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what’s going on guys welcome to raise currents if you guys aren’t sure this site is basically from the front it looks like a case opening site but it’s actually a scratch card opening site like I said we got $300 if you guys do want to try it this site you guys can get some free money on the side to open a scratch card with you get open I think you’ll be able to open a free milspec scratch card so if you want to do that click the link in description will be the first link in description let’s take you straight to this page it’ll use my code for you you don’t have to do anything all you have to do is just click that you’ll get your free case and I think the same as helicase I think you should be able to withdraw but everywhere I don’t think you have to deposit so yeah and the very least you guys can get free milspec skin you know those were all is helpful I don’t really know you guys might like free skins I know I do we’ve got $300 right so I’m going to open up a bunch of like em for maybe aks and a couple orps key cases or scratch cards and then once we’ve left once we are left with $200 we’re gonna open this Galaxie case right here I was tempted by the gloves but that has since been blurred out maybe they ran out of skins them I don’t know let’s not open that we’re going to save that to the end we’re gonna first off start with a couple coverts and then we’re gonna move on to some aks and some warps because we I think in the option get a dragon all right yeah yeah you can okay sweet I’m pretty sure you guys know how this works so we got a match three of the same skin to get that skin if we don’t match it we’ve got a guaranteed win regardless but obviously if you do match that skin then you win that skin so if I can match three dealers I get a deal or so we just got a guess where they are in this 3×3 grid I’m thinking this one right here yeah I feel like it might be a straight straight upper you know I’m saying oh okay this is different alright okay alright what we’re gonna do is go for this one oh okay alright so I can either pay an actually 50 P to open one more square and I’d get the elite build or I could just take the guaranteed win let’s see what the guaranteed win is I’m kind of curious what’s the guaranteed win gonna be the all purpose okay so the illiberal would obviously overload obviously obviously the elite build would’ve been worth a little bit more let’s do another one we’re gonna open a Cobra let’s see what we get six dollars eighty I’m thinking you know a diagonal one you know I’m saying I’m thinking diagonal oh that’s not a good start oh my open this one okay I’m gonna go for this one oh okay we’ve got three different fucking skins okay was the guaranteed win the run all right it’s actually we’re four dollars for six I thought it’s gonna be worth like a dollar maybe two I didn’t think it’s worth that much it’s kind of cool let’s open a couple up ones because we want to we want to get that deal Oh even if I see I’ll get excited okay with the elite build elite build elite build all right sweet four dollars forty four that is still technically a loss it’s only a small loss but I’ll take you I’ll take you for now that’s good okay so basically if you don’t match two of the same skin you just take the guaranteed win which is fair enough makes sense so we’re trying to at least match two because then we can buy another one I’m trying to see if I can get the same skin I don’t know I’m gonna go for a straight line up that’s ongoing for all right that’s it that’s good that’s profit oh this is good we just need this last one to be it yes okay all right well three yeah $7 62 that’s actually still a loss fuck what was it like two cents profit life is seven dollars sixty or seven dollars eighty let’s have a look Salim does like we made two cents profit boys I’ll take it let’s open a different one that’s having a ghost one Iceland all right I’m gonna go for a straight mid sweep hyper beast oh okay oh one more try one more try let’s get I think it’s gonna be this one I really don’t know fuck does it show you at the end I can’t remember if it shows you the end I really have a dozen because that would really annoy me if it’s this one and I picked this one yes oh fuck yes dude holy shit we picked the right one $25 that’s a $10 profit right there feels good man okay that’s the first one we’ve actually got we were actually scratched off the actual skin we’ve not taken a guaranteed win skin so that’s nice I like that let’s open a covert knife all right let’s see what we get okay I’m thinking I’m thinking this one and then this one and then this one I don’t know why I have no idea why but I just I got a feeling that’s a nice skin factory new sexy oh my god I’m a genius okay all right two out of three please if this is here if this is the one no oh fuck where’s a knife though okay let’s do it okay all right I don’t know I don’t know no it was the knife it was the flip knife dude fuck oh shit could have got a flip knife on that one goddamn it dude a mac 10 are you serious bro are you fucking kidding me dude all right I was a big rib that was a massive rib okay let’s focus on more of these four dots one hopefully we can get some adult let’s do an m4 cuz fuck it that’s good that’s good oh we just doubled our money right there it’s open an awkwardness we get thinking for this one I’m thinking I don’t know I’m thinking I’m thinking a left diagonal you know I’m saying let’s do it Oh bleep build Oh Polly build fuck em one more go for it like it could be this one oh I got a souvenir or DD part what the fuck dude holy shit it just says pink D D pad this was a souvenir that’s worth for shitload more but my Mike my Mike keeps getting background noise I’m sorry I apologize who just speedrun two or three let’s do it speed run so it doesn’t have time to think okay we have three different ones fuck me alright suddenly oh god fucking damnit yeah yeah oh hold on hold on this is a stat track or PI the Beast we might want to think about this fuck’s sake man Oh Polly bill you know what that’s not too bad but again it’s a loss I feel like I want to just go for like oh that’s a lot Phobos that’s an elite build that’s triggered another statue core PIPC you serious dude god damn aidid illipe it okay we’re getting close to that 200 guys I’m gonna be sweaty when I do it I’m gonna go for a whole right side though I don’t know why I’m feeling it elite build fuck’s sake feel like this has to be this has to be an Asimov here right you’d think or is it trying to make me bait is it trying to bait me who should we go for this one they show me it doesn’t even show you afterwards dude I want to know racecars if you’re watching this video take a note if this game finishes I want to know what’s behind these little squares dude because it’s triggering me i want to know if it was there or if it was up here because that was my other two guesses I want to know these things okay op Phobos I’ll take you but I still lost I’m gonna go for a straight mid right now elite build elite build might as well go for the labored elite build alright I’ll take it still a loss but it’s like a 6/10 loss who cares it’s Gucci the last one before we do the big 200 dollar scratch card I’m thinking it might be this you know let’s go for a middle one first no no no no no no we can win an op Medusa oh shit oh all right okay all right I’m gonna stick with my guns I’m gonna do a full line here but I kind of think it might be this I really don’t know elite build okay that’s not good all right we need this one I don’t know whether to go for this one or this one it’s gonna trigger me so much if this but then again if this one is Medusa and I fucking whip it I’m gonna be even more triggered I don’t know what fuck it okay all right it could be this this or this if it follows a line we’ll never really know but I’m gonna go for this one then if you guys can hear that birth the ice cream man oh okay fuck’s sake it was red for a split second I thought I said hi Medusa cuz it was red but it’s a fucking hyper beast dude I want to know where the Medusa’s were roll I want to know where I went wrong if it was here if it was here or if it was here this is the moment you guys have been waiting for the galaxy case $200 for a single scratch card the baits in this scratch card are gonna be real if I see anything above a night that I’m gonna get baited for I’m gonna be triggered a hundred percent Oh Baby this is this just gonna be something alright I really don’t know what to do I’m okay alright I’ve been a boy now we can’t we can’t know anything my gut is telling me to either go for these bottom two or these top two I don’t know why my first thought was these bottom two so I feel like feel like I should I should do this I don’t know oh this is gonna suck okay what’s it gonna be then fire a serpent you know what not too bad cuz you know what condition it could be if it’s field tested then that’s basically our money back this is the one that’s gonna change it they’re fire serpent oh so what we can do now because we’ve matched to the same thing if even if I open this one and it’s not a fire serpent I can I can buy another chance I’m gonna do this thing hopefully as a fire serpent and hopefully it’s like a at least a minimal way fire separate then it would be profit fire separate okay so we’ve definitely got a fire serpent we just don’t know what condition it’s in hopefully it’s factory new hopefully it’s anything above field testing is good so minimum we’re factoring it if it’s filled testable breakeven I’m pretty sure what is it what is it feel tested no do I do it fuck you dude I’m doing it I’m doing it let’s see how this goes fuck’s sake okay first initial thoughts were these two right here don’t know why maybe because my mouse was right over at the start I’m not I don’t know I didn’t make the rules I just enforce them you don’t have any idea how bad I want a deal or I’ve never ever unboxed a deal or never well okay that’s a lie hold on I’ve never I’ve never won a deal all that I can withdraw and keep if I win a deal on this site I can withdraw wherever I get so if I get baited with a deal or imma be 100% full triggered let’s see fire serpent again no really how this is kind of good and stattrak ha guys we couldn’t we could literally win a stature cow no I mean I know I said all that stuff about the dealer but you’re a how stattrak any conditions that’s right that’s worth a shitload this is where I get anxious because I don’t know what squirts do this next where it decides whether or not we can open another one or not I was thinking this one but now I don’t know I’m just gonna man up I’m not gonna be a pussy and I’m gonna open this one fire surfing $20 $20 dude twenty fucking dollars this better be fucking fucked or new if this this this has to be the fire serpent right if we don’t get the fire stuff and I’m gonna be insanely triggered because I know this whatever this guaranteed win is it’s not gonna be as good as the fire seven I highly doubt it’s probably gonna be a fucking hot rod and then I really will be triggered this better be a fire 70 it’s a howl it was the fucking howl why can’t I open another one I want to pay another four dollars to open another square dude cuz then it could be a four separate or I’m triggered I’m triggered it got a hot rod fucking hot rod I sold my fires champion for oh that’s dope that’s dope minimal wear not even factory thank you guys so much for watching if you did enjoy the video make sure to leave a like I’m gonna be doing a giveaway on this video I don’t know is yeah if you guys wanna check out what the skin is check the comment section below I’ll write down what the skin will be for the giveaway yeah we have to do to enter is again like the video comment your trade link so I can send it to you and yeah I’ll see you guys in this video hey.


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