$5 $100,000 Taxes Paid Scratch Card Ticket Mn State Lottery Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

I (and my cat) scratch off another lottery ticket.

hagan so today we’re going to do the $100,000 taxes paid on the Minnesota State Lottery um the actual prize is like a 145,000 but the 45,000 obviously goes to taxes so you actually enter if the top prize is one you get one hundred thousand dollars of yourself and the rules of the game are match any of your numbers to any of the winning numbers when that pie shown for that number reveal a star sable when that prize instantly and reveal a five types soon will you win five times the price show so let’s see what our winning numbers 2379 930 milk 22 33 24 oh my cat says hi whoa oh she’s doing okay okay there you go kitty to not a winner 34 no 726 629 left up to 8 11 27 31 10 more 10 28 nope looks like this is other loser see you tomorrow Orson.


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