$300 Mill. Cash Spec. Scratchcard Win! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards


good morning this is Bob plaque no reporting to you for my comfy abode right here in Chicago Illinois this morning we have a 300 million dollar cash spectacular yeah this cars been out for a while all right it’s pretty popular it’s a ten dollar illinois lottery scratch card there are six winning numbers and there are 15 chances to win or you can went up to 15 times it really don’t matter take a number 24 let’s begin row 1 we got a six get a 20 27 28 and a three row too we have a 5 a 20 bun of 15 25 and a to last row of fun 2629 17 and an 18 all right moving right along my last scratch ticket for the morning hopefully hip roll one ooh nineteen twenty nine to 12 28 27 a fiver we have a money bag a fabulous money bag 20 and 11 730 gus was covering up the two on a 27th away at 27 30 17 6 and another money bag to money bags let’s zoom in shall we all right nice we caught them not even scratched in winning numbers yet 25 nothing 24 nada a van a 21 16 clothes and a 15 all right let’s scratch use money bags 5 10 10 dolla I like the break even ring alright let’s scratch these for the little man behind the counter all right the guy that always has the Middle Eastern news on the small TV behind the counter alright this is Bob plaque no signing out and as always have a great day.


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