6 New And Exciting California Lottery Scratch Card Games To Solve Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Here is a selection of 6 Lottery scratchers including the very fun 3. 00 5X crosswords. See how we did. The fun channel accepting all Lotto scratch card challenges 🙂

hey guys good day to you from the Nevada arcade channel scratching about our third or maybe second tripling bonus crosswords and the fast spot we’re gonna save our bonus letters till the end this time been scratching them earlier but that hasn’t really been working either so hope everybody is doing good here in this fall season of 2017 the weather is superb here in the desert shirtsleeves and in very little wind actually the last week or so we took a little road trip yesterday to our south of Las Vegas border towards LA it was the prim lottery store and and what an operation must have been a 18 service desks and then there was about eight vending machines you could buy scratchers out of which of course we’ve all seen you know one a store but I like those I bought scratch your tickets out of every single machine I think there was eight of them and every machine I shopped and I bought from kind of mixed it up they had duplicates and some of them but they had ones where they didn’t have in others so we got a few new tickets all right D and Z I’ve got one D out of that and no Z guys where is the strange spot that you scratch your lottery tickets and I’m asking that for a reason because I heard a very strange spot yesterday from our longtime viewer and I’m kind of curious if we’re ever gonna get the same answer out of everybody of anybody where this viewer scratches their tickets so guys the only hint I’m gonna give you it’s not the bathroom although I’m sure some people probably do scratch tickets in the restroom which i think is acceptable too but this is a more of an odd place so guys do me that favor just type in one word where you scratch your tickets because I think and all the answers we’re not gonna get the same answer as this person more they scratch their tickets there meaning one person gender shall remain a secret okay guys that’s your mission at the end of this video after you like always like first and then get on to the comments I appreciate no.1 all right cue is gonna be most likely our second miss we need a little help here what is that a you okay I got a little a little ahead of myself okay oh you did we not have a you those all those oh no we did have a you up top there well that’s an all time low for use all right we need the a in the Al here’s what we need we’ve had or gonna say we’ve had a lot of misses but that K was so small I could not see it all right W I think there was one in a circle if I’m not mistaken it’s in a circle word we’re still looking for an X and although there is an accuracy we’re looking for the Y I thought there was a why I must have been the last puzzle all right you know what we’re looking for now guys alright 3/4 of the way through V I think there was a V and where they’re giving us some dandies here toward the end and maybe those were wise I was looking at G does that bonus words now that’s a good one there that are it’s a good one oh good showing for our but we still need an end pretty badly there’s an H for hot first word hot no I know s did have a P did have an a no C or Y no higher in alright last regular one if you remember seeing an F oh there it is fame fame all right two bonus letters let’s do which one do you want to do ask them an order do them in the order they wanted to disappoint us alright see well we want to see rain and that isn’t gonna do it guys we need the L and the N and of course the E and the darkness even an L would have been nice to spell the bonus water all right well no good on that one let’s move to a let’s play the Spanish gaming have a lot of choices today all right the winning numbers are all babies except 11 that’s him all right we’re gonna start up top here and I’ll move the ticket so we can all get back in front of them 1 2 4 7 14 1300 39 is a winner winner winner you know what that means for dinner 30 okay 39 is our winner let’s hope it’s a cache and it’s not it’s a ticket but five bucks tomorrow as we just just play it again all right black 30 in time and then we’re gonna place them set for life these are so do on this ticket I’m not even gonna pick a number because they’ve just been all over the map here 15 24 30 5x another winner 2 of 3 now give us another one because it’s a duplicate winner please 1 2 3 2 9 now I’m assuming that 5x gives us 5 times automatically wins 5 times the prize all right now if we can just get into something big bigger than $1 it doesn’t look like special but it’s still a winner guys 3 bucks whoop we can go the new jack in the box they put in our town here get a get a whole family’s worth of stuff off of the value menu if they still have value menus all right 41 21 I’m going with 41 first one off the prize pool oh look how close look up close I’d like to say we were getting close but we’re really not 34:24 1441 review 121 they gave us a lot of a lot of one offs $28. 99 okay let’s see set for life I’ve got a lot of these I think we were being optimistic at the vending machine there of course two bucks apiece get denim for $20 bill all right I would go with seven but I’m going for the life so that’s the one I’m picking out and maybe I’m going for the life symbol on this card come on in to play Yoshi we need your help let’s put them on the card make sure he does enjoy a faceplant yeah it’s not gonna work out so well 11 27 and 35 one shot nope not gonna be there guys hey we had a couple little winners here how about if we scratch one of these I love California dollar tickets here winning numbers and if you like one no I know there is two numbers well I kind of like those 10 of 15 we’ve been killing it on the dollar tickets however the ones we’ve been killing it on are these ones here which will do one of these the way out the door here nine in a row we had some record breaking winds on these $4 gain all right we’re gonna have to go vertical now we’re gonna have to go vertical on the other end and it’s not gonna happen these are will be nines for our 5 customary 9 so no good there guys I don’t think we missed anything this video oh you know what no we didn’t miss anything guys that was it we appreciate you being here that arcade. .

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