$60 In Instant Lottery Tickets – Playing Three 20X20 Illinois Instant Scratchcard Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Had a little extra cash and decided to get crazy and try three of these today. Let’s see how it goes.

hi everyone today we’re blowing it out and playing sixty dollars with the tickets three twenty dollar tickets the 20 by 20 it’s one that’s been around for a while playing consecutive numbers 22 23 and 24 first ticket we’re looking for the numbers 36 34 3716 37 or 40 though it does start to get a little dark but I’m trying to avoid turning the lights on because it makes too much of a shadow it’s like three is a winner nice to start first ticket with the winning number I like the accent on that dread that end up sixty dollars know what please don’t know get something back all right let’s see why you listen what’s good nice when are there fifty bucks it’s a fifty dollar winner number three great way to start so this one we’re looking for an 18 139 24 36 34 or 12 it’s like the second ticket because a loser so we’re fifty dollars went on the first one these were ten dollars down right now ok we’re looking for a 30th 1736 1929 39 or 33 okay so the last two were losers winded up getting 50 back on a sixty dollars to them we’ve been nice to at least break even but you know what we’ll take that I have Dennis before I would actually lose 60 so not the worst result in world either well thanks for watching everyone.


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