6 X Uk National Lottery Scratch Cards – Any Winners? Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Hi everyone, today I scratch off a 250,000, Rubix, 100,000, Cash 777, Fast 50 and a 1 million, watch the video to find out how much I won.

hello everyone and welcome to Jon’s scratchcard winners welcome back welcome back sorry I haven’t uploaded for a while did do a live stream the other day but before that yeah I’ve been doing busy doing other things but I’m back on it now so let’s crack on so it goes straight in with the Rubik so we need to find a stopwatch and we have we have a stopwatch straight in win Australian okay we have another stopwatch two stopwatches let’s see what we’ve got one pain this probably one pain at all one pounder I’m really rich two pounder straight off mmm next another fast 50 your symbol to win a bet find a five to win five pound match any of the winning symbols to any of your symbols so winning symbols are plain a boat Gold on Queens helicopter what hope some developed nothing on that one link bags bonus on this one bonus game find a diamond to win praise that’s not a diamond it’s all it yeah 10 5 10 pound 20 pound under Grand under quid grand grand 5 grand hundred quid so nothing on that one and you are one pathetic loser I get on to the big boys now the big boys so need to find a diamond stay still got a bundle ring safe bank car Champa Guinea find a I’ll go your kind nothing okay winning symbols default budget much any other winning symbols to any of your supposed to impress finder seven to win 20 pound star Rolle treasure chest rainbow diamond house yeah nothing on that one okay last one could win a million quid on this one so bonus game fun to 10 to win 10 13 under 22 in 20 that’s 35 Superboy’s can’t find a 50 to win 50 o 64 that was at 15 yeah well mind winning symbols we have flame bubbly wallet go helicopter necklace house suitcase Silver Dollar Stucker coins just vote absolutely nothing on that what have I done so have all those we have 1/2 pound god that’s just rubbish yeah well can’t win them all so until next time thanks for watching hit that like button subscribe if you’re new to my channel and I’ll do some more videos soon so until then take care yourselves see you in the next one bye for now.


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