$250,000 Lottery Ticket Challenge!!! *Do Not Try* Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Today I try scratchers!!!! GAMBLING IS BAD!!!! DO NOT DO IT!!! IM just doing it for you. This was such a challenge even to scratch all of these omg haha


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What’s a super easy way to tell if your

bed is awful? The egg test.Let me prove it. When it comes to mattresses, you used to have only 3 choices. Looking for some shoulder pain? Try a hard

mattress. It may feel like a rock, and put pressure

on your hips, but it’s the perfect way totell your partner, “Hey baby, want some

arthritis?”It just fails the raw egg test. Then there’s the soft mattress. It starts

out ok, but collapses over time, like somecheap sneakers, or Anakin Skywalker.

And since

it comes without back support, you get totry cool new hobbies, like chronic pain.But it also fails the raw egg test. Now let me explain the eggs. The raw egg test states that the perfect bedwill let you put weight on raw eggs without breaking them. ‘Cause if a bed can cradle raw eggs while

supporting all that weight, it’ll also cradleyour pressure points while supporting your

body, for maximum comfort. Well if the hard bed’s bad at cradling,

and the soft bed’s bad at supporting,at least the medium bed is juuuuust. .

.Terrible. It’s not firm enough for back support or

soft enough for your pressure points,so in the end it’s just a sad middle ground,

like limbo, or a whoosy centaur. It’s average. No one wants average. Now, to get around that…some beds come with $5,000 dollar remotes so

you can choose between hard bed problems orsoft bed problems. They’re so high tech, they fail the egg

test twice.

I don’t need a bed that’s hard, soft,

or average.I need the best of firm and soft,without the drawbacks. Introducing Purple the only mattress that

cradles your pressure points like a soft bed,while supporting everywhere else like a firm one. Need proof?Lets checkdouble check. Triple check. All the checks!And I am really heavy for a little girl from

a fairytale. Yes, these raw eggs are raw.

And no, we didn’t

fake it.How lame would that be? You’re lamefor thinking that. How can a bed be this comfortable? Maybe ‘cause

it has 15 patents, was created by an actualrocket scientist, and uses a comfort grid

system to distribute weight across any bodytype, giving you the best sleep you’ve ever

had, guaranteed. Thanks, science. Now, there’s a catch. Most high end mattresses

cost 5,000 dollars. But ours is only 1,000.

We’re sorry about

that.We’re the best. But you can spend that extra money on, I don’t

know… AN ADORABLE BABY BEAR?!?! AUGH!!But don’t let it on the mattress though, it

will pee all over it. And while you’re saving money, you’ll

save time too ‘Cause we’re shipping the Purple right

to your door for free. Thankyou! Now I havetwo!We’re so convinced you’ll love Purple

if it doesn’t change your life in thefirst 100 nights, we’ll take it back for

a complete refund. That’s Purple’s nopressure guarantee. I love you.

So if you or someone you know sleeps, click

here to buy your Purple at onpurple.com. And say goodbye to the rock hard prison bed. The saggy swamp bed. The average bed. And the expensive remote. Get yourself into a Purple.

And Mom and Pop, it’s not the 1940s.Share

a bed already. And make sure it’s a Purple. Becuase you guys have been sleeping in garbage. Click now to start your 100 night trial of

nocturnal bliss. No pressure. It’s Purple.

Action.Need proof. Lift glass. See those are real eggs

not hardboilednot plastic

not wooden. I just burst them

cut. That’s a cut!. .

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