All Cash Tripler Irish National Lottery Scratch Card Video

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All Cash Tripler Irish National Lottery Scratch Card.

what’s up Aaron Jade face hey so I’m back with another short video we’ve got a tree euro wallet cash Tripler with two games Game one is match three melts went up to throw details enduro instantly game number two is revealed here winning numbers and match a winning number to win a prize or find the triack’s symbols win triple the pros shown below the symbol in Game two okay so the average in this card goes is for when one and four wins cash it’s okay for 300 card so I tried you this video pretty quick in enemy that’s very much tree numbers toward the Euro 15 euro 10 Europe 10 now only the girl forty thousand euro 50 euro 140 row so nothing in Game one let’s see if we can win Game two the winning numbers are 15 and 11 let’s see if we can get any of this we’ve got 18 1 6 and no anything so this one’s lives are unfortunately I have had a few good wins and this before then apartheid so if you liked this video guys don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up for us or even comment or subscribe on jade face peace.


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