$600 Book Of Scratch Cards, $2,000,000 Merry Millionaire $20 Illinois Lottery Scratch Offs, Part 6! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Today is 16th. Until Monday 22nd the is going to give you in money to use to enter contests. Just go to the and deposit By doing that they are going to give you a ticket, 2 tickets, and two tickets. You will have at least five shots to try to win hundreds, thousands, or even 5 or 6 figures. We have had hundreds of you win money, some have won thousands. I want to see YOU win big! If you need help with a lineup send me an to Such little risk to get all those tickets. Better odds, better payback, and way more fun! for watching and good luck!
In this video we continue our book scratching scratching the ticket book called MERRY MILLIONAIRE. Hopefully we pull out some big scratch off winners!.

everybody Chris horny here it’s a Tuesday februari 16th we were on part 6 of our book scratching extravaganza so far this book has not been very fruitful we’re expecting business to pick up here in the back half of the book so sit back relax enjoy this quick six minute flight two dollar bill somebody said I sound like an airline pilot I don’t view being funny in one of the videos left in the comments but we’ll play that up play up that angle there oh I didn’t go check to see if I missed anything in the last pile so we’ll add that to the loser pile which is pretty big as we’re now on ticket number 26 20 at eleven thirty 325 and 16 I like the distribution of numbers to million dollar winner are you right here 742 179 now if you were to the gas station now if this ticket to loser you’d be cherry picking for real that’s the only strategy that wins on scratch offs is anybody tells you they have a strategy that wins money bull shite the only strategy is cherry picking doesn’t matter if you like the book the front of the book back my book it’s all random distribution 14 21 24 28 8 28 2 winner there we go we’re going too fast 29 34 13 12 and 36 move on the ticket number 21 to get new people I want to see you win big money get to the website www ble fantasy winnings com that’s my refer friend link it’s right there in the comment box go there deposit five measly bucks by doing that they’re going to give you a free $25 worth twenty eight dollars with the free tickets give them five you get $33 in action your best odds of winning real money are on that website not with these damn scratch offs or watching me scratch scratch offs yes I’m you hate the advertisements I’m trying to do you a favor I want to see you make money so get there for five bucks you’re getting all that for free you need help in the lineup send us an email daily fantasy wings at gmail com we’re more than happy to help you out I want to see all losers arrest delay and be like what I’m start crying and then at the last ticket see the Holy Grail 20 I didn’t have that that definitely definitely double check these all right shake it number 22 the number that means nothing to me one to be ironic number 22 right there on car number 22 was worth two million dollars 18 to 14 23 11 12 17 30 is a winner 2640 38 24 16 3 31 7 4 29 35 1537 3627 19 and 25 alright so in this one we matched the numeral treinta with number trenta $25 winner expect that what two of those in a book and this one we matched blablablablabla number 28 down below see if it gets something big on the twenty eighth 40 there’s your $40 whenever you expect on the book so how many wonders we have so far on the block one expect 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 so we had three 20s a 30 or 40 and a 50 and a 25 so expect a 20 a 25 and 100 on the last sections of the book and we’ll get to that part 7 by lees keep on tearing and ripping and ripping and tearing and scratch.


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