Another Good Winner On Ma Lottery Scratch Ticket Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Always nice when you find one of these. . . .

all right here we are it is April 26 2013 and what I have here is a $5 Massachusetts lottery ticket million dollar lucky numbers the object of this game is to try and get two numbers or three that match in each game and you win the prize shown are you in triple if you have three so here we have 14 and 14 in game three and down here in this game we have 27 and 27 we also have a code of stn which indicates to me that the total prize is at least $1,000 so we’re about to find out we’re gonna scratch underneath these two prizes and see what we come up with we’ll start up here under this prize and we will look and find the word hon and 5 so $500 under that one and I’m gonna assume it’s another 500 under here and bang $500 so that’s $1,000 on this version of the masked lottery million dollar lucky numbers thank you very much math lottery whoo.


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