5 5$ Blue Ice 7’s Scratch Cards (Scratchers) Video

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hey guys this is my very first video of scratch card scratching I bought five five dollar blue ice 7s the numbers range from 72 to 76 and I guess we have to match any of your numbers to any of the ice numbers win prize shown get a blue 7 symbol with seven times surprise automatically so I’m going to scratch these off and hopefully we find a winner of give me one second let me just break these off this is my first video of actually doing this I’ve seen a lot of other people do it that’ll look pretty cool that I could share some of the moments if we do happen to win and maybe we can make a few videos every week so let’s just start it on the very first one let’s do number 76 first and we’ll go from higher number to lower number so our first numbers are 1 10 12 and 14 19 to a blue 3 which doesn’t do us any good 13 9 11 5 18 15 and 8 so the first one is not a winner stick that in the not win pile I’m sorry about the book over here I don’t have a tripod and you know figure out the best method of holding the camera up while I do this and so the future videos will probably be a little bit better with more room so you guys can see better all right next to the numbers is 4 10 13 and 16 you got a 5 a 1 a 2 12 8 14 6 15 9 and 11 so our second card is also going in the not winter pile third card number 74 our numbers are 14 16 18 and 19 we have a 13 a2 a1 a 15 39 for 10 19 so we have one winner and the 16 so we want on both these 19 and 16 see if we have anything due a five dollar and a five dollar so we finally got a winner we won ten dollars on this one so we’ll finally stick something in the winter pile next card number 72 numbers are 3 11 12 and 15 16 5 18 into 16 9 10 19 14 and two so a lot of blues with no wedding okay so we have our last card today and it’s number 73 numbers are 4 5 8 and 14 13 a 6 12 15 and 18 and 19 9 21 and a 10 so again a lot of blues no winning on this one so about five tickets $25 we got ten back not the best of days but hopefully we can get some more winners as the videos continue thanks for tuning in I hope you like if you do please give a thumbs up I’ll try and make a at least two videos every week so hope you enjoyed thanks for watching guys bye.


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