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oh yeah we did one bag got it love I don’t ah good day everyone and welcome to today’s most ridiculous crazy video I think I’ve ever done so I literally just spent $500 at 7 eleven I never thought I would hear myself say those words but it’s true I bought five hundred dollars worth of scratch tickets for lottery tickets whatever you want to call them I know they’re called to relate the different parts of the world but basically I’m going to be scratching $500 worth of scratch tickets and we’re gonna see what I win I know that seems really crazy and trust me it is but I thought it’d be fun for video and it kind of like always wanting to try this you kind of have to go in with the mentality of you’re gonna lose your money just like if you’re going to go to Vegas and Gamble you just have to like be okay with the fact that you could be losing this and just like in your mind make it be like this $500 is for fun in my case this $500 is for the video without far they’ve never do let’s get on to scratching these tickets here I have like a bunch of like the same ones I have two $30.00 tickets which will be the last ones these are super pretty said that I have some other 20s that are like silver and then I have some other 20s which are green so we’re going to go through all of them and then hopefully we win something right it’s like kind of like doing like a blind box it’s like you never know what you’re gonna get or it’s like opening Pokemon cards okay so let’s start off with this silver one it is a $20 rush ticket so this is probably gonna go by quick I assume you all also know scratch tickets work basically your cup in a match these numbers with one of these and then if they match you win the prize of however much money it is okay first cut stick it down and is the best toy dollars love fails Oh what am i doing alright second ticket let’s see aha second scratch ticket nothing okay third scratch ticket come on oh my gosh wait I miss the fact that there was bottoms on these that would have been so bad it’s like a bonus round okay let’s go back and double check come on get a time you get it done apart from Adamic oh my gosh wait okay um I’m gonna wear a diamond symbol I did the prize is okay so that basically paid for this ticket and I got five extra little check this one alright alright banana coin crown okay that’s nice suddenly I feel better no it is so bad right totally missed out on this hmm nothing on that top part now just trying it a diamond nothing not that I hate these cards I hate them I’m really bad at scratch tickets apparently okay so that’s it for the silver so just a quick recap the silvers for 20 40 60 80 80 dollars for these tape tickets and I got 25 so we’ll do the math later let’s move on to the gold because let’s win some gold oooh uncover up to 50 in the past 250 spot and win instantly $250 253 does that mean I’m to under $50 Oh this kills me it kills me every time I lose I just have to think of it as fake money okay I can’t think of it like that otherwise I’m gonna go insane come on sixteen to my lucky number so I have to get sixteen this is the winner I can feel that this part of my my dad actually has amazing luck of scratch tickets he loves these things and he’s will some big money on these so I feel like it’s gotta be in the blood come on you know what I think I’m just going to UM update with you guys I win something another no fine I love not winning I’m running out oh my gosh okay I’m down to my last two for the yellow though the goals where they are and so far we haven’t won any of these oh that’s fun haha what am i dog this is really thoroughbred sings fan and I’m just like wait did I actually do this like in my mind I was like oh cuz for video I’ll probably win right because that’s just how it works okay we’re down to our last yellow cars or gold whatever let’s do it let’s win something please let’s win our money back just a little bit I’ll be happy even if I just won $10 just been something past you 50 here we go back to 53 oh yeah these are great numbers oh I feel great feeling about these numbers I’m definitely I got a win on this one this is a winner card I can just feel it 14 come on wait wait hold on we haven’t won we have a winner of some sort says match any of your numbers win that prize uncover a 10 times 50 times or 100 times symbol and automatically multiply and win the corresponding prize oh my gosh oh my gosh wait and automatically multiply and win window we’re going to be good enough I win 10 times whatever the number is down here okay let’s get a nice little close up on this guy’s oh oh but should be like 10 times a dollar I will be a little upset but hold on it could be 10 times under dollars that would be $1,000 okay something big okay ready what’s up Craig oh hang on two dollars okay okay I said I would still be happy if I want on this card okay ten times two dollars so I wanted 20 bucks big for him look you know what it’s better than nothing so it’s our second winner so I basically wasted eighty dollars instead of a hundred so it’s not a total loss but if fill in the negatives I’m also going to recheck these after and just to double check oh but not looking so good for me now is it all right I say we move on to the green because they’re a little interesting and ring finger of color so I have a lot of hope for these green cards so these ones are a little interesting it seems like we have a couple things going on went up to five million dollars I just would binary dollars okay just a horseshoe at the diamonds at the foot of goal and that’s up hey I don’t get it oh okay so the first green card is a now go oh my gosh on this if you want to cover a star on this you win all twenty eight prizes could you imagine you getting that I would complete my pants look 44 44 and 44 oh my gosh it’s a match it’s a match guys we have a chance of winning some money oh my gosh this looks like well I mean we did what money but how much is it for about find out Freddy alright 44 reveal your damn self five dollars oh oh why not 500 why does have to be fine there’s sometimes like a little more on this card you never know a oh my gosh we’re winning twice on this watch it it’s gonna be another five I guarantee you it I bet you $5 it’s five ready Oh perfect I bet you am also going to win two more times and it’s going to be other five dollar ones it’s gonna be $20 yep 58 what’d I tell you guess what it’s gonna be five dollars yeah hmm okay let’s do it again let’s keep going yep another fifty one five dollars here comes here comes here oh yeah I’m so good at these now I don’t always think work okay and I don’t think I’ve won anything else on here oh wait oh my gosh I was a liar look it is it another five dollars it sure is I won 25 I’ve gained five dollars off this ticket Oh 39 another five dollars oh my gosh that’s $30 Wow $30 okay all right cool I’m down loves it add that to the pile so far I’ve won at least one card will actually buy one card from each oh my gosh the green is so good I’m already winning what do you think it is oh my gosh I’m so nervous look one and A one okay ready let’s find out how much money did I win okay I’m gonna gasp ten dollars hi five dollars you know what it’s better than losing so I’m happy yeah five dollars whoo got it cool oh my team yep another one I have another five dollars okay perfect another five dollars okay so that’s five ten fifteen we’re at perfect like that way okay so I broke even so r28 oh my gosh JPEG could be bigger than five nope okay all right nineteen Oh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh yes we just keep winning oh my god yeah so let’s tally this one up so 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 $40 on this car are you kidding me yes thank you come again I have a feeling this last green one we’re gonna win big oh yeah we doin big got it how much should we spend on the green two four six eight ten so he spent a hundred on the green tickets but we won 70 so we only lost thirty dollars on this which isn’t too bad compared to what we dealt with the last one so we’re almost down to our final one now we’re moving on to $10 tickets so we have one two three four five of these and then we have our two big bullet so let’s get to it hopefully we have better luck with these $10 scratch tickets because I don’t like losing all this money number one fail number two fail number three fail number four fell down to our laps and wanted how to wall rip on the top so then maybe that means it’s good luck oh my gosh it is good luck okay so what is the dollar dollar time to automatically win that prize okay guys all right we’re about to uncover our prize that we win please be 5 trillion dollars apparently win $20,000 a month for 25 years okay oh okay maybe I won more on this card no I didn’t but I still want $20 and I’m happy about that so I love this car thank you so again how much did I spend on this ten fifty dollars so it’s fifty so I only lost thirty dollars which is better than losing all thinking oh okay this tables gotten so dirty but we are down to our final two thirty dollar tickets now these are the big Mama’s you can win ten million dollars on each of these so fingers crossed we win twenty million ten million okay let’s do this okay the bonus is that from uncover a 100 250 500 4000 prize oh my gosh and when it instantly over no wait there’s a dollar that’s it does a simple right that must mean something right nothing nothing but wait there is a bonus round bottom and apparently you can just win that money more money okay so we have to get a 2 X 5 X 10 X 20 X and 50/50 X I would love a 50 X please that’s the phone no I can’t think like that I can’t think like that okay guys we’re down to our last card Oh will you be pleased you will be perfect you will win 20 trillion really indulge I can tell these $30 ones honestly it kind of annoy me because it like are like look at all number like checking every single time there’s a lot of numbers come on is the last part I have to win something please uh don’t you know I’m filming in front of my friends this would be Billy Faris clean loss number okay we have the bonus round bone room and a prowl Oh guys guys this was a bad bad idea whose idea was this it was your idea who who’s thought about this okay so what we learned today is don’t get scratch ticket everyone um just watch rs spend their money on it and booze okay so let’s just do a quick recap so I spent $500 on these scratch tickets and I still won stuff which is good that’s exciting it imagine if I didn’t want anything so let’s count it all up and see how much I made okay so I won $135 so subtract that from $500 and that’s how much I lost so um what is that like 307 65 365 oh my god three inspectors here um all right well I hope you guys enjoyed this video it was actually a lot of fun so I’m not too upset that I lost all that money but if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up let’s see if we can get it to 36,000 30 no I was gonna say you know let’s just try and get it to 365,000 lengths for every dollar that I lost hello face would only be 315 okay you know what just do whatever you want to do if you want to like it like it you’re new to my channel hit that subscribe button and I will see you all tomorrow with a new video good damn mmm. .

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