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it’s going live oh there you go what’s up everybody welcome to another live stream I’ve just destroyed I was wearing these like Holly is but mine just broke my cool belt today guys we’re doing something you guys have asked a lot we are doing a live scratch Carl opening I am scratch man you’re scratch girl and today we have got how many we got eight plus six so you’ve got 32 million we’ve got 32 million so basically these ones here you can potentially win a million pounds on okay so you can win a million pounds on these or you can win five pounds which we’re gonna win a lot of 10 per 20 pound 4,500 pounds 200 pound thousand pound 5,000 pounds or 50,000 pound before we get started any profit we make here we’ve got about I think it’s a hundred pounds worth of scratch cars any property we make fifty percent of that’s going to charity so right now guys if you’re watching this live comment down below what charity you would like to see us give hopefully our winnings too because I mean that’d be pretty cool so we’ve got each of these so we need to split these up you have those for three well you have those four my darling and I will have these four and then we’ve got six of the big ones now these have four million pound winnings which we actually the biggest we’ve won from these so far is what was out of 50 quid 50 quid we want 50 quid from these last time so you can win ten pounds twenty five twenty five fifty then then he gets it over bigger one hundred five hundred thousand five thousand ten thousand a hundred thousand four million which obviously would be life changing not just for us but for a lot of people that the charity is involved with what word so let’s get into this so we’re basically we’re gonna this is kind of a battle as well you’re either team whole or team off let us know in the chat now Adams watching the dial or whatever if we just say the last time we did it back to one you gear I was the winner so actually last time we actually did one of these and we didn’t upload the videos I was like wow yeah okay so what right let’s get going so what we started off with you may be there 1 million fat okay we’re gonna do all the 1 millions first so you’re gonna be able to see what both of us do okay so bonus game by 22 and 20 pounds pretty straightforward I got 40 Oh 50 I thought you caught me straight away then okay winning symbols okay so on these you have to winning symbols and then you have to try and match them to get a project she’s winning simple circuit so I’ve got a jail jail and dice great well let’s have a look I in okay I got nothing in there I got a chance does it charge do you think that does anything a chance ticket in no chance doesn’t seem to do anything good race car and a half okay I got nothing holy did you get anything that you need I’m just doing it now that’s what you need a house in an iron Allison tonight right I always do just that not the numbers so that you get a surprise if you do win of what it is but you’re doing them all are you I like I like to see all of it yours gonna do it more okay I see how then how’s that how that is so also guys there’s a new feature on live and you guys eventually it’s on gaming I don’t know if you guys can see it right now but basically he’s on the left or on the right there’s a sponsor button which apparently you can sponsor either the livestream or the channel I don’t know which one it is because I only saw it this morning but there’s also a like what’s it called Adam a booster like a social super chair super chatting is cool super chat where if you want for some reason you can pay like a pound and get your message at the top of the chat for like a minute no one’s done it before if you want to be first feel free I would shout out anybody obviously that is first okay so this games classic is yours has to weigh more than theirs I like to do all of mine yeah I do or mine as well so I’ve got 26 15 23 and I’ve got 24 22 12 and I I want one okay okay I’ve actually won one right here mine has way more than there’s ten quid okay actually that’s not bad considering this is a 5 pound scratch card so we’ve doubled our money we said Polly didn’t get one button but I mean in terms of this one we’ve actually doubled our money okay in this final game match two numbers to win a prize so again this is like really really simple but we did make it where no dimwit okay so so far faster off with team off we are 10 pounds Holly you up nothing but you should hit your elbow oh okay so I’m currently winning which is great let’s go on to a big one shall we why you don’t blow it that way look at it that’s out of order show everybody this we’ve got all I take over here and she’s blowing it into the tech leave it here and we can we can dust it afterwards girl we can dust it office and whatever I’m saying in the chat whoo hoo team of people on Oh mainly yours um yeah you guys Rock you can definitely right let’s keep this going okay anyone find the fingers crossed to win a prize all right let’s do that oh this one is way nicer yeah this is a waiver ha ha ha yeah I didn’t get it did you get it no buy one for mail that would have been good sorry the second one it is wet yours has to weigh more than theirs so I’ve got 20 13 25:19 right ready come on I win any of them oh my god okay next one uh uh my mini symbol winning systems this is gonna be guys if we actually win this live on stream this is gonna be cray cray so I got a plane and a key I got a boat and a gold key but I think I didn’t get any of them you Daniel ah God you do it vigorously Jesus oh my god no he’s like a hardcore scratcher over here okay oh man I’ll burp it not dr.pepper I know maybe you a new juicer yeah oh my god okay uh oh yeah that’s it that’s another thing edgy because Holly’s pregnant she’s not one cup of warm coming at me but you have no caffeine in what two months no so she had one dr. pepper today and she is bossing she was like I can’t stop moving my heart was like racing my little baby update I know people we got some questions we’ve actually got the first full scan next week to week to week on holiday you go to London I get to Glasgow and then we come back and then on Tuesday we have actually have our first set so we can actually see the baby and we will show you guys it as soon as we can so thank you for staying patient I know we’ve kept it quiet since that we stop vlogging but at the moment you’re so I also Ellen is so tired and just very like and it’s just stressful for me so I just don’t have time to vlog as well so imaginary gala match either of the winning symbols to end your simplest one yeah that was that was getting through up there baby this is game for iooks I to numbers if they add up to ten you win a prize none of mine added up to a ten any of yours I don’t know no it no yeah I swear as in when match to winning symbols in a row no nothing for me so that’s my my first dead scratch card I won nothing again I am girl oh it’s still his team off all the way it is team off all the way okay I don’t need this one then that’s a dead so that’s that’s you’re dead when we go back to this away going back to this right if anything actually push this onto the floor like that I stand on it yeah it’s flying okay back to this one bonus game liner 20 oh these are horrible to scratch yeah then these are really horrible subscribe I didn’t realize if you you pay more but you actually get better quality cars okay I’ve got a Dyson a race car okay Jo and a money bag okay right let’s see just try and I got a jail you would have liked that one just scratch across don’t scratch the money that’s part of the surprise Holly I like seeing all of that okay I got nothing absolutely nothing you get anything out of that yeah anything out of that mmm no guys we didn’t got 500 whites on the stream as well make sure you smash that like button right now if you’re watching the video why did you miss put notifications on where is that Adam where is notifications on here it’s not it’s not on there’s a notification button somewhere on my mouth present I okay right next one yours has the way more than theirs this one isn’t even scratching for me enough mine’s right it’s not scratching whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa don’t scratch the next bit no why is your sauce cried seriously babe a 20 P I told you this earlier 20 please better cuz it’s got this lovely flat surface Oh none of your oh no none of us one okay final one in a row match two identical numbers really straightforward ah I didn’t win oh my god okay no good I didn’t we are live we are doing really really bad in this scratch card game okay back to one we didn’t spread all right okay so we’ve got four left each back onto the one the scratches nicely so on this one we’re looking for that lotto cross fingers I haven’t got it on the second one if yours wears more than theirs oh I’ve got to do a chance here I’ve got a twenty six Oh 27:18 know what that’s just that’s just unfair wedding symbols one of you guys were examined and I’m Queen stack okay I’ve got a gold key and a pound Jonah go first yeah all right so we’re looking for a diamond or a gold stag mm okay you got none I can do see if I can do mine in like a stripe across I got a gold stack which ones he would have been good for you and I got a diamond as well but no didn’t get anything I need it damn okay well then I side the next two games but just scratched off my sides why did you do that I don’t know okay right so this one is again is it yours weighs more than theirs yeah no no add up to 10 add ups attack right so it’s math time with all the gray 12:40 on that final one that was a tough that was a tough one to add up wasn’t it you can even times the amount to make them all no and I got nothing imposed to win a prize no nothing again guys this is so fun give me the duds so what I’ve only won once this is so far the worst scratchcard opening that I’ve actually ever done are you bad luck no I only win oh okay right back to this one let’s go monopoly millionaires we want that to end one day I got 50 I got 50 all right when he said those well I got a chance now I’ve had a chance every single time before so a chance and an iron is what we’re looking for ah if I don’t get a chance I’m he’s so annoyed really come on that’s so unfair did you get yours did you get yours I don’t know did you did you no okay right next one if yours weighs more than theirs you wanna obviously you want that high number I’ve got a 12 or 13 and a 23 I got 24 14 and an eighth no I didn’t oh wait one more rope no I him ah man we’re so cute in this we are going really bad like what is this Holly okay I’ll let you go okay in a very much two identical numbers okay I didn’t even I didn’t get it happening oh my god this is I’m actually watching whoa look at this Adam but Mike this is actually come alive on my monitor right here whoa whoa this is so trippy I’m watching can I hear it trippy trippy trippy trippy trippy trippy trippy trippy trippy trippy trippy trippy trippy that’s probably that’s probably screwing up people’s headphones and stuff that’s so I’m gonna give myself a like I I just gave myself a life that’s all okay well that’s pretty weird we’ve actually just have us playing in the background there we go oh no don’t read the comments don’t read the comic we’ll read the comments after we’ll do a little Q&A after the you all right fingers all right let’s let Molly go first and see how this is oh my god come on get something good get something good nothing nothing and I also got nothing Wow okay so mine as the way more than theirs we’ve got 20 25 and 30 oh okay I’ve won I have won something ah ten pounds that’s the tree what I got my money back for the card but that unlike some people that say that that’s a win that is not a win right there that is breaking even and that is not even worth it I risked 10 pounds to get back 10 pounds I’ve just looked at myself this is so confusing okay Holly how are you doing uh pound and a Crowley to get okay nice I need to get a house and a pound so if we get that found babe we’re gonna be happy I didn’t get it I didn’t get I’m sorry you carry money at me yeah you throw in you twenty pigs nope what’s going on what what is going on national lottery is this a scam like it’s not scared this must be outrageous it’s a scandal you won’t be going oh you go that’s how you water it’s a great mother like yourselves gonna stop for me what did you call me no it’s not ah yeah no it may it no it doesn’t cuz he goes the Harry Potter goes muggle and Harris goes not always it folk yeah this boy’s been on the books the Hogwarts since he was born some another if the new two numbers add up to ten seven okay well I’d not want anything else on here but we’ve won ten pounds which means team of guys are on twenty pounds none and Holly is on nut oh my god I’m getting all this stuff everywhere this is my last chance to win everything this is that final one so I have to get what was that noise oh that was you I was like what the heck is this like look at this Adam look at all the colors see why is this actually made of it’s like you know when you rubbers you know when we’re about like oh yeah like that kind of stuff okay I’m just gonna go quick actually about that let’s just put that over there there we go okay Ali’s going to get 20 pounds and I’ve got to get zero of not to join you ready let’s go okay so we got to find it 20 I got a 67 Singh winning symbols I got a bank and a house okay look a battleship and a money back I actually got a battleship so that would have been good for you there House please house or bank house or bank no Jesus cry to you Mikey this is crazy you put so much work into scratching it off my arm is aching just thinking about that oh I could’ve done with that Bank okay on this one Oh yours that’s the way more than theirs again mine didn’t Holly did you all 27 she’s got a 27 or 28 he’s serious that’s just a troll that’s just a troll national law that is a drop this is the final one this is it okay so you’ve got to get the same number in a row ah I got nothing okay don’t one by one the suspense no she’s only got two more chances do you only got one watch oh my god I lost everything so to confirm guys this has been our worst haul ever okay Adam and I went into the shop to buy these and we had all the other scratch cards from the past few videos to redeem and we got this amount back and we have not what do we get we got 90 pounds from the first hundred 50 from the second 55 I thought it’s more it was like 70 70 men okay you want 45 from Christmas this is 20 so don’t worry team of we won we didn’t want we didn’t win sir oh I just know that oh that’s gross table just not into your hair oh um 20 pounds the team of one if you join team over the beginning huge congrats everybody now coming over from team whole because she lost you guys Rock because you’re here now on the winning team but yeah 20 pounds is absolutely awful which is our worst fight ever but we’re going to keep on doing this weekly and hopefully we will win some stuff so I’m gonna read some questions or Adam can you read off questions have questions come up what what are people been saying asking you look at the camera I like to read the questions there I am going to close this down read it Oh James go turn that off Adam send some questions over we’ll have five questions before we go dabbe oh my god right should we dad Oh cuz she’s done I know that’s a good dad what song have we been dabbing to last by weave there’s a song called I Spy and he the first bit he’s like talking and the muse is good and then a drop hit I kind of want to play it um now I got can’t play through that and it’s just like doo doo doo doo ooh and we both in the car we just dab stray into it oh well we’re actually pretty cool like that another crash oh why did you decide to do why did I decide to do is that me or is that Holly or that birth but I I don’t know I so okay my quick story behind you before we go is I played competitive Duty on game battles with this guy right here behind the camera and two other friends and we were playing competitive I just wanted to upload the gameplays not only so everybody else like at school could see it and stuff but just so that we had records of it and then people liked it so they said can you comment a I started commentating people were like oh it’s quite fun I actually used to use my it’s not here my microphone for my i. Phone cable and I used to put my phone up on the screen and just listen through the audio sorry talk through the microphone on that and then people said can you play the games and that’s kind of where it went off so initially is this really trivial while there’s a wind is it yeah initially it was just because I played competitive Call of Duty I was that kind of it and today I’m sure this this this I bought this today everybody it’s a 4k monitor just for Call of Duty remastered it’s literally we and we’re we’re flying tomorrow morning at 4 a. m. I’m so really really early so we’re having an all night session encore dream last if you guys are watching now and want to play Call of Duty with us come online of on ps4 add me bro next three more kiss ah kisses kisses kisses good it’s under my desk can I have a kiss then oh she just told me far right fine there you go if you wouldn’t do what would you guys be doing I’d still be doing more thing if I wasn’t pregnant yeah if you weren’t pregnant you’d still be doing modeling actually but you can’t really tell you actually can do you want to see this okay sure sure the bump show the bump come closer Adam come closer so she had a perfectly flat stock weight anywhere else just on my tummy and this is the best bit I can actually hear a heartbeat so don’t everyone be like oh you’re fat will chubby this is actually baby Greg my baby tooth you say that your friend profess’d will kill you it’s good cause it’s getting room it’s good listen I thought of reading questions I’m staring down Oh No okay next to no looking up with you on your lips yeah it’s like we’re some Vaseline okay two questions do you know the gender for baby / are you going to yes well we don’t know no we don’t know but we are going to find out and then our baby shall we’re gonna have like a kind of gender reveal gonna have like my balloons or cake so we haven’t decided yet exactly what’s going to be but we’re gonna record it as well and do a big reveal for everybody boy or girl what do you think in the comments we both think it’s a boy I the main reason we think it’s a boy is if you’re having a girl uh you get alright everywhere but you obviously are just getting a bell so it’s like you carry low if you can get away I don’t mind either way as long as healthy we’re good next question final question for one baby names oh okay will do top five for boy and girl yeah top five for boy this is where I might get a little bit of you I’m gonna go with hero link cult I’ve forgotten let’s not even I can’t you remember my favorite line art link Enzo and so rain but spell rei GN or rain yeah um there’s a top one bike I be thinking as well I want to honor God you know he said broke for a girl I actually quite like rope broke for a girl is cool right for your your Ravens call for a guy well basically because obviously the surnames Ryan’s we kind of want are are yeah that’s the idea raisin rain broke and I would like ever um Wow but Luca oh look that was it okay here’s a question guys I like Luca and in Lucario as a long one and she was like now I really don’t like the car yeah then I like lugia I thought was a really cool name Luke yeah I don’t want to have it in the background I’m just kind of like doing kind of like dub also look at this this table goes up and down oh I’ll put him cuz that deserves a dad as it goes up that’s it that’s it that’s it is this yeah that’s into the table I don’t even know what we’re doing now thank you guys watching wise dream we didn’t win much today but we’ll do it you know what actually we’re going to Spain and we can possibly buy spanish cards and we might do is fate let us know if you want to do that but until next time guys thanks for you sweet that was fun. .

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