$600 Scratchcard Book Scratching. $2 Million $20 Merry Millionaire Illinois Lottery Tix. Part 8! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

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In this video we are in Part 8 where we continue scratching the book of Merry Millionaire tickets I split with Mr. E. We are trying to win the grand prize..

But there’s also a very other

simple but important shot here,and that’s this 50 50.It’s a good

confrontational angle. They say there are

only seven stories. I think there might

only be one story.

We all understand stories.It makes us believe

we can all direct,and we probably all can. We all have our own instincts. What we have to do is back up

that instinct with somethingcalled craft.

I really want to demystify

the role of the director.I’m going to stage

a scene and let youwatch me work with the actors And, action. I thought today was

a huge improvement. Are you nuts?Play to each other,

“Are you nuts?” You know.

.. A beat of looking this way. Have the courage to

face him, though.

Well but I thought it was great.Is this a moment of

momentum and driveor is this the

conclusion of something?You know all of these things

intuitively, but as a directoryou have to move

beyond your intuition. There is no more powerful

tool than a great actor makinga strong performance choice. Collaboration

fails all the time.

Everything we do in this

process fails all the time.You’re in this role

as kind of editorin chief of a lot of ideas. That alone will never

really make the movie work. We all want the same thing,

a great moment, a great scene,a great movie.

This is what it takes, right?Ultimately, you are

the storyteller.At the end of the

day, it doesn’tmatter how big your crew

is, it doesn’t matter howmuch money you have to spend. It’s what you’re capturing

inside the frame lines that’sgoing to have this impact

on the audience, or not. Go out, find a story

you love, and tell it.

Very good work.I’m Ron Howard, and

this is my Master. Class. .


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