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hello and welcome to my new channel on this channel I plan to be uploading all of the Canadian scratching when lottery tickets that I can get my hands on I found a lot of lottery tickets videos on from United States and England but I haven’t been able to find anything from Canada so here I’ve got some from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation which includes Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba so you’ll be getting a little taste of all of the Canadian lottery tickets so today I’ve got two $2.00 tickets the blackjack and lucky pears and this one dollar Western Club more of a classic so I’ll start with the Western so on this ticket it’s pretty basic just it’s a tic tac toe game and that’s the prize you win and that is the bonus so we’ll start the tic tac toe on the top of god xox middle I’ve got oh I can get two wins here first one lost already lost the tic tac toe prize would have been 2 bucks on this one dollar ticket and on the bonus you just scratch these and you win any three amounts here yeah I got two five dollars in a car so another $5 and I would have won five bucks but I didn’t and oh I thought I $1,000 right there but this ticket is a loser all right I’ll scratch this $2 lucky pears next the bonus if you reveal any amount you win that amount so oh wow you have five bucks right on the bonus that’s a nice start money back on these two or ticket I play the game see if I can win some more to King lose 10 7 Ace King to five Jack four four nine Jack five and King three well this one the games didn’t win but the bonus one five bucks as you can see right there so that’s awesome alright I’ll move on to my last ticket this $2 blackjack so this one’s pretty similar except for its blackjack two bonus if you uncover an ace you win ten dollars instantly that’d be cool no I got it King alright so I like to scratch the dealer’s hand first ooh twenty and a nineteen so if I get a blackjack on this it’s double the prize and that’s what I need to win on the top game so that’d be cool if I had a blackjack seventeen nineteen nineteen eighteen eighteen so I lost in that and this one’s top prize is 21 Grand 21 for blackjack alright so I need a 20 to win on this game alright I did not win on the blackjack at all but I did win five on this so I got my money back on this and I will be uploading another video soon as I can please like comment subscribe do whatever you want if you liked the video give me some feedback of what I could do differently if you think should be better and yeah have a great evening or a great day good morning. .

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