mine 419 come on next whichever is well that’s freaky and again that’s weird that’s some creepy stuff 870 I’ve read a lot popping you guys I hate to get ro on one of these tip it’s free quitting it I’ve hardly ever in my life but doing bingo scratch squads one diagonals or ever anything like that you know 52 73 laughs right 13:36 I’m next 3758 37 58 58 down here awesome 30 57 last number guys 18 we didn’t win with my lucky number then alright let’s check no no no no nearly I think it’s a no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I’ll just have to got a winner column there that’s cool dude or doctor yeah I normally I don’t look out for wins that’s why I’m excited about looking at the end to see if I’ve got a win it’s really exciting so we’ve got a column there so that’s another ten pound guys okay brilliant you know sometimes I’m scratching for mistakes let’s just make sure all four yeah eh yeah eleven yep thirteen yeah fourteen yep well we have a winner guys another ten pound and spent fifteen on these and that’s thirty four pound back so far brilliant on to the second one wouldn’t be so fun if we want on every card you know I realize this is long guys twelve minutes I’ve done two cards Stara so we really need to be quicker then I don’t want you guys get bored and skip because I want you to see all this and this turned out quite good come on car 1225 I don’t want to rush that too when I’m scratching down the X and white mock up oh come on probably two sixty big jump there 60 down here to 260 2667 mm hmm 26:26 67 2667 nice and by this row my lucky number 19 no they did one of them maybe we’ll move it I don’t expect to win again but you never know 1430 next whichever yeah 5457 do a free box over here 5454 I think I’ve ever won with the free box actually to be honest have you dollars 155 there’s a one on every card nice last way guys 15:41 alright 2761 38 63 number 16 all right again no no no no no no no no no no no no no she wondered why I know at the end doc laughs it’s cause I I do that for right that for a column that for died and all then I got up that fullness I no no no no no no no no no no no I know we have 75 would have been doggin no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no first loser guys I’m not complaining that two left come on let’s go if you have us all to myself God is getting these which is 15 quid plus when I do my scratch across a day that’s 25 so that’s 40 pound on scratch squads this week of 135 already so that’s pretty good right bonus our wad of cash yes please 17 17 1770 1770s gang freaky 17 no 70 on this one no 17 on this one all 70 fair enough that is the hardest box I mean we get the biggest wins on that cough that thumb and that card now 1361 and no no 61 god this is actually born a hell out me but the st. Thomas it’s starting if you know I mean twenty three seventy two twenty three three box 7223 three box 7275 it’s easiest to look for all right 2266 that’s triple that’s weird alright mr. Winston’s guzik’s you’ll always get the numbers that are up here even if it’s just on one card fifty to sixty three yeah got my eyes open funny no 3650 1167 made that before dummy one and my lucky number 119 119 564 five number guys 44 all right check this one I’ve got my Legos some reason nope nope nope no no no no no no no no no nope nope no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no the odd me know if they no no no no no no no no no no Jimmy gets a for them I think so anyway that was the stared all right next one last one guys boom finally last one a wallet yes please yeah I got one 18 9 71 39 43 bad for column there Sammy well that’s weird 12 sometimes I don’t know why it takes me so long to look for a member annoying really 13:45 53 or 61 11:37 nice to get a win on the last card 838 830 sorry 41:51 5:27 last number 63 all right gosh mom’s I can no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I didn’t get 16 odd no I would have made a pun about oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no finally no no no no no no no no no no no no no so here we go guys 15 pounds spent on these tooth on these bingo cards brand new in the bought 10 there and we’ve got 20 there and got five down ESS 35 pound back out fifteen twenty pound profit not gonna complain not that bad really winner you have a winner anyway boolean anybody pew any much longer than then I want to because this is a long video already so thanks for watching this video please give it a thumbs up because it took so long and it wasn’t that bad and also subscribe if you haven’t already to see all of the new cars are the Nash for a lot you bring out in the future plus my scratch pad Saturdays every single Saturday and that’s that guys also don’t forget share thanks for watching and I will see you on Saturday bye for now.

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